Slippery Stuff Gel Lubricant

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Slippery Stuff Gel Lubricant

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Slippery Stuff Gel Lubricant Matches a Woman's Natural Lubrication

Slippery Stuff Gel Lubricant is a unique silken gel that enhances the pleasure of intimate contact without leaving a sticky residue.

• No sticky residue
• Water-based and odorless
• Recommended in the medical community
• Safe for use with condoms
• Stays put and lasts longer
• 16 oz pump bottle

This lubricant is formulated to match a woman's own natural lubrication and is specifically designed to stay where you put it. Developed for use in the medical community, Slippery Stuff Gel Lubricant has been recommended by therapists, women's health professionals and medical professionals for over two decades.

Slippery Stuff Gel Lubricant (also formerly sold as FemGlide™) has also been evaluated in several independent research studies, so we know this is a great product for all your bits, no matter how delicate! This lubricant features a water-based formula that is odorless and long-lasting. Slippery Stuff lubricants stay in place so well that you can have sex in water without losing any lubrication!

Ingredients: Deionized (purified) water, polyethlene, methylparaben, sodium carbomer.

Sex Lubes for BetterSex®!

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Pump Bottle, Water-based, Gel, Glycerin Free

Fluid Volume:

16 oz


Slippery Stuff

Customer Reviews - Slippery Stuff Gel Lubricant

Great Product !   

Anonymous on March 18, 2008

This is a great product. My wife and I have use the "gel" type lube and like it a lot better than the other runnier type lubes that are so common. I searched for this recently and didn't see it here. I then purchase a different brand that I thought was a gel type and we were disappointed. We find this to not be nearly as messy and very pleasurable.
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