System JO Sensual Pheromone Spray for Men
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Product Description

This pheromone spray is just the boost your dating track record needs!

The spray is loaded with a high concentration of pharmaceutical grade pheromones, which the body uses to trigger strong emotional and physical responses like “love at first sight.” The spray temporarily boosts your pheromone level to help attract the attention of that special someone. And that confidence-boosting edge is all you need to close the deal with the woman of your dreams!

After taking a shower, spray the pheromones once or twice on your neck while getting dressed. They’ll naturally compliment your cologne while helping catch your ideal woman.

Jo Pheromone Spray for Men comes in a 5ml black metallic spray bottle, giving you dozens of applications. Individual results may vary.

Product Details

Brand: System JO
Features: Travel Size
Fluid Volume: less than 2 oz, 0.17 oz
Gender: Male, men

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on 11/28/2010 12:00:00 AM
Interesting Results
I have read about pheromones and their effect on the opposite sex and purchased this with a open mind. I made the decision to not tell my wife what it was right away and placed it with my colognes. This way I could find out what difference it would make if any. I followed the instructions and applied it after a shower. The first time I applied the spray it was right before bed and promptly fell asleep. what I learned the next day was that my wife tossed and turned the whole night which is not a common occurrence. I then wore it a couple times a week, and my wife started asking that I snuggle her to sleep more than usual. When we finally had to opportunity to make love I applied it right after a shower and with some cologne. I have got to say, she was a little more passionate than usual.So.... It is my opinion that there is something to this product, but don't expect miracles. It may work differently for you and have a stronger effect. You wont know until you try. Lets just say it's not a waste of money.
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on 11/18/2010 12:00:00 AM
It may just be me, but...
Do synthetic pheromones actually possess the power to make the opposite sex have uncontrollable feelings of desire towards a wearer; I have been a serious skeptic. I decided to give the System JO Sensual Pheromones for Men a try in order to confirm or disprove my thoughts on the subject. I thought if I was going to give it a shot, I may as well try a product from a quality company, so I decided to get these from JO. I decided to take a scientific approach with this. I first started wearing the spray as indicated by the instructions without Mrs. Allure even knowing that I had ordered the spray. I figured a "blind" study would give me the best information on the pheromones. I tried to document if she was turned on more when I was wearing it than when I wasn't. As it turned out, there was no difference in her disposition. I then told her that I had gotten the pheromones and explained to her what they were for. I also told her that I would ask her to tell me each day whether she thought that I was wearing the pheromones or not. She had a 50-50 shot each day and each day she was relegated down to a flip of the coin because she truly had no idea. This product proved only one thing; I am a serious skeptic.
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on 11/16/2010 12:00:00 AM
Worth a shot!
Pheromone sprays generally receive varying reviews from what I've encountered in the past. I still wanted to give one a try and see how it worked for me though. The System Jo Sensual Pheromone Spray for Men is the first and only "attraction" spray I've ever tried. While I am a happily married husband and father, it's still nice to just be noticed from time to time. The first thing I did notice about this spray was how much it resembled a fat lipstick container. The cap comes up and off just like a lipstick container too. This reveals a pump type sprayer. The pump sprayer is non-aerosol and each pump applies a nice amount of spray wherever you need it. I wore the pheromone spray to work along with my regular cologne in order to judge the effects better. I mean sure, my wife seemed to react to the spray but that's a hard one to judge because we still drive each other wild. We both decided a truer test would be to just wear it to work. I did this twice and actually ended up forgetting I was even wearing it because it had no scent at all so I don't think it was just a confidence booster. On both occasions I did have a better than average day. Everyone I worked with generally seemed nicer and happier than normal. To test the results even further, I asked another male friend who is single to give it a try. He had stronger results than I did. Not only did a nice lady hold the door open for him but another even bought him lunch! Not too shabby if you ask me. I definitely think there's more than meets the eye to this System Jo Sensual Pheromone Spray for Men. If people are just nicer when I wear it, it's definitely worth it just for that! It seemed to perform exactly as described by provoking a response. I'm not sure if there was any attraction involved but there was definitely something and I had a couple great days! I'll definitely be wearing it again in the future and recommend it to all guys! It's worth a shot anyway and what could it hurt?
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on 11/8/2010 12:00:00 AM
Definite effect
I've been using a different cologne-based pheromone for years, so I was curious to see how this compares. I was never really sure whether the cologne-based one really worked or if it was just a mental confidence booster and/or a good smelling cologne. It did seem to have a slight effect on my chances with women though. Right off the bat the first thing I liked about the System Jo Pheromone Spray is that it doesn't have any scent to it (at least I couldn't smell anything). So that means if a women noticed my scent (and they did), it must be the pheromones and not just a cologne smell. Women definitely seemed to take more notice of me and were a lot more friendly than normal. My girlfriend has a good sex drive regardless, but I directly compared my two pheromone sources on multiple occasions and I'm convinced this stuff works. Almost all the days I wore System Jo she practically attacked me and wanted to have her way with me. Even while cuddling she couldn't keep her hands off me and kept trying to start stuff. This spray is a winner in my book. The only minor complaint is that the shape of the bottle doesn't allow it to stand on its own.
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on 10/30/2010 12:00:00 AM
Mental of physical, who knows?
Ok, this stuff is hard for us to grade. We have been together for 11 years. We have 2 kids, and a lot of the time she's "too tired", not to be cliche. So, I figured that this would be an interesting trial. It is recommended that the spray be applied after showering to be the most effective. I did this, and the very first night, we did the hibidy dibidy. The second time, it wasn't as effective, but she did offer a raincheck for the weekend which she fulfilled as well (used it that day too). I applied it a few times unsuccessfully as well. For me, it almost seems like a placebo engineered to boost your confidence. If you're single and dating, I can confidently say this will likely not guarantee someone laying next to you in the morning. Being married and missing some passion, it may be worth a shot. Does it really work? I'd have to document my success/failure for a long time to say. Lets just say I thought it improved my odds, but it does NOT overwhelm her with a wave of uncontrollable passion. It seemed to lower her resistance, but not make her think like me. I remain optimistic about using the System Jo Pheromone Spray For Men, and will continue to try and get laid as often as possible. If you too would like to have more sex, but it seems like she doesn't want it even a fraction as much as you do, give this stuff a shot.
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on 10/29/2010 12:00:00 AM
Smells Good but not Sexy
I know the scent I'm attracted to - it's a light, soft musk that some guys wear. It smells masculine but also has a soft, lingering scent to it. It honestly smells amazing and works as a great aphrodisiac for me. This spray wasn't quite it. It didn't smell badly - not by a long shot, but it also didn't make me want to jump my boyfriend either. It just had a scent that was pleasant - though not sexual at all. Unlike the spray for women which I couldn't smell at all while the boyfriend could, with this spray, both the boyfriend and I can smell the scent and agree on it. It's very light and somewhat fruity. It smells a bit like apples if you ask me. It's kinda an odd scent for a guy to want to wear. The small bottle easily has enough for over a month's worth of daily use, but it doesn't have a flat base, so this little bottle will not sit upright which was a complaint of mine. It has to be laid on its side, and since it's circular, it rolls. It can get annoying if you don't have somewhere to stash it. It sprays out really easily with the perfume-type spray and doesn't put on too much. Overall, while I wouldn't say it made him more sexy, it did end up smelling nice. If you want a good chance a good pheromone spray (and if it doesn't work for sexy, at least it still smells nice), you should check this one out.
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