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Intensity By Jopen

Item #7283
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Our Price: $249.95

Intensity By Jopen

This Rabbit style Vibrator works your kegel muscles while you sit back & relax!

“Unfortunately, most women don’t achieve optimal performance when performing kegel exercises. Intensity automatically targets and tones pelvic muscles with greater precision – it does the work for you.” – Dr. Jessica Browning-Cassady, Ph.D.

Intensity by Jopen kegel exerciser that automatically strengthens and tones the pelvic muscles to give you stronger, more intense orgasms!

• Electro-stimulators automatically strengthen and tone your pelvic muscles
• Electro-stimulators also excite the nerves in your vagina to help you orgasm
• Kegel exercises make you feel tighter while giving you stronger orgasms
• Dual vibrator motors target your G-Spot & clit for additional thrills
• Play with 5 different vibration speeds
• Built-in pump lets you increase the size of the shaft to fit your body
• Vibrator measures between 1.5 & 2 inches wide and 5.25 inches long, insertable
• Made from medical-grade and hypoallergenic silicone
• Recommended for novices and experts
• Made and designed in the United States
• Also includes electro-stimulation gel and instructions
• Requires 4 "AAA" batteries, sold separately

This vibrator started off as part of a medical research project. When participants started reporting that they experienced intense orgasms while using it, researchers realized they had just invented a radical new sex toy!

The Intensity by Jopen uses electro-stimulation to strengthen and tone your Kegel muscles. The low-powered electro-stimulation also excites the sensitive nerves in your vagina at the same time, leading to an orgasm. The vibrator features two metal contacts in the top and bottom for maximum effectiveness.

And if the amazingly powerful orgasms weren’t enough, the vibrator also improves your future sex life by working your kegel muscles. Medical research has proven that exercising your Kegels makes tightens your vagina – making sex more pleasurable for both you and your partner – while also increasing the intensity of your orgasms.

This luxury sex toy features dual vibrator motors – one located in the rabbit-style clitoral stimulator and the other in the top of the shaft for G-Spot stimulation. There are 5 different vibration speeds for you to try.

The electro-stimulation vibrator also comes with a built-in pump. Simply squeeze the base of the vibrator to gradually increase the width of the shaft, giving you the ideal sized toy for you! This feature can increase the size of the vibrator shaft from 1.5 inches all the way up to 2 inches with ease. The black button on the bottom of the vibrator serves as the emergency release valve so you can shrink your vibrator down to its regular size when you’re finished.

The sex toy also comes with a 2 oz. bottle of Intensity, a special gel used to strengthen the electro-shock sensations.

Intensity gel ingredients include: Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water, Humectant Polymers (acrylic acid/cellulose polymer), Propyl parabene and methyl parabene in bacteriostatic concentration, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Yellow #5.

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes; try the Better Sex Essentials® Gel Personal Lubricant . It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try the Better Sex Essentials® Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

This toy requires batteries - add a Pink Power "AA" 4 Pack to your cart today and enjoy every amazing feature right out of the box!

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Brand: Intensity by Jopen
Colors: Pink
Function: Multi-speed
Length: 5.25 inches
Material: Silicone
Width: 2 inches