Natural Contours Energie Kegel Exerciser

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Natural Contours Energie Kegel Exerciser
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Natural Contours Energie Kegel Exerciser  
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Natural Contours Energie Kegel Exerciser

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Strengthen Your "Sex Muscle" No Matter What Your Age!

The key to a woman's longer and more fulfilling sex life and stronger orgasms is the vaginal muscle. The Natural Contours Energie adult sex toy is the perfect weight resistance trainer to keep the vaginal muscles strong, and restore tone after childbirth or natural aging.

• Restores vaginal muscle tone for better sex and stronger orgasms
• Helps prevent incontinence
• Effective and easy to use
• Great travelling companion
• Also works as a G-spot stimulator
• Sexy, smooth ergonomic shape feels great
• Instructions included
• Dimensions: 6 1/2" long, from 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" wide and weighs about a pound

Enjoy more pleasure during sex by strengthening and toning your PC muscle. This muscle forms the pelvic floor – a strong PC muscle means stronger orgasms and more pleasure for both partners. Childbirth and aging can weaken the PC muscle, and even lead to incontinence, but good weight resistance training can restore and tone this important area. In only a few weeks, you can "grip" your partner's penis and tighten your vaginal muscles for stronger orgasms – which means more sensational sex for both of you!

The Natural Contours Energie is designed and weighted to help you strengthen the PC muscle. It's sleek, effective and ergonomically-shaped for comfort. Just lie on your back, slowly insert the lubricated Energie into your vagina, and squeeze your vaginal muscles as it slides inside. Then regularly squeeze, hold and release. As sex expert Sue Johanson says, you'll be amazed by the results. Full instructions for the exercises are included.

The Energie  is contoured especially to make it comfortable and easy to use. It's smooth and sleek, iron-ore coated in non-porous ABS hard plastic material. The curved shape is also perfect to let the Energie function as a G-spot stimulator sex toy.

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try a sex toy cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

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1.5 inches


ABS Thermoplastic


6.5 inches








Natural Contours


Disguised, Compact





Customer Reviews - Natural Contours Energie Kegel Exerciser

Like a virgin   

HSSweethearts on May 17, 2009

Though skeptical at first, I was highly impressed with this kiegel exerciser. After three kids, I was a bit umm… looser than I once was. Even though I do kiegels DAILY, I was still not getting the results I wanted. This barbell did the trick though. After just a week of daily 10 minute exercises, I can feel more penetration than I have in years! Moreover, I can work my kiegel muscles during intercourse and pretty much guarantee a reaction from my spouse. It is absolutely amazing! The included instructions say to do the very simple exercises daily for a little while then lengthen the distance between sessions. I would highly, highly recommend this product to any woman who wants to tighten up. It offers deeper satisfaction for you AND your partner. This little gadget is worth every penny!
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weight in gold :)   

on December 20, 2008

looks different to say the least but after u get used to the feeling of the weight resting on your muscles .... works almost right a way and helps you focus on your kegels. with more practice, your kegels will be in shape in no time at all!!! i am 53 and my kegel muscles toning and a little help... practice and the pleasure will be yours as well as his!!!
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Five hearts for the Energie Exerciser   

Ms Diva on September 5, 2008

Ladies, this is a must have exercise and sex toy. I enjoy doing my Kegel exercises with the remarkable exercise/toy. I not only strengthen my vaginal muscles but enjoy a little solo play at the end of a session. Being a baby boomer that has always enjoyed sex to the fullest it is something I don’t want to give up as I grow older. Not only will we, ladies enjoy the Natural Contours Energie Kegel Exerciser, but our men will relish the rewards as well. It is very comfortable and easy to use. It does seem a bit weighty at the beginning when you first start doing the exercises but as you increase the muscle tone of the vaginal walls the weigh of the Energie is minimal. The Energie is very rewarding for both partners. Ms Diva
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A barbell you won't find at the gym   

The Joneses on August 1, 2008

Ladies, want to please your man better? This is the toy for you. After just a few uses, I could tell a huge difference in my muscles. These kegels exercises are simple and by all means not time consuming, so they can be done daily. My husband could also tell that my muscles were stronger. Flexing on his dick while we were having sex really thrilled him! He kept asking me to do it again and again. The double ended feature is helpful so that when your muscles have gotten used to the larger end, you can flip it around to squeeze the smaller one. A must have for any woman’s goody drawer. -The Joneses
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Natural Contours Energie Kegel Exerciser IS GREAT!   

on April 24, 2008

I absolutely LOVE my Natural Contours Energie Kegel Exerciser! I am able to control and tightens my vaginal kegel muscles. For us “seasoned” and Post Menopausal ladies, the Natural Contours Engergie Kegal Exerciser helps control incontinence, too! My urologist has me doing 250 Kegal Exercises a day. After 250 times of doing this, I'm so horny I have to finish the job! This works well with my partner, too. He is able to help me with my "exercises", while I vibrate my clit. Oh my, oh my... what a fun way to cum! Extremely enjoyable for this 57 year old lady who loves sex with her lover, and for masturbating herself, too! To top it all off, it's very easy to keep clean, and has a great storage case.
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