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ON Natural Arousal Oil

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ON Natural Arousal Oil
BetterSex Essentials® Gel Personal Lubricant
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ON Natural Arousal Oil $24.95
BetterSex Essentials® Gel Personal Lubricant $12.95

ON Natural Arousal Oil Features

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ON Natural Arousal Oil Electrifies Sensations for Women


ON uses a proprietary blend of essential oils and botanicals to create a safe, natural arousal effect unlike any other. Fans of arousal lotions, sex oils and feminine arousal gels will fall in love with ON Natural Arousal Oil.


•Creates an electric tingling sensation for women
•Application lasts up to 45 minutes
•Contains no mentol or mint
•Not water-based; not for use with latex condoms


To use, simply apply a few drops to your finger and gently massage onto your clitoris. Within a minute or two you will begin to enoy a warming sensation, followed by an almost electric buzzing stimulation that will induce natural lubrication.


You'll love the tingle of sweet almond oil, cinnamon cassia, vitamin E and rosemary extracts. ON Natural Arousal Oil's breakthrough formula can be reapplied as often as desired. This feminine arousal oil contains no cooling agents- just pure essential oils to ignite your passion. Features a discreet blakc dropper 0.17 oz bottle.


Ingredients: Proprietary essential oil blend – includes sweet almond oil, cinnamon cassia, natural tocopherols (vitamin e), silica, phenoxyethanol and ethylhexyglycerin, rosemary oil extract

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