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BetterSex Synergy Pleasure System®
BetterSex Essentials® Gel Personal Lubricant
BetterSex Essentials® Misting Toy Sanitizer
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BetterSex Synergy Pleasure System® $59.95
BetterSex Essentials® Gel Personal Lubricant $12.95
BetterSex Essentials® Misting Toy Sanitizer

BetterSex Synergy Pleasure System® Features

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Five Heads Are Better Than One

It’s certainly true when describing the BetterSex Synergy Pleasure System®. This multi-faceted adult sex toy comes with five, yes five, interchangeable heads to expand and enhance your sexual repertoire. They oscillate and penetrate, stimulate and titillate.
BetterSex is aching to tell you all about them: 

• The Dual Navigator lets you explore all of your erogenous zones—male and female
• The G-Spot has the angles and ergonomics to really hit the spot
• The Beaded Ball puts you in the zone every time
• The Rabbit Flutter will have your clit aflutter with pleasure-inducing ears
• The Cup & Ridges goes both ways bringing intense pleasure to both sexes
We know the BetterSex Synergy Pleasure System® doesn’t look like a typical vibrator. But the power and frequency of your orgasms won’t be typical either. In fact, you’ll have so much fun with the BetterSex Synergy Pleasure System® you might be tempted to keep it to yourself. But don’t because you can double the pleasure when you share this versatile adult sex toy with a partner.
Intimate Details:
  • 5 arousing, interchangeable attachments
  • Dimensions: 10 inches long, each head is aproximatley 2" long and 3/4" wide
  • 6 scintillating speeds with up to 12,000 oscillations per minute
  • Cordless
  • Includes two rechargeable batteries and a recharger (also works with two standard C batteries)
  • Velvet pouch perfect for storage and travel
Care & Cleaning Tips:
We highly recommend washing the massager and each attachment with warm water and mild soap, alcohol or an adult sex toy cleaner—before and after use. Do not use abrasive cleaners or brushes. Do not immerse the massager unit into water. The attachments however are completely submergible.

Product Details

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5 Interchangeable Plastic Head Attachments




Sinclair Institute

Customer Reviews - BetterSex Synergy Pleasure System®

New Favorite Toy   

new trix couple on December 7, 2012

I purchased this product for play with my wife. Within in minutes I new this was a great purchase. She went wild with pleasure. We tried several of the attachment with the beaded ball being her favorite especially around her clitoris. She doesn't even care to use any of our other toys as of now. Seeing her enjoy this so much was a real turn on for me too.
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Better than it looks !   

desperatehousewife101 on October 7, 2012

Upon getting this I was surprized to see how "industrial" it looked. Attachments are not soft and pliable but rather a bit rigid. They are firmly attached when in the Closed position and takes a minute to figure out how the attachments go on and off. Wish it was easier to do. The. Head it come with seems a bit unexciting, but cup portion and g spot attachments were much better. Flipper one is just adequate. The best part of this machine is the quietness of the unit. I wasnt a big fan of how this machine turns on and off and up and down..but once you get the hang of it the vibe is nice and will get you there.
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Startling in many ways   

Them on April 22, 2010

This toy was decidedly a shock when we opened the box. A mint-green and cream, it looked like a grandmother's toothbrush-slash-muscle massager instead of a sleek and sexy toy. The attachments were hard and unyielding, the body awkwardly shaped and the instructions limited. However, the toy itself was rechargeable, which was very, very nice, and powerful- sometimes too much so! The variety of attachments were nice, although not spectacular, and the speeds and variable settings were exciting if not mindblowing. A 3/5 for being 'pretty good'- not fabulously expansively awesome, but certainly not mediocre. It would be nice if the attachments were softer or a little more varied, but all in all it provided a good time and will be a backup toy in Our toybox, just in case our favorites break!
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not worth the money   

HCalifornia on March 14, 2010

When I purchased the vibrator, I was really excited about what the reviews had to say. Unfortunately, the vibrator comes with a "cheap" on/off button. The moment I tried to turn it on, it did not work. It only wants to work when it feels like turning on. I would certainly not pay the price for this vibrator.
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A Different Sensation   

Adriana on February 1, 2010

Synergy is an interesting albeit horrendously designed toy. Like another popular oscillating sex toy, it looks like an electric toothbrush. Several hospital green attachments snap on to the head for variety in stimulation. It also smells unpleasantly out of the box: somewhat medicinal and plastic-like. There are three buttons to use it: a master power switch which must be depressed before use. Pressing the + button will turn it on and switch to higher levels of vibration. The – button will decrease it and Synergy can be turned off by pressing the power button once more. The sensation may not be true oscillation but it definitely felt different from vibrations. The sensation was much deeper felt but more soothing or relaxing than vibration. To some, this will make Synergy feel weak. Although there are 5 uniquely shaped attachments, none of them were perfect for me. I prefer a broader surface which I can press against myself over pinpoint stimulation. There is a small cup which works well to encase the clit, a curved head (possibly for G-spot stimulated), one with many nubs and one which looks like bunny ears. However, the attachments are quite firm and the ears cannot be separated to place on either side of the clit. I found this attachment the most useless. Synergy is rechargeable but it uses replaceable, rechargeable batteries which look exactly like C batteries (which can also power it). I like rechargeable toys but it would make much more sense to use an internal battery. The loose rechargeable batteries are confusing. When it is charged, it does not need to be plugged in to use which is nice. Synergy also comes with a velvet storage bag (in the same sickening green) but it’s a little bulky to carry in all situations. While the sensations from Synergy are unique, they did not sweep me off my feet. I would like to see a more polished and stronger version in the future.
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Change can be good.   

Mr. and Mrs. Allure on January 22, 2010

The Synergy Pleasure System by Better Sex is a load of fun. It comes with 5 interchangeable heads that can be easily changed depending on the desired application. In addition, 2 of the 5 can be flipped around to use each side which have different capabilities. When it arrived, we had decided we would use it that night, but we were dejected to find out that it required an 8 hour initial charge. After a charge, we decided to use it in our next foreplay session. We tried all of the tips to see which ones Mrs. Allure really liked. The G-spot attachment was not at all for her. Mrs. Allure stated that it was too hard and it was at a weird angle. We later found that it is good for pinpoint massaging, however. The larger cup was nice for playing around her nipples and labia; it was certainly good for warming her up. The nubby attachment was good for clitoral stimulation and pinpoint massaging. The rabbit ear attachment was great for clitoral stimulation because the oscillations were great, but we really found no other use other than that. The attachment that really sent Mrs. Allure over the edge was the dual navigator tip. This tip also has a cup which is smaller than the other, and this one was perfect for sending strong vibrations over Mrs. Allure’s clit and all through her body. When your done, clean-up is a snap; just remember to recharge it because you want to make sure it is ready when you are.
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High quality   

Beeman on January 15, 2010

Pleasure is the key word here, we had a blast (in more ways than one) giving this toy a go. The Better Sex Synergy Pleasure System is a very high quality, solidly made, and well thought out product. Upon first look, the thing that stands out the most is that it doesn't look like most other sex toys. Give it a try though and you'll be pleasantly surprised at what it can do. The interchangeable attachments are a great addition and work well on both him and her. Experimentation is half the fun here. They are easy to swap and lock nicely into place. The vibrations are solid and strong, although since it uses C batteries, I would have hoped for a bit higher level. It would also have been nice if it included a few pulsation and escalation modes for more variety. Regardless, it still gets the job done in record time and is fun to use solo or with a partner. I love teasing her with it, and changing attachments to draw it out longer and make her beg for the explosive orgasm. Highly recommended.
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I know I'm pleased!   

Puss N Boots on January 15, 2010

I love, love, LOVE my "Better Sex Synergy Pleasure System"! The five different attachments give it sooo many possibilities! The 3" long g-spot attachment is one of my fav's! I can use it to easily stimulate my g-spot or my clitoris and it works great! There's also four other attachments that measure about 2 1/2" long. There's one shaped like a ball covered in nubs, there's one shaped like a bowl that also has a ridged backside, there's one with two prongs and there's one with a smaller bowl design with a longer, blunt backside. They're all great for so many different things! I love that its cordless too. Simply charge it up for 8 hours prior to use and you're ready to go! What's that? You don't have time to wait? That's okay! Simply unscrew the bottom, remove the rechargeable C batteries and pop in your own disposable C batteries! When you're done, just put the rechargeable back in and attach the included charger for next time. The controls are fairly basic. There's a separate on/off button that has to be pressed to turn the vibe on. Then there is a plus and minus button to cycle through the six speeds of steady vibration. What vibration it is too! It's a deeper sensation. Kind of rumbling as opposed to a more superficial buzz. I thought it was amazing! Cleanup is easy too because you can simply twist off the attachments to wash them off in the sink. There's even a drawstring storage bag included to keep things all together. You can't store it with an attachment on though. The handle itself is close to 8" long without an attachment on it. You can get a really good grip on this one though and it's got a wonderful, ergonomic bend for easy reach to where you need it! The battery cap as well as the attachments are all marked for proper closure/attaching too. Simply line up the arrows with the close or open marks and you'll know it's put together correctly. It's a fantastic addition to our bedroom that I'm glad I tried! I love it!
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Bring this one home for sheer pleasure!   

Ms Diva on January 14, 2010

The Better Sex Synergy Pleasure System from Sinclair Institute is phenomenal. I first saw it featured in the Great Sex for a Lifetime DVD series from Sinclair Institute and was excite to finally get one and try it. I am more then pleased with my new Synergy Pleasure System. It is versatile with the five different interchangeable attachments that are included: the duel navigator, g-sot, beaded ball, rabbit flutter and the cup with ridges. I haven’t settled on just one favorite attachment yet, but so far I really like the dual navigator, beaded ball and the rabbit flutter from the five attachment choices the best. The dual navigator is very versatile as is the cup with ridges attachment that we used on my nipples and my partner. All are very easy to attach and de-attach with a simple open and close locking position. The Synergy is well designed and comfortable to hold and position while using it. I found it extremely quiet so it is discreet. It doesn’t look like the typical vibrator which is another cool feature for those individuals that demand more discreet looking pleasure toys/ systems. The Synergy is rechargeable and comes with the adaptor for charging along with a velvet storage bag for storage or travel. The batteries are two rechargeable C size batteries, but standard C batteries can also be substituted. It has an easy push button on/off on the base along with the plus/ minus button to change the six speeds of oscillations. The Synergy can stand up on the base instead of laying down when not in use. I tried the Synergy on myself and my partner. We both enjoyed the stimulation. Clean up on the attachments was simple with a soap and water and a soft cloth, however a nice toy cleaner can also be used. I recommend this one for single ladies or married ones. It was a great addition to our pleasure toys and is now one of our go to systems by our nightstand. Five hearts for a system sure to please most woman. Ms Diva
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Long-lasting friend   

Buzz Team Admin on December 10, 2009

Most of my other vibrators wear out in just a couple of months, but this one has given me pleasure for almost a year and it's still going (after maybe 100 uses)! Whenever we want to use it, we just charge it up, and the original batteries still hold a charge. At first, I didn't think I'd like it, but warmed up to the Dual Navigator tip rapidly. The vibrations at first seemed to 'thump' a bit, and it doesn't oscilate as fast as I normally like, but I've grown to like it alot, like a trusted friend with benefits! **Submitted by “Roger & Jessica Rabbit”**BUZZTEAM
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