Vibrating Foam Sea Sponge

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The Vibrating Foam Sea Sponge features a discreetly placed, single speed, waterproof bullet vibrator. Perfect for sensual massage or self-stimulation in the shower. Great on tense muscles after a long, stressful day. Even better for a little foreplay to turn a steamy shower even hotter.

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Sex In The Shower



Customer Reviews - Vibrating Foam Sea Sponge

as advertised   

on July 18, 2013

as advertised, just need to put the vibrating device really close to what you want to vribrabte
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Sensuous massage...   

Genie's out of her Bottle... on February 10, 2010

The 'Vibrating Foam Sea Sponge' from Sex in the Shower has a small one speed bullet vibe tucked in to the top of the sponge. Following the instructions on the side of the box, I unscrewed the top of the vibe, removed the red tab to activate the batteries, and replaced the top, tightly. A push button activates the 'medium' power. The noise level is 'average' for a bullet vibe. With water running, I heard it much less, of course. This sea sponge has no noticeable odor, and has a sturdy soft loop, for more secure handling and quicker dry time. The sponge worked great with my shower gel, lathering it up a storm. The added vibration felt really nice. More like a gentle massage and very sensuous. I experimented with caressing myself around the nipples, clit and vulva and the intensity wasn't strong enough for me to have an orgasm. I really enjoyed this more for the soft erotic sensations and it's the first battery operated item I have felt comfortable testing in the shower. The only concern I really had was making sure the bullet stayed in the sponge, (it is attached, but still easy to pull out to change the batteries) so I consciously kept my fingers over the bullet. It cleans up easily by rinsing out the soap and wringing out as much water as possible. I now have another reason to take long hot showers...
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