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The Evolved Unity, part of the Fusion Collection from Evolved Novelties features two different elements of pleasure with two unique vibrating ends. The two independent vibrating heads allow ultimate control you can customize. Easy push button silicone controls make the Unity user and shower friendly. The satin coated, seamless design guarantees a smooth, sensual experience. 16 combinations of speed and pulsation. Angled head insertable up to 5". Total length 9½". Comes in decorative storage tin—perfect for gifting. Uses 4 AAA batteries (included).
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Customer Reviews - Evolved Unity

It’s a bumpy road   

The Joneses on June 24, 2009

The Unity was the least practical, at least for us anyways. My wife does not enjoy the bumps for use in penetration. She did however; enjoy them when she rubbed them up and down her clit, but the other end serves the same purpose. The vibrations are different on each end, but that still did not off set our preference for something else. In my review for the Gemini, you will read that I did not enjoy the smaller pointed end, and my wife is not G spot sensitive so she did not get much out of it either. Unless you really enjoy ridges on your vibrator we recommend either of the other two that look like this one, the Gemini or Duality. ~The Joneses
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Double Duty Delight!   

SexAfter50Great on May 26, 2009

This vibrator is a very versatile massager with two functional ends, each with its own separately-controlled motor. The combined vibrators are 10” long which means 6” – 7” of penetration while still being able to maintain a firm, comfortable grip. Both ends have four rings of increasing girth with diameters ranging from just under an inch to 1½”. The straight end’s push-button control provides three patterns of ecstasy: steady, short bursts of medium intensity; two short bursts followed by a long burst of medium-to-high intensity; and an orgasm-launching crescendo that culminates with a long-n-strong burst. The other end has a slight curve to facilitate a focused stimulation of the g-spot or p-spot. It supplies a steady vibration with three levels of intensity ranging from medium to high. When both ends are used at the same time, there are a total of 15 combinations – 16 if the Unity is used with both vibrators off. This vibrator has a very smooth, comfortable surface and is very firm which makes anal penetration easier than with jelly-style toys. The noise level is about middle of the road, even with both motors running at the same time. The Unity is waterproof, very easy to clean, and comes in a unique decorative tin. The wife and I expect to get a lot of use from this dual-duty double-dipping “LOVE” device!
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Double Ended Fun!   

SexToyNewb on April 17, 2009

What a great dual vibrator!! we absolutely loved this vibrator, by far one of our favorite non-rabbit vibrators we've tried. As you can see from the picture, there are two sides to this vibrator, both doing very different things! each side has three different vibration settings and the entire shaft has raised curves for much added pleasure. the tip that is smaller and curved is great for hitting the g-spot, she will not be disappointed. the tip is small enough you can also use it to tease the anus if youd like; we gave it a try and it worked well. The vibration settings on that side are three basic settings: a continuos vibration that gets incrementally stronger each time you push the button. sure, these are boring settings, but they get the job done and they feel great when hitting the right spot. The highest setting is pretty powerful, so those of you that like a strong vibration will not be disappointed. The more rounded end is great for insertion and for general clitoral stimulation. sometimes she felt that the more pointed end was a little too strong for clitoral stimulation, so we used the bigger, rounded end for that. The vibration settings for this end are awesome!! they are some of our most favorites we've found. the first setting is just a short burst of vibration repeating itself. the second setting gets more interesting. it has two short bursts then one nice long vibration. we really enjoyed that setting. then we went on to the third setting, and oh boy! it starts with these super short bursts back to back that gradually build in strength in vibration and in length to where it ends with a powerful, continuos vibration. Very Very Fun!! The Unity comes in a great little container that is great for storage, or if youre looking for a gift for someone. Overall, loved it and we are certain you will too!! Have fun with the Unity!
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Black velvet!   

Puss N Boots on March 23, 2009

The velvety feel and smooth sensuous curves of this one made me squirm with delight! It has a rippled design on both ends but one is straight while the other has a slight curve to provide g-spot stimulation. The g-spot end provides three speeds of steady vibration while the straight end provides three different patterns of vibration. Both are amazing and have ample power provided by the four AAA batteries! They are also independently controlled by two separate push buttons. I loved the feel of the ripples during thrusting but it also felt great when I used it for a clitoral exciter! I also love the fact that it’s waterproof which means I can have my new friend accompany me in the shower! Due to it’s power, it is not silent. I couldn’t hear it through a closed door or over the water in the shower but it can definitely be heard through covers or possibly thin walls. For me, it’s worth the noise! It has the power and texture that I crave! Definitely worthy of 5 hearts!
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