Why Shop With Better Sex? - Top 10 Reasons to Buy from Us

Our Better Sex Promise To You:

Discreet Shipping/Billing Privacy Ensured 100% Guaranteed

What is in it for YOU (WIIFY) to buy sex toys and discover sex tips from Better Sex? We have some solid competitors mixed in with a few hastily created and soon to be departed. An average customer visits BetterSex.com multiple times before purchase. They purchase several times in a year and buy products whose life may reach several years. You interact more frequently with Better Sex than car dealers, dentist and the power company.
Here are 10 reasons to shop and buy from us:

The Sinclair Institute was created in 1991. BetterSex.com was launched soon after. We are financially strong and growing thanks to our customers. We’ll be here to help support your purchase two or three years from now.

Privacy & Discreet Shipping:
We are in the privacy business; we ship and bill with discretion and care. You never have to worry about the privacy of your order because Our plain discreet outer envleopes and boxes are as boring as we can make them.

Providing the best value to our customers is our goal. Value is security, privacy, satisfaction guarantee, a product's price, free gifts and other important things. Better Sex customers are shopping for a relationship not just products.

Our 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee is the best. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied we work with you to solve the problem. We will be here to support your purchase.

Creators Not Just Distributors:
We work with sex educators, Ph.D.’s and therapists to CREATE sexual health products. Your feedback lands closer to a company capable of acting on it. Many competitors sell our products. It is always better to buy directly from the source. We are the source.

Free Gift:
We create products TO GIVE AWAY. Our mission is help people find better sex and the many benefits it brings. We create educational content to give away. Customers say they buy from Better Sex BECAUSE of our regularly changing free gifts.

Free Shipping:
Shipping costs real money. UPS and FedEx don’t work for free. We pay for our best customer’s shipping. Spend $59.00 receive free standard shipping via the United States Post Office ($7.95 Value Free). Spend a little more, $89.00, receive two day UPS ( $13.95 Value FREE - maximum of 3 days delivery and with tracking).

Buying from Better Sex and you become part of our community - You aren't just buying a sex toy you are joining a support system...if you want


24/7/365 Customer Service:
We have several hundred people working in our call center in our North Carolina headquarters (not in a some foreign land.) It is possible to speak with customer service via email or phone 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.)
Email: cs@BetterSex.com - Toll Free 1.800.955.0888

Global Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention:
Every year our owners write a big check to help families around the world with sex education and HIV/AIDS prevention. DKT International, a four star rated charity, helps families survive, plan and defeat an insidious disease. DKT’s families are close to our hearts, always on our minds and a worthy use a large chunk of our profits. We helped DKT become a leader around the globe. Long before (RED)™ there was DKT. Your purchase may save a life.

This page helps defines what makes Better Sex different from other companies and web sites. We value your business. We work hard to make your experience with Better Sex the best it can be. We love feedback. Please send any comments or suggestions to us at siiweb(at)BetterSex(dot)com or Click Here To Use Feedback Form