WET® together™ His & Hers Lubricant

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WET® together™ His & Hers Lubricant
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WET® together™ His & Hers Lubricant  
Lilac G-spot Vibrator  
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WET® together™ His & Hers Lubricant

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Like KY Yours & Mine? Then You'll love WET® Together™!

One for him...one for her! And when these two unique sex lubricants come together, it adds up to one fabulous sensation for the two of you! WET Together sex lubes combine when you touch each other, for long-lasting, silky-smooth lubrication with tingling excitement for you both.

• His warms and Hers tingles
• Work together to create intense sensations
• Water-based and Silicone-based non-staining lubricants
• Latex-friendly
• Hypoallergenic and odorless

His is a water-based warming lube that glides onto his skin for a hint of heat. Hers is a super-slick silicone formula with peppermint that tingles when she slides it on. Together, they supplement your natural moisture for a night of pure passion! And the longer the action lasts, the more intense the sensations get. Try smoothing them on each other for fantastic foreplay!

WET Together comes in a pair of 2 oz tubes.

NOTE: Her formula is silicone based and contains peppermint extract which may be irritating for some.

For Her Ingredients: Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Phenyl Trimethicone, Tocopheryl Acetate, Peppermint Extract.

For Him Ingredients: Glycerin

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Fluid Volume:

2 oz, 2 to 4 oz








Warming/Cooling, Hypoallergenic, Silicone-based, Water-based, Flavored


Warming, Tingling

Customer Reviews - WET® together™ His & Hers Lubricant

Not as good as it should be   

HOPE on January 8, 2012

For the money you pay this could be alot better
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A winning combination   

The Royal Couple on March 15, 2010

The HIS lube was very slippery, The HERS lube was tingling and very intense. When they combined my feeling was warm and hers was hot and more intense. When combined it makes for the wettest sex ever!Alone the his is slick but when combined with hers it is just awesome. Would recommend to any couple, but a little goes along way. If you use to much together it feels like a menthol cough drop. A little goes a long way so you won't go through this like a regular bottle of lube.
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"Another great couples lube"   

Buzz Team Administrator on September 22, 2009

My wife and I have tried many lubes over the years, some good and some bad. There are certainly many to choose from; water-based, silicone, flavored. I have to say the new group of couples lubes are my favorites, hands down. One of the biggest advantages I see to couples lubes is the application process. Unlike standard lubes that you simply apply and off you go, these lubes require application to both the male and the female. We have found that this creates a nice opportunity to engage in some additional foreplay while applying the lube to each other. The man’s lube provided a nice warming feeling. The woman’s lube added a tingling sensation. Together they mixed to provide a great amount of sensation and lubrication that did not dry out. We have tried both WET Together and KY Yours + Mine and really liked both of them. You do get slightly more with WET Together, two 2 oz. bottles compared to two 1.5 oz. bottles with KY Yours + Mine. I don’t know that I can pick a favorite. Sex is never the same from one session to the next. Things that work one time, might never work again. These couples lubes give you two great choices to experiment with, each with their own unique sensation. I would highly recommend trying one or both of them.**Submitted by Mr. Wayne**BUZZTEAM
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Pleasantly Warm with Alot of Tingle   

Sexy Love Birds on April 21, 2009

As the product description indicates the man’s lubricant provides a nice subtle warming sensation but we found that the tingling sensation of the woman’s lubricant to be slightly overpowering. With this product a little definitely goes a long way as far as the sensations are concerned. We used this product mainly during foreplay and found that we did not need any reapplication; that the amount we applied had very good longevity. As indicated we had no issues then incorporating latex condoms into the mix. We enjoyed this product however we feel that the KY Yours+Mine product wasn’t quite as overbearing and provided an equal experience in every other way. This is a fun product especially if you haven’t played with warming sensation or tingling lubes before, but in straight up competition the KY version wins out.
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Strong Sensations   

Mr. &amp; Mrs. Goodlovin on April 14, 2009

Wet Together is a lubricant made for couples. The blue bottle for the man has a strong warming sensation while the pink bottle for the woman has an equally strong tingling sensation. When the lubricants mixed during sex the warming and tingling combined. As we picked up the pace we certainly noticed an increased sensation from the lube. It became very warm after a while. While we certainly enjoyed it, the feeling may not be for everyone. Like any other quality lubricant the smooth sliding lasted a long time and did not need any reapplication. Although we didn’t try it, the packaging indicates the lubes are latex condom compatible, which is always a plus. Wet Together would be a good replacement for the standard gel or liquid lube if you are looking for more stimulation. If you are looking for something with a more subtle sensation we would recommend using KY Yours + Mine.
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