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Dr. Berman's Juno Pelvic Exerciser

Item #4656
In Stock
Our Price: $45.99

Dr. Berman's Juno Pelvic Exerciser

Keep Your Vaginal Muscles Toned And Healthy

Fit and toned vaginal muscles are the key to great sex and stronger orgasms, no matter what your age. Dr. Berman's Juno™ weighted pelvic exerciser is specially designed to keep up or restore your vaginal muscles for better sex and to prevent incontinence.

• Restores vaginal muscle tone
• Seamless, with stainless steel balls
• Easy to use and effective
• 6.5" long, waterproof
• Can also be used for solo or couples sex play
• Instructions and designer pouch included

If you want to restore your pelvic muscles after childbirth or surgery, or if you simply want stronger vaginal muscles to improve your sex life or prevent incontinence, Dr. Berman's Juno can give you a safe and effective pelvic workout.

The Juno is made of super-smooth, seamless, clear Lucite® plastic that encases 4 stainless steel ball weights of increasing size. Even beginners to pelvic exercise will find it easy to follow the included instructions for effective exercise, even the first time you use it.

Just insert the smaller, lighter end into your vagina while you're standing, and squeeze and hold it with your muscles, lightly supporting the Juno with your hand. Gradually, you'll work your way to the heavier balls as your muscle strength increases.

In only a few weeks, you can grip your partner's penis and tighten your pelvic muscles for stronger orgasms and sensational sex!

The Juno can even be used as a sex toy for solo or couples play. Its smooth surface slicks up beautifully with your favorite water- or silicone-based sex lube.

Clean-up is easy with antibacterial soap and water, or Better Sex Essentials® Toy Cleaner.

The Juno Pelvic Exerciser is part of the Berman Center® Line of sex toys by sexual health expert Dr. Laura Berman.
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Brand: The Berman Center
Colors: Clear
Featured: Waterproof
Length: 7.25 inches
Material: Acrylic
Width: 1.25 inches