Vibrating Sponge

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Vibrating Sponge

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The Vibrating Sponge from the Sex in the Shower™ line is the epitomy of discreet.

Push button mini-vibe easily slides in and out of the sponge. Elastic strap fits your hand snugly so you don't accidentally drop your new shower buddy. Vibration carries throughout the material for a great sensual massage or solo play.

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Purple, White


Sex In The Shower



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Good idea, but not well implemented.   

HSSweethearts on July 28, 2009

I was pretty excited about the vibrating sponge idea. I am always looking for something new and different. The problem with the sponge is two-fold. First, the sponge itself is not well made. The strap on mine came off on its first use. I had hoped the sponge would be usable without the strap, but the strap ripped the sponge so that was not the case. Second, the sponge is not a good distributor of the vibration. The reason a vibrator works is because the casing can carry and distribute the movement from the built-in bullet. A sponge just can’t do that effectively. It is like putting a vibrator under a pillow… you can tell something is moving but you certainly are not feeling much of it. I give it a 2 star rating because it is a good idea, just not well done. But even the sponge doesn’t work for you, the bullet is usable in and with other toys.
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