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Lelo Gigi

Item# 4818
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Lelo Gigi
BetterSex Essentials® Gel Personal Lubricant
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Lelo Gigi $99.95
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Lelo Gigi Features

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A Different Design For G-spot Bliss

The most elegant, easy-to-use vibrator you'll ever own is also the most orgasmic. The Lelo Gigi is designed especially for G-spot stimulation in an entirely new way, but you'll find lots of other uses for this beautifully-made vibrator. It's from the famous Lelo line of vibrators, known for high quality, advanced design and pure pleasure-producing operation.

• Easily reaches the G-spot
• Rechargeable
• Whisper quiet
• 5 functions
• Durable construction, 1-year warranty

It's never been easier to reach and stimulate your G-spot than with the Lelo Gigi. Its sleek anatomically-correct curve is especially designed to reach your G-spot almost automatically. The large flattened head nestles perfectly against the spot, thrilling you to new heights of pure bliss. The ultra-smooth silicone shaft glides effortlessly inside, especially when used with water-based lube.

The Lelo Gigi gives you all the power of a larger vibrator without all the bulk or awkward handling. It's only 6.5" long and 1.5" wide. The virtually silent motor delivers deep stimulation precisely where you want it. And it's so easy to control, with an intuitive interface dial that lets you choose vibration intensity and stimulation mode to find your favorite combination for intense orgasms. There's even a locking function to disable the dial when you're not using the Lelo Gigi, so it won't accidentally turn on during storage or travel.

The Gigi is also perfect for teasing your nipples, or running all over his body for couples fun.

And you don't have to worry about changing batteries: the Gigi is rechargeable, providing up to 4 hours of pleasure from a 2-hour charge.

The Lelo Gigi comes in an elegant gift box, complete with charger, manual, a stylish satin pouch for storage, and a 1-year Lelo warranty.

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Product Details

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Multi-speed & Multi-function

Customer Reviews - Lelo Gigi

Squirting "O"   

First time user on October 24, 2012

My husband surprised me the with Lelo Gigi for my birthday. I looked it over and really liked the shape and feel of it. I couldn't wait to get it charged to try it out. The buttons are very easy to use and the vibrator is sooo quiet. My husband was out of town when I first used it. The controls are very easy to use and control the vibrations. I first used it on low speed on my nipples and I was instantly turned on by this toy. I increased the speed to the next level and I felt tingles all the way between my legs. I could not wait to get feel it on my clitoris. I changed the vibrations to intermettint vibrations and OMG when it hit my clit. I came right away. I just had to have more. I inserted it into my vagina and starting working my g-spot. I rubbed my clit with my fingers and I had my first g-spot orgasm. What a immense feeling. I soaked the sheets on our bed. To my surprise my husband asked how my afternoon was after he saw my GIGI on the nightstand next to our bed. I only smiled and said my present was out of this world. I hope I don't ever have to purchase another sex toy as this is the only one you will ever need.
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G is for glorious   

shrlygrly on June 23, 2011

Gigi is genius. Clearly these people know what they are doing because the shape and size guide and slide you almost unconciously to the secret spot. The flat head is probably the most important creation since the clitoris for female O's, the pulsing and the power are great but us girls know that with G (for Glorious) it's more about pressure and positioning. Gigi gets me off every time because of the curvy way she is and the powerful pulsing provides that added extra for much Gloriousness.
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Awesome for spilling but didn't hold up   

BLONDE ZILLA on September 14, 2010

I've never spilled before so I was happy to be able to. It just takes consistency and relaxing and this toy will get you there. However. Maybe I overused the thing but it broke and went haywire. Now it turns itself on whenever it wants, (even if its in lock mode) and scares the crap out of the kids. Contacted Lelo and they said send it in it sounds like it got wet. WEll duh! tHE metal ring gets loose and lets water in there. Not good.
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Awesome design!   

The Pres. and Mrs. Bush on April 22, 2009

Lelo’s Gigi embodies femininity and elegance from the packaging, to the sensuous curves, the muted pastel color, the soft, satiny feel, and the ergonomic, female-anatomy-inspired design. The flattened-head is large but the President anticipated well and had already applied a generous dollop of water-based gel lube to the silicone head. Once inside, the slim shaft and the insightful design allowed it to land naturally and effortlessly on my G-spot. We’ve used other toys designed for G-spot stimulation that took a lot of effort, trial, and error to achieve what Gigi did repeatedly and almost intuitively. While the focused vibration in the head was well on its way to delivering a writhing, moaning orgasm, the more generalized vibration in the shaft was sending waves of blissful pleasure along my labia. I enjoyed the four pulse modes initially, but as I approached orgasm, I wanted steady, industrial strength power. The President quickly and easily—with just two clicks—adjusted the mode and intensity and Gigi delivered. What an awesome design! The cool thing is that the same head that worked magically on my G-spot was also wonderful on my clitoris and my nipples at a lower intensity. We love that it is rechargeable and we love the locking function that disables the buttons for travel, storage, or just discretion. Gigi had been on our wish list for some time and we had high expectations from our experience with two other Lelo products. Other than a slight issue with the handle occasionally being hard to grip once lube made its way down the smooth hard plastic surface, Gigi fulfilled ALL of our expectations. I love it for the gorgeous, elegant, sensuous, versatile, and intensely pleasurable design. The President loves its high-quality, intelligent, safe, durable, and effective construction. We both agree it is worth every penny.
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Feminine and Classy...nice!   

Ms Diva on January 16, 2009

The Lelo Gigi is all that it can be which is wonderful in everyway. I am glad I ordered this sleek, satiny smooth and sexy G spot stimulator. It is user friendly as a solo toy or couples toy. We used it both ways. The Gigi is not just a G spot stimulator because it works very well on the clitoris and on your fella too stimulating various parts of his anatomy. The motor is discreetly whisper quiet and it has 5 speeds to select from which are pulsating to vibrate, the intensity varies with the speeds and is very satisfying. It is a rechargeable toy that takes about two hours to charge up for an hour and half of pure pleasure. The Lelo Gigi comes with the charger, storage box and satin bag. The Gigi is a very feminine and classy sex toy to add to anyone’s collection. I highly recommend this one and give five hearts. Ms Diva
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Pure Elegance!   

Puss N Boots on January 5, 2009

That’s right! This vibe is pure elegance! This is one of my all time favorite vibes hands down! It’s also one of the most classy looking vibes I own! With all of the different vibrations and patterns, it’s sure to please anyone! I was really impressed with it’s presentation too! It arrived in it’s own storage box and also came with the charger as well as an additional satin storage pouch. The first time I used it I found the vibrations to be just a tiny bit weaker than what I normally prefer but, I’ve never had another toy that found my g-spot so effortlessly! The vibrations stem from the g-spot tip so once you’ve pinpointed your g-spot, this vibe is sure to stimulate it quite thoroughly indeed! I found it to also be pretty good at clitoral stimulation but, I have to admit, I had my first g-spot orgasm with this toy and it was fantastic! If you have had problems in the past locating your g-spot, I think this vibe could actually help you locate it and maybe even help you to achieve your first g-spot orgasm too! It’s most definitely worth the price and you will never have to buy batteries for it! It even has a locking option so it doesn’t accidentally turn on and run the rechargeable battery down! I love it!
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