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No road rage for this babe. Not after what happened with my boyfriend during a recent bout of gridlock.<BR><BR>Dave wanted to go camping over the long weekend. And while I wasn’t exactly keen on the idea, I said okay. Because Dave’s a real sweetheart; blonde hair and blue eyes, good build, marvelous sense of humour.<BR><BR>So, I packed up ten rolls of toilet paper and Dave picked me up in the van he’d rented special for the occasion. A white monstrosity that seated about twelve and had black-tinted windows all along the sides. And we set off.<BR><BR>Straight into a horrendous traffic jam shutting down the freeway out of town. Dave looked at me, behind me. “Wanna have some fun?” he said, arching his eyebrows in a suggestive manner.<BR><BR>“What!? Here?” I gasped, glancing around at all the people-packed vehicles stuck in the surrounding lanes.<BR><BR>Dave took my hand and pulled me out of the captain’s chair and onto the bench seat two rows down. Then he kissed me, started undressing me.<BR><BR>“Hey, wait a minute!” I protested. “Everyone’ll see us.”<BR><BR>He grinned and stood up, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and pulled out his hard cock and plastered it against one of the heavily-tinted windows.<BR><BR>I was sure the retired couple in the RV in the next lane could see Dave. But the elderly woman looked straight at him – and kept right on eating her banana, before turning back to the road again.<BR><BR>Proving his point, Dave pointed at me, using absolutely none of his fingers. I grabbed onto his erection and took it into my mouth, saucily tugging on it with my lips.<BR><BR>He banged his head against the roof of the van, groaning. I dug his fuzzy balls out of his underwear and cupped them, squeezed them, sucking on his cock – down to the tickling pubes and back up again, hard and fast.<BR><BR>He couldn’t stand it for long, pushing me back and plopping down on the seat and tearing my clothes off. My top and bra landed on the dashboard, my shorts and knickers in the cargo space at the back of the van. Leaving me starkers except for my hiking boots. I leaned back and spread my legs, beckoning the daring boy to take the plunge.<BR><BR>He dropped down onto his knees on the floor of the van and buried his head in between my thighs, his warm, wet tongue spearing me in the sweet spot that always makes me squeal. I gripped the back of the seat with one hand, Dave’s bobbing blonde head with the other, as he lapped and lapped at my pussy. I stared out the windows at the oblivious people in the vehicles all around us, my bare breasts jumping every time Dave’s deliciously-dragging tongue rode over my clit.<BR><BR>I couldn’t stand it for long, either, and told Dave so. He smacked his sticky lips and then jumped back onto the seat and positioned me so that I was on my hands and knees facing the window. He popped his cap inside me, slid his shaft into my dripping pussy slow and sensual and all the way. <BR><BR>His thighs touched up against my buns, and I sighed with delight, my breath fogging up the window. A window that looked directly out onto a family of four in an SUV. Dave started fucking me, rocking me back and forth with brisk, hard thrusts, the hot, wet smack of his body against my rippling bum surely audible to the innocent people in the vehicle alongside.<BR><BR>Apparently not, though – audible or visible. Because they went right on with their dulsatory waiting as Dave drove me fast and furious. I almost popped the window out with my splayed hands, Dave ramming into me like a wild man, setting me ablaze with orgasm.<BR><BR>I cried out my joy, shuddering with electric pleasure, Dave grunting and bucking and spurting.<BR><BR>Our very visible, unnoticing audience heightening the wicked sexual sensations. <BR><BR>It was the best camping trip I’ve never been on. <BR><BR>THE END </P><!-- EOF story here --></DIV> <DIV id=serfcright><!-- poll monkey script for week 3 --> <DIV id=vote><BR> <SCRIPT src="http://www.pollmonkey.com/s.asp?c=18937852&amp;u=8413050623"> //<![CDATA[ //]]> </SCRIPT> <SCRIPT language=javascript> //<![CDATA[ DisplayVote50623(); //]]> </SCRIPT> </DIV></DIV></DIV><BR clear=all></DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV><!-- EOF Summer Erotic Fiction Contest -->
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