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Trojan Naturalamb Condoms (3 Pack)

Item# 4397
Backordered - Ships 10/4/2014
Price: $10.95
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Trojan Naturalamb Condoms (3 Pack)
BetterSex Essentials® Personal Lubricant
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Trojan Naturalamb Condoms (3 Pack) $10.95
BetterSex Essentials® Personal Lubricant $9.95

Trojan Naturalamb Condoms (3 Pack) Features

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Trojan NATURALAMB® Brand Condoms are ideal for the monogamous couple who desire heightened sensitivity with trusted pregnancy protection.
  • Contains no latex and may be used by latex sensitive people
  • Roomier than standard condoms, which provides extra comfort for men
  • Water-based lubricant, for comfort and sensitivity
  • For pregnancy protection ONLY – Does not protect against STDs
  • Each condom is individually tested to help ensure reliability
  • Exclusive KLING-TITE® band to hold condom in place

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Customer Reviews - Trojan Naturalamb Condoms (3 Pack)

They are good for the environment.   

Jamie J. on July 7, 2008

My husband and I have used these condoms for the past four years, ever since I developed a severe latex allergy. We liked them a lot, but they have a few drawbacks that made us keep looking for other brands. Those things include: a weird smell; they come with a lot of lube on them; and, the dog was attracted to the natural skin factor-- which made us VERY diligent about disposal. However, they also have some good points-- they are all natural skin, so they are good for the environment; they are thin, so you can feel a lot; and, unlike some of the polyurethane brands, they hold their tightness and don't slip off. In the end though, we found a brand that we liked better (Trojan Supra - which are polyurethane). Overall, these are okay, but we've never been completely sold on them.
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