ON Natural Arousal Oil

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ON Natural Arousal Oil

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ON Natural Arousal Oil Electrifies Sensations for Women

ON uses a proprietary blend of essential oils and botanicals to create a safe, natural arousal effect unlike any other. Fans of arousal lotions, sex oils and feminine arousal gels will fall in love with ON Natural Arousal Oil.

• Creates an electric tingling sensation for women
• Application lasts up to 45 minutes
• Contains no menthol or mint
• Not water-based; not for use with latex condoms

To use, simply apply a few drops to your finger and gently massage onto your clitoris. Within a minute or two you will begin to enjoy a warming sensation, followed by an almost electric buzzing stimulation that will induce natural lubrication.

You'll love the tingle of sweet almond oil, cinnamon cassia, vitamin E and rosemary extracts. ON Natural Arousal Oil's breakthrough formula can be reapplied as often as desired. This feminine arousal oil contains no cooling agents -- just pure essential oils to ignite your passion. Features a discreet black dropper in a 0.17oz bottle.

Ingredients: Proprietary essential oil blend – includes sweet almond oil, cinnamon cassia, natural tocopherols (vitamin e), silica, phenoxyethanol and ethylhexyglycerin, rosemary oil extract

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Vitamin E Oil





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