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Better Sex Guide

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"Guide For Him, Her and Couples"

Better Sex Guide Home page Guide to Couples Kits Better Sex Guide Sweet Spots, Orgasms, Erogenous Zones Partner Guide to Communication Guide to Sex Toys Sex Positions guide for men women and couples Better guide to sexual health and adult sex edcuation

ideas and advice on better sexWelcome to the Better Sex Guide created by the professionals at Sinclair Institute and As the originators of the Better Sex Video Series® and the experts in Adult Sex Education we've taken the topics most requested by our customers and formulated this guide to bring you step by step ideas and sexual practices to help you obtain better sex. The Better Sex Guide covers communication, positions including oral and anal techniques and fun sex toys. Sexual health is important and in this guide get recommendations by the professionals here that work with sex everyday.

Better Sex® Couples Kits combine adult sex education DVD’s, sex toys for couples, lubricant and other products we create and sell. Each kit is designed for a particular interest and experience level. Sexual experience can be hard to quantify since it is a highly personal thing, but we’ve developed three groups: Apprentice, Transitional and Advanced.

There are at least 100 known positions. In fact, sex positions may be like fractal geometry. You may be able to slice positions into an infinite variety. Trying a new position may be the surest and fastest way to get you out of a rut. Like anything new, adopting a new position takes practice. Ready to start? Learn more about missionary, girl on top and doggie style positions. We also spend some fractal geometry time discussing Ballet Bar and Pair Of Tongs.

If you can’t communicate you can’t improve your love life. Communication as an idea seems easy. You sit down in a comfortable chair and share your needs. Your partner hugs you and you go upstairs and have great sex..(we all wish!) Right, we all know talking about it with your partner is not easy. Our Sexual Communication Better Sex Guide area shares products, ideas and tips for how you can have the “talk”, get the hug and have great sex forever.
Sweet Spots are erogenous zones that, when stimulated, intensify sexual pleasure. Our Sweet Spots area explains what you need to know about orgasms, female ejaculation, A-spot, G-spot, U-spot and other sexual pleasure points. Discover the best toys and techniques to reach and achieve those ultimate pleasure orgasms.

Sex toys can enrich your sex life. Vibration applied to Sweet Spots such as her clitoris or his perineum will expand, elongate and intensify orgasms. Not all toys vibrate. Dildos, wands and glass, when in contact with certain “hot” zones, will produce fun results too. Toys come in an increasing variety and at all price points. We tap reviews from our Better Sex Buzz Team™ to share how our toys really work. Look for our “how to” videos on TV that demonstrate how a toy works.

Your life and your sexual health are tied like a knot. Things you do in one easily affect the other. Erectile Dysfunction (ED), menopause, premature ejaculation and orgasm difficulties are common challenges. Our Sexual Health Better Sex Guide area leaves the clinic to share what we know about sexual health. We provide information about what can contribute to problems in the bedroom along with techniques and products to help resolve and reward.

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What to Eat for a Better Sex Life:
- Vitamin A found in vegetables, meat, dairy and eggs is used to produce testosterone and estrogen.
- Vitamin B found in vegetables, meat, nuts, fish, whole grains, is used to produce testosterone and estrogen.