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Rhythm O Bounding Bunny Rabbit Vibe Features

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The Rhythm "O" Bounding Bunny rabbit vibrator features 90 incredible rhythmic pleasure beads and 7 functions for over 21 different patterns of shaft rotation and clitoral vibration, pulsation and escalation. Plus a innovative "Hot" button for surprise random rhythm! Includes an EZ on/off button for all vibrations. Waterproof for fun anytime, anywhere! Just insert your batteries into your EZ load battery pack and you're ready to go!

The Rhythm "O" Bounding Bunny is a total length of 10½" with a 5½" x 1½" insertable shaft. Crafted from unscented, super soft TPE. Requires 4 AAA batteries, sold separately.

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

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1.5 inches


10.5 inches






California Exotic Novelties


Waterproof, Multi-speed, Rotating


TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)



Power Source:

Replaceable Battery

Control Type:

Push Button




Vaginal, Clitoral

Customer Reviews - Rhythm O Bounding Bunny Rabbit Vibe

Not a beginner toy   

Buzz and Buzzet on January 4, 2011

Wow! The rhythm "O" bounding bunny is one impressive piece of equipment. This has so many unique features that all other bunnies are missing. It contains 90 beads within the shaft that move in a wave motion that will drive you absolutely wild. The TRP material is a great feature as it is completely un-scented and has such a smooth texture to it. The controls are very easy to use with out any complications and the "wow" button is a great way mixes it up during the big o. This is also waterproof which was great for cleanup since I did not have to worry about the battery compartment wet. Though the downside to this is it by far not a beginner rabbit buzzet and myself were unfortunately lube less the first time we used this and it did cause some discomfort due to the larger size and were are rabbit lovers and have a collection of all styles and sizes. The battery life seems to be great on this as well even with the strong dual motors and endless options.
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Rhythm "O" is absolutely right   

Jollyman on October 5, 2010

This has to be one of the most exciting rabbit vibrators that we have ever tried. It is a very comfortable 5 1/2 inches long (insertable) and a nice 1 1/2 inch girth. Combine that with the innovative use of the 90 pleasure beads in a wave motion (as opposed to a circular motion)and you are quickly on your way to pure bliss. Easy to control with simple up and down arrows to control the speed of the wave action. Press the on/off button to unleash the rabbit vibration and the "7" button to cycle through the 7 different speeds and patterns that the rabbit vibe has to offer. The real wild card is the "HOT" button which randomly mixes up the speeds and patterns to keep you pleasantly guessing. Waterproof for fun in the tub and shower and easy to clean up. Made from soft and scentless TPE with easy to load batteries. Each feature of this vibrator makes it an excellent choice, but when you combine the wave beads, vibe action and all of the other features this is one of the best out there.
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"HOT" button is HOT   

stejes on July 27, 2010

This is quite simply the best vibrator used to date and we've used several different ones and styles. There is your basic on/off button, nothing fancy there. There is a "7" button that controls the vibrations of the rabbit on the vibrator. The first 3 vibrations are low, medium &amp; high. The other 4 vibrations are a mixture of high/low and stop/go speeds. Anyone that was picked, well all that can be said was "WOW". There are also up &amp; down buttons. These control the vertical beads that run up the shaft of the toy. The beads don't rotate, instead they make a "wave" motion. It is in such a way, that it can be felt in the vaginal walls and drove her wild. There is also a "HOT" button. Be careful when hitting this button. When his button is pushed, the toy instantly jumps to a high powered mix of "waves", vibrations and pulsations. This is the 1st toy that is grabbed now and I don't think it will have much of a break in the near future.
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Oh Wow!   

Juliettia on July 16, 2010

I must say that I was quite impressed with this rabbit. Never before have I been able to feel bead movement! There are 21 different settings with a HOT button that sets it to a random rhythm. Something for everyone! My favorite part has to be the soft material and thickness of the shaft, I suppose I'm a bit of a size queen ;). My only complaint is that it is a bit loud, on a scale of one to ten I'd rate it a 6. It can't be heard across the house but if you have thin walls there is no guessing what you're doing.
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Hit HER Hot Button...   

Sexy Love Birds on July 5, 2010

This isn't your average rabbit. No, this isn't your average vibrator either. Lined with rows of pleasure beads, the shaft is wide and does a simply wonderful job of massaging while the clitoral stimulator is powerful and delivers extremely high intensity vibrations.She absolutely adores this toy and although she isn't known to squirt, the Mrs. had the wettest and most intense orgasm to date from a toy to which she responded "we'll be getting this out again very soon!" The random button is a cool idea and can add a little excitement when you're in the mood for it, but if she is looking to build up to her wow point gradually it's best left untouched.The shaft is made of clear material allowing you to see all rows of pleasuring beads, which gives the toy a unique look. Best of all, this one is really easy to clean.It did however, run down our batteries really fast and I'm not sure if they were just poor quality batteries or if this one is a power hog. Either way, she says it's worth it girls!
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Amazing, nough said!!   

SexToyNewb on May 28, 2010

She absolutely loved this rabbit vibrator!! we've tried a number of them and this instantly became her favorite. The 21 different settings lets her pick and choose for whatever mood she is in at that exact moment in time, instead of being locked down to like 3 to 5 settings. There is an easy on/off button that starts up the uber powerful rabbit vibrator on its lowest vibration power. you can then hit the "7" to build up the vibration power from setting 1 to 7 (the first 3 being straight vibrations and the last 4 being settings that vary the power and duration of the power). if you wanna get straight to the good stuff, you can hit the "hot" button and it will jump to a powerful setting, no warm up required. if you hit it again, it will go to another powerful setting. The bullet inside rabbit vibrator is very powerful and it moves the rabbit in just the right way to really hit the clit. Then there is the shaft. This shaft does not rotate in a circle like most other rabbit vibrator shafts do. this is great for my g/f cause that never really did anything for her. This shaft, somehow, sends a shiver-like feeling up the shaft from the base to the tip. Not sure exactly how its accomplished, but its a completely different feeling from any other rabbits we've tried, and she is in love with it!! So if the fully rotating shaft doesnt do anything for you, you gotta try this one! There are three speeds from the shaft shiver (thats what we call it). This item is easy to clean, always a plus for us. The only thing she woulda liked on this product is a tip that points up towards the gspot. Overall, one of our favorites and we say a must have for any of you ladies out there that want a rabbit.
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Thumper Pumper!   

SexAfter50Great on May 28, 2010

We've enjoyed numerous rabbit-style vibrators and this one is certainly a welcome addition to our collection. Like most vibrators, this one has the typical sequence of low-med-high steady vibration settings for the rabbit's motor but also provides one setting that repeatedly progresses through the 3 steady patterns and another 3 settings that delivery pulsating series of high bursts. A "7" button cycles through the settings in a fixed pattern while a "Hot" button randomly selects another setting. The most unique aspect of this rabbit has to be the shaft of beads – instead of just rotating, these beads actually produce an undulating action that resulted in very pleasurable sensations from massaging the vaginal muscles. A pair of "up" and "down" buttons control the beads with 3 steady-speed settings. The only less-than-perfect feature of this rabbit is that the on/off button controls only the rabbit motor but that becomes a minor point because of the available power and variety. We had a lot of fun with this rabbit -- definitely worth its price and will get plenty of use.
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Get in Rhythm   

Mr and Mrs. Allure on May 10, 2010

The Rhythm "O" Bounding Bunny by California Exotic Novelties is a decent rabbit. It has the length (5 ½ insertable inches) and the girth (1 ½ inches). It has the look; it is a clear TPR material which shows the multiple rows of pink pleasure beads. It is also swirled from the base to the tip, which serves both aesthetic and pleasure purposes . It also does a great job of getting Mrs. Allure in the mood and finishing the job as it has multiple speeds and functions. The pleasure beads do what they are designed for and the rabbit ears are powerful. There are multiple buttons on the base of the waterproof rabbit. There is an on/off switch which is for the clitoral stimulator only. There is a "7" button which is used to change the speed or the function of the stimulator. There are up and down buttons to control the speed of the shaft. The one thing that we were totally confused about is that the "Hot" button didn't seem to do anything different than the "7" button. Maybe is was just our rabbit. No matter the functionality of the "Hot" button, it still provided the orgasm that Mrs. Allure was hunting. Overall, this is not our favorite rabbit, but it still is a good rabbit.
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A new and exciting experience!   

Puss N Boots on May 6, 2010

That's right, ladies! This bunny can definitely offer you a new experience whether you're just getting into rabbit style vibrators or have been using them for years! That's because the Rhythm "O" Bounding Bunny does not have beads that rotate around in a circle. Instead, the 90 beads encased in soft, pliable TPE create an up and down waving motion. Combined with the 1 1/2" thickness, this bunny really provides a mind blowing experience! The full feeling provided by the thickness makes it very easy to feel the beads undulating throughout the entire vagina. This provides a very stimulating, internal massage and you can choose from three different speeds to suit your needs. The bunny shaped clitoral stimulator is quite effective as well. The ears are soft and split far enough apart to allow for a bunny ear to rest on each side of the clitoris. That's great if you just can't take too much direct stimulation! With just a slight adjustment of the angle, direct stimulation can be applied as well. There are three speeds of steady vibration to choose from as well as four different pre-programmed patterns. The controls are pretty basic and easy to understand. There's even a "hot" button that allows for a random selection of the clitoral attachment to keep you guessing! There's also an on/off button but it only shuts off the clitoral attachment. You have to cycle through the arrows in order to shut off the waving motion of the shaft. I did discover that you must remove the batteries from this one when you're not using it. Otherwise it will drain them and weak batteries will not power the waving motion of the shaft. So unscrew the base and pop the four AAA's out of the EZ load battery holder after use! Cleanup is easy too because the Rhythm "O" Bounding Bunny is waterproof. It's also quieter than I had anticipated. While it could be heard being used in the same room, it was not audible from behind a closed door. The Rhythm "O" Bounding Bunny is just an all around excellent choice for those looking for a new sensation or just wanting to try something a little different!
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Win Win with the Rhythm O   

Ms Diva on April 16, 2010

The Rhythm "O" Bounding Bunny Rabbit is like no other rabbit in my collection. I just had to try it for the unique features it has. This is an OMG rabbit that brings on the "O" fast and furiously. There wasn't anything I did not like about the Rhythm "O" from California Exotics, and it is sure to be another winner among most rabbit lovers. It is made of a soft TPR that is unscented. The batteries are an easy load with the slide out batteries sleeve. The twist off cap on the base is simple but water tight. It take four AAA batteries to run. The shaft is of moderate length at five and a half inches insertible while the diameter is one an a half inches starting at the head. The head is not phallic like but is large by some standard, which may not appeal to all women. I used a little water based lubricant for easy of insertion. One of the features that I was attracted to on the Rhythm "O" was the six strands of pleasure beads that contain 90 beads that run vertically up and down the shaft. This resulted in incredible pleasure as it massaged the entire vaginal canal. Hitting the g spot was no problem with continued stimulations and increased pleasure all around. The clitoral bunny is of nice size with split ears to tickle and excite the clitoris. The control panels are simple and easy to operate. There is a on/off button, a 7 function button for at least 21 various patterns that control various vibrations, pulsations and escalations of the shaft and clitoral rabbit, the HOT button activates a random rhythm on the shaft creation different rotations and undulating movement at three different speeds. The Rhythm "O" is a Hot new rabbit and comes in a delight hot pink color. The noise level was moderate to high for a rabbit but that hardly mattered when lost in ecstasy. It is still a discreet rabbit behind closed doors. Clean up was easy with mild soap and warm water under the faucet. The Rhythm "O" is waterproof so even taking it in the shower for a good time is safe. I loved all the pleasure beads on this one that run the length of the shaft and the multiple combinations of functions. The speeds and various functions are outstanding and intense on all levels so finding the perfect setting for your pleasure is a win win and an assured "O" . I have to recommend the Rhythm "O" as a winner and rate it a five. Ms Diva
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