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Product Description


Increase Your Orgasmic Intensity!


Stronger pelvic muscles are the key to more intense orgasms for women and more satisfying sex! Only minutes a day with the Couture Collection Eclipse weighted exerciser balls can tighten those muscles quickly and pleasantly.

  • Scientifically weighted spheres
  • ABS plastic and medical-grade silicone
  • Secure retrieval cord
  • 4.5" total length x 1.4" wide
  • Choose Pink or Purple

Well-toned vaginal muscles are essential for a woman's increased sexual pleasure. Daily Kegel exercises can keep those muscles strong, restore tone after childbirth or natural aging, and prevent incontinence. The Couture Collection Eclipse exercise balls are designed to give you maximum results as part of your daily exercise program.


These elegantly understated balls are made of a durable ABS plastic, perfectly weighted, and covered with smooth, sleek unscented silicone in either Pink or White, made to glide inside comfortably with just a little water-based lube. A secure retrieval cord assures you of easy removal.


You can use the Eclipse balls while sitting, standing or squatting. Simply insert the Eclipse balls into your vagina, close your legs, and squeeze your vaginal muscles to move the balls inside your vagina. After a few minutes of squeezing and releasing, remove the Eclipse balls. Experts recommend 5 minutes, 3 times a day.


Regular exercise will make your vaginal muscles stronger, helping you to "grip" your partner tighter during sex, making it even greater for the two of you.


The Eclipse balls are completely waterproof, which also makes cleanup quick and easy. Just wash them with warm soapy water, put them in the dishwasher, or try antibacterial Better Sex Essentials Toy Cleaner to keep your sex toy looking like new.


The Eclipse is part of the Couture Collection, innovative designs in high-quality silicone from California Exotic Novelties, one of the top manufacturers of sex toys.


Our customers love the Couture Collection Eclipse balls, rating them 4 out of 5 hearts.


(Note: use only water-based lubricant on this silicone sex toy.)


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Product Details

Brand: California Exotic Novelties
Colors: Pink
Features: Waterproof
Length: 4.5 inches
Material: ABS Thermoplastic, 100% Phthalate-Free, Silicone
Width: 1.4 inches

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on 7/28/2010 12:00:00 AM
The right size for your "work out"
The Eclipse consists of two ellipses made of plastic and silicone, with a silicone cord for easy removal. The hard plastic sections appear to be tightly fused to the high quality silicone sections. The product is odorless and easy to keep clean just using just soap and warm water. The shape of Eclipse allows easy insertion with some water based gel lube and the size is comfortable. Removal can easily be done by relaxing the muscles and pulling gently on the cord. This is a good product for beginners, women wanting to tone up their pelvic floor after a pregnancy and experienced Kegel exercisers who want a bit of variety in their routine. Of note, you can feel the balls moving only when engaged in vigorous activity, such as working out on an elliptical. Also the Eclipse balls did not provide me with much arousal, but that is what my husband and other toys are for. I have been doing Kegels for several weeks prior to receiving the Eclipse and find that it is an excellent aid to my "work outs" by adding resistance and teaching muscle control. After practicing with the Eclipse I am now able to pull him inside of me, creating an intense sense of arousal for the both of us. My husband has enjoyed the extra grip during sex and the ability to hold his shaft and pull. That and extra control has allowed me to place him just where I want inside of me for stronger orgasms. I will continue to use the Eclipse as it is a quality product to use for strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor and enhancing our sexual experience.
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on 2/17/2010 4:15:42 PM
Finally the perfect size!
I enjoyed this fellow; it was so nice to find a pair of the Kegel balls that were comfortable. They are smaller then the smart balls and having them linked instead of free floating like the regular Ben Waa balls makes it much more comfortable. My biggest problem, I found myself experiencing an orgasm soon after I inserted them and then they would become uncomfortable. Not much exercising affects that way. I would definitely recommend them. I do wonder if they could bring out a one-ball eclipse. These folks are going to stay in my front collection.
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on 2/15/2010 2:23:57 PM
Real Workout
These exercise balls definitely did their job. If you have never used anything like this or are used to the small ben wa balls you may want to take a double look at the size description because they are a little larger. They are plastic/silicone and have little wobbly weights inside that roll around when you move. I really like how they are connected and have a pull tail on the end so they can be easily retrieved. The first time I tried them out I was in the shower, a great place to start because the water acted as a lube, and after 60 second of squeezing to hold them inside I was done. With practice you can hold them in longer, strengthen your kegel muscles and have a nice surprise for your sweety.
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on 1/21/2010 9:35:43 AM
Almost identical to the Smartballs except…
The Eclipse and the Smartballs are alike in that they both have a rubber coating, they both have a piece of rubber that connects each end together, and they both have an internal ball that rolls around in each end. The difference between them is what made me enjoy the Eclipse more than the Smartballs. Because I am petite, I appreciated the slightly smaller width of the Eclipse, I could also feel the difference with the feature that the Eclipse has more hard plastic showing, which allowed me to feel the vibrations from the internal ball rolling around better than the Smartballs, which has almost every part of the ball covered in rubber. I also thought that I was able to slide the Eclipse in easier as it has a graduated egg shape to it, I also liked that they are longer than the Smartballs by about a half inch or so. I would also say that they weigh about the same. So if you are stuck between the two I would recommend the Eclipse, especially if you are a petite woman. ~The Joneses
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on 1/19/2010 1:19:01 AM
Weird…..but fun and effective
Mr. SoCo and I had a lot of fun with these weird little balls. The most fun was trying to figure out how to use them because they come with no real instructions. We found that this toy is most effective as an exercise device when I was standing. It takes a lot of effort to keep the weighted balls inside of me. Whether this will lead to strong orgasms is yet to be seen, but I could feel that I was giving myself a workout. I tried walking around a bit to feel them jiggle inside of me but decided I really didn’t like that sensation that much. Mr. SoCo seemed to enjoy using them as a vaginal equivalent of anal beads while I was lying down. I found them very comfortable during insertion and liked the full feeling they gave me. Having Mr. SoCo tug at them a bit while I tried to hold on to them provided some nice sensation and a vaginal workout. The egg-shaped “balls” are very comfortable while inside. The silicone coating is very nice and silky smooth. I am not a fan of the white color. These would be a lot more appealing if they were colored. Some instructions might be nice as well. However, Mr. SoCo and I enjoyed finding our own way of playing with this unique and functional toy.
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