The mood is set; the candles are burning, sensual music is playing and the massage oil is on the nightstand. Now...pick up your Body Massager and give your lover a massage they'll never forget. A body massager is the essential tool for couples in the bedroom. Its' versatility allows you and your lover to fully explore each other's body or use it alone for self-pleasuring. Connect with your lover and enjoy hours of pleasure using a body massager!!

#1. Sinclair 8X Wand Massager
Bestseller for Couples!
8 Incredible Vibration Speeds
Item# 8117

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#2. Natural Contours Ideal Massager
"This is the real dream machine"
Quote courtesy of "Talk Sex"
with Dr. Sue Johanson
Item# 3350

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#3. Lelo Insignia Isla Pleasure Object
Experience luxurious,
whisper-quiet vibrations!
Item# 6756

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#4. Embrace Body Wand
Vibrates At Both Ends
To Please You Inside & Out!
Item# 9307

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#5. Palm Power Massager
Put the the Power
In Your Palm!
Item# 9310

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#6. Lelo Ida Couples Massager
Fill your night with
romance, beautiful chemistry
and passionate sex!
Item# 9066

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Take Your Massage to the Next Level With These Attachments!

Ultimate Stimulation For Men
Hammerhead Wand Attachment
Item# 8474

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Just For Your G-Spot!
Natural Contours Ideal
G-Plus Attachment
Item# 3893

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Build the Ultimate
Sexual Massager!

Palm Power Sensual
Attachment Set
Item# 9312

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Try These Products That Will Complement and Enhance your Massage Session...

Sizzle! The Joy Of Erotic
Massage DVD

Item# 7190

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Better Sex® Massage Oil
Item# 2239

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for Lovers
Music CD

Item# 1031

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