Tempt - Men's Cologne

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Tempt - Men's Cologne
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Tempt - Men's Cologne  
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Tempt - Men's Cologne

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Are you looking to raise your magnetism?

Get more attention with this fantastic pheromone formula designed to attract women.

• Become irresistible
• Attract more partners
• Improve your confidence
• Increase likelihood for intimacy

Just one spray of this specially formulated pheromone could greatly improve your chances for love. A single application to the neck is enough for you to get noticed. With continued use you should improve the willingness for those around you to engage in conversation and maybe more.

Ingredients: SD40-B Alcohol, Di-Propylene Glycol, Pure Reagent Grade, Human Pheromones, 5-Alpha-Andros t -16-En-3-0ne, Copulins, Essential Oils, and Fragrance.

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Fluid Volume:

8 oz


Planet Earth USA


Spray Bottle
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