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The Zone Bliss is a sturdy tri-pod style, hands-free vibrator. The base is patented with rubber grips for secure placement and features advanced touch-pad controls. Made of soft, dual-density, durable silicone and approximately 3¼" by 1¾" insertable.
The Zone Bliss features 7 sensational functions with instant off in any function. Requires 3 AA batteries, sold separately. Functions include:
  1. Foreplay
  2. Turn Up The Heat
  3. Whoo Hoo!
  4. Orgasmic
  5. Throbbing
  6. Rock 'N' Roll
  7. Surging

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes; try the Better Sex Essentials® Gel Personal Lubricant . It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try the Better Sex Essentials® Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

This toy requires batteries - add a Pink Power "AAA" 4 Pack to your cart today and enjoy every amazing feature right out of the box!

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Customer Reviews - The Zone Bliss

Not "her" gonomically designed for me   

couplefromTx on May 11, 2009

The packaging design for this product is very nicely done. It arrives in a clear plastic, hat box style package. I was impressed with the variations in speed that can be achieved with the Zone, but a bit disapointed in its design qualities. The base was designed too low for me to squat on and my computer chair was too awkward. Cycling through the seven different speeds was as simple as a push of a button, which I liked, but most of the "energy" was focused at the base of the toy and NOT the tip. I used it with my husband, which worked a little better for me, but still somewhat disapointing overall as its just not long enough to get me off. I would recommend it, with the understanding that it just may not be right for everyone.
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*Buzz Member Highlight   

Buzz Team Admin on April 15, 2009

On the positive side, the material is odor free, the controls are easily accessible and the design is intriguing and thought provoking. When I kneeled over the toy, inserted it and faced my husband so that he could stimulate my breasts and clit, we had an amazing foreplay experience. I found it to be a comfortable size for insertion and the variety of vibratory functions against my g-spot to be intensely pleasurable – particularly with my husband at the controls so the change-ups were a surprise. In this kneeling position, I had multiple g-spot orgasms. However, other positions that we tried ended up being more awkward than pleasurable due to the shape of this device. We do return to it from time to time because of its outstanding, if limited, foreplay performance, but we can't give it a stellar review due to its limitations.**Submitted by Sin and Clair Cummings**
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on March 17, 2009

The vibes were excellent in the Zone Bliss. It was very cool how you could change the power from low, med and high and then to more with different beats of diffent speeds. I really like the instant off button, no matter what "Zone" you are in you can always turn it off, instead of cycling though. The material is soft and silky feeling and it has ridges that would massage from the inside. Unfortunatly for me it was uncomfortable to try and ride the Zone Bliss. I tried setting on a chair and squating, nothing seems to work very well.
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Not Quite Sure...   

Mrs. & Mr. Naughty Time on March 13, 2009

Ok...when I got my order, I was ecstatic! I opened the box and a blank kinda went over my was this gonna work exactly? So playtime came around and I broke this baby out of the package. I played with it in my hands at first to get a feel of the vibes...and I was pretty impressed, especially the setting that purrs like a '85 Mustang! But I hit a wall, what exactly was I gonna do with it? The tripod is so short you really can not ride it. Then I tried lying on my back while my husband took the wheel, but you really don’t feel too much. The vibration is really at the base, and honestly, you will be very uncomfortable trying to get to those vibrations if you get my drift, because the thing is a cone shape and its very thick. So, I had the brilliant idea to get a chair and straddle it like that. A little better, but u still don't wanna try to take on the whole thing so you have to kinda squat and balance...not really fun. So overall, I wouldn't really suggest this one.. it's more complicating that Shaft!!!
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Not your everyday toy.   

Mr. Wayne on March 12, 2009

I feel like there are two types of toys: toys for everyday use and toys for the nights you will remember forever. This is one of the forever toys. With its tri-pod base, this is not really a toy to use in bed. I found it works better sitting on a hard surface like a chair, table or dresser. While your wife or girlfriend sits on it, treat her to some oral or focus your attention elsewhere. The Zone Bliss controls are located in the front of the base, so you can easily adjust the settings during use. The seven different settings offer a nice variety of vibration patterns and intensities that most vibrating toys don’t. The silicone top piece easily comes off the base for cleaning. I only gave the Zone Bliss four hearts because of the cost. $40 seems somewhat high for a toy you may not use very often, but when you do – look out.
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One ZONE you will want to be in   

maire56 on February 24, 2009

This is a different style vibrator. It sits on 3 legs that have rubber bases to insure its hold when placed on any flat surface. It has a contoured cone that has ribs up each side to enhance it's performance. You can use the tip of the cone for more direct contact with your clit or rub the cone on a larger surface for a fuller feel of the vibrations. This vibrator is very easy to hold: no stress or straining. Has two easy to reach buttons, one button controls the eight different sensations, and they are great fun. You will need some private time with this vibrator to explore the eight sensational vibrations that it produces. My favorites: Throbbing and Surging they really get the juices flowing and the sensations feel incredible then I bring it on home with the Wha-Whoo setting. Button two is an instant off: If things get too intense you have that control at your fingertips. Easy to clean, high quality awesome toy. Drawbacks: too short to sit on floor, I sat it on a low table and climbed aboard and was delighted by the feel, but don't get too carried away because the rubber feet that keeps in stable tend to fall off. It is a large vibrator so hiding may present a problem. If you are looking for a great vibrator that gives awsome orgasms this one is for you.**Submitted by maire56**BUZZ TEAM
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Different, but loved it   

SexToyNewb on January 30, 2009

Wow! The packaging is the first thing that suprised us!! compared to the packaging of other vibrators, this one looked as if it was for a $500 dollar item! It is really cool and i think most people will get a kick out of it. Moving on to the vibrator, this is the first vibrator that we've tried that looks anything like this. we were a little intimidated by the shape of it and its size, but with enough foreplay and lube, everything was great after that!! when we tried it we didnt have it sitting on any surface, i held it and controlled the different vibration speed. the seven different speeds worked great for both external stimulation and internal stimulation. She loved it when I changed up the speed at the simple press of a button. The seven different vibration speeds has a little something for everyone, which is always a plus in a product. We didnt realize that you could remove the rubber part to clean, so we were bummed that we had to be careful cleaning it. but now knowing that, it makes cleaning a lot easier and increases the likelihood that we will use this product often. Overall, we really enjoyed this new product and are really excited about trying other vibrators with similar shape and size. this is a solid four heart vibrator!
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Like a personal tripod...   

SexyGenXMom on January 29, 2009

The entire idea of this vibrator is for hands-free action. However, I think the design limits its use. For me, putting this toy on a floor was too low and on a table too high...a chair works best. The non-slip base keeps the toy from slipping and works like a tripod for your coochie. However, you must make sure that the control "arm" of the base is facing forward or you will not be able to change your speed while perched upon it. With that said, you will probably never get bored with this toy since it had SEVEN different pulsating patterns to choose from – increasing intensity, short pulses followed by long ones, one even feels like a motorcycle starting up in your crotch! It’s definitely a toy to get your juices flowing, although I wished the insertable portion was slightly taller. My recommended use? Using it while sitting at home on the computer (hint!)
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The Joneses on January 25, 2009

The Zone Bliss looks much cooler than it feels. I absolutely could not wait to try this product. First, I tried squatting on the tripod base while I gave my husband head, but it is just too wide for me to insert. I thought the purpose of this toy was to squat on it, so I was incredibly disappointed. I then attempted to use the base as a handle, focusing the tip on my clit, as my husband returned the favor. Again, this product was a disappointment. The vibrations are not focused at the tip so there was not enough sensation for me. With one last attempt to enjoy this toy, I sat it upright while we were having sex doggie style. I tried to position my body so that my clit rested on the tip, but that required too much work. When my body touched the product, the vibrations were not strong enough to give me any kind of pleasure. If the diameter would have been smaller, I think I would have enjoyed this more because I could have inserted it comfortably. Unfortunately this one is going under the bed, to never be used or seen again. ~The Joneses
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I'm Confused   

The Pres. and Mrs. Bush on January 5, 2009

I opened the package and thought, “Oh my, what has the President ordered now!” To begin with, it came packaged in a clear plastic hatbox. Unpacked I found an inverted cone-shaped, vibrator sitting upright on a tripod base with little rubber feet, I’m assuming to prevent slippage. I guessed, by its design that it was built to sit on a hard surface. It wasn’t waterproof so that eliminated the tub or the shower seat and it wouldn’t need the rubber feet on my bed so that left the floor or a table. Our only table is in the dining room in direct view of the huge front porch windows so I opted for the bedroom floor. I set it up, turned it on, applied some lube, got on my hands and knees, sat back, and lowed myself onto it, then began playing with the 7-function control. It felt wonderfully enjoyable and arousing, but did not result in orgasm, so I changed position to sitting on the floor with legs spread and the ‘Bliss’ pressed against my clitoris. I eventually did orgasm but it took a lot of manually applying it, which, seemed contrary to its design. I’m confused, I think it would make a great ‘get-me-in the mood’ device but realistically, how often will I use it on the floor and why bother with the tripod base and rubber feet for bed or manual use?
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