Dr. Berman's Isis™ Pelvic Exerciser

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Dr. Berman's Isis™ Pelvic Exerciser  
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Dr. Berman's Isis™ Pelvic Exerciser Features

Strengthen Your Pelvic Muscles For Better Sex

No matter what your age, the key to a woman's improved sex life and stronger orgasms is well-toned vaginal muscles. And Dr. Berman's Isis Pelvic Exerciser is the perfect way to keep vaginal muscles strong, restore tone after childbirth or natural aging, and to prevent incontinence.

  • Perfect for beginners to Kegel exercise
  • 6" long
  • Seamless Lucite
  • Includes designer storage pouch

It only takes minutes a day to strengthen your vaginal/pelvic muscles with Dr. Berman's Isis Pelvic Exerciser. When these muscles are toned, you can enjoy stronger orgasms and more pleasure for both you and your partner. Childbirth and aging can weaken the PC muscle, and even lead to incontinence, but good weight resistance training can restore and tone this important area. In only a few weeks, you can "grip" your partner's penis and tighten your vaginal muscles for stronger orgasms  - which means more sensational sex for both of you!

The Isis is designed to help you achieve maximum results from your Kegel exercises. Only 6" long, it's crafted of sleek, crystal-clear Lucite that glides inside with just a light application of your favorite sex lube. And it's perfectly weighted and shaped for comfort.

For the most effective Kegel exercise, just lie on your back, slowly insert the lubricated Isis into your vagina, and squeeze your vaginal muscles as it slides inside. Then regularly squeeze, hold and release. In no time you'll start noticing the results. To keep your muscles in top shape, exercise your pelvic muscles daily.

Dr. Berman's Isis Pelvic Exerciser is part of the Berman Center Line of superior sex toys, designed for sex expert Dr. Laura Berman, developed to bring you high-quality toys to enhance your sex life.

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