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Lelo Nea
BetterSex Essentials® Gel Personal Lubricant
BetterSex Essentials® Misting Toy Sanitizer
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Lelo Nea $89.00
BetterSex Essentials® Gel Personal Lubricant $12.95
BetterSex Essentials® Misting Toy Sanitizer $6.95

Lelo Nea Features

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Small Vibrator, Amazing Orgasms For You Both
The extraordinary Lelo Nea is a new level of vibrator engineering, packing pure power into a 3" x 1½" x 1" footprint that provides thrills for him as well as her. Its almost-silent operation is sure to please anywhere, any time.
  • Small, but powerful and discreet
  • Beautiful, ergonomic Swedish design
  • Rechargeable up to 7 hours on one charge
  • Variable vibrating patterns and speeds
  • Easy 2-button interface
  • FREE carry/storage bag
Try the Lelo Nea once, and it will quickly become your favorite vibrator. Its beautiful, sleek black porcelain-like finish etched with pink flowers, variable speeds and pulsation patterns, and discreetly quiet operation will make it the only vibrator you'll want to use.
Ergonomically designed and crafted in Sweden for pleasure and ease of use, the Lelo Nea is a gently curved 3" long, fitting perfectly into your own curves for nipples, labial or clitoral stimulation. Or stimulate his penis or perineum for pure orgasmic thrills.
And the Lelo Nea is simple to operate, with only two buttons controlling multiple vibration intensities, plus 5 patterns of pulsation. A "button lock" function prevents the vibrator from operating until you're ready for it.
It's the ultimate in quiet, with an almost-silent operation despite its powerful vibrational feel, even at the highest speed patterns.
You don't need to bother with batteries: the Lelo Nea is rechargeable, with 7 hours on one charge, so the Nea is ready whenever you are. And this elegantly-designed vibrator comes in a handsome gift box, with the charger, carry/storage bag, manual, and a 1-year warranty.
Because the Lelo Nea is NOT waterproof, take care in cleaning it: wipe with a damp cloth or sponge, avoiding the charger opening, and dry thoroughly before storage.
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Customer Reviews - Lelo Nea

LELO Nea just a fantastic bedroom friend   

Anonymous on July 21, 2012

Leave it to LELO to engineer the lovely, pleasing NEA-a tantalizing little vixen of vibration that for a few astronomical seconds will send you to the stars. Known for designing refreshingly tasteful tools of erotica for discriminating adults, LELO is a company that rates simply brilliant at combining fabulous form with dizzying function. Now let me take you on a little journey of specifics. Today I christened my new LELO NEA. Or should I say, she christened me. This afternoon, what did my wandering ear detect but the whir of the wheels of the UPS truck, a sound that fills each eager body on the street with anticipation? “Is it for me?” Well, it was for me, baby! Just two days prior, I had felt the giddiness of a kid on Christmas morning as I clicked the “order” button. My new friend was here already, beckoning from its modest, watch box-esque package wearing only the word “LELO” on top. Cradled in its clear plastic casing, my LELO NEA was tucked in beside its instructions, charger, and a shimmering white satin travel/storage bag. We can both slip into something a little more comfortable. Pair its captivating aesthetics with its compact size and the LELO NEA could masquerade as a makeup compact. Swathed in the decadent gloss of my chosen hue of vibrant fuschia, this striking product came adorned with silver engraved flowers perched elegantly on a vine. Almost too pretty to play with.
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Quiet, Pretty and Powerful!   

iCandy on December 20, 2010

This was my second Lelo product and I am definitely a FAN!!! In comparison to the Mia, the Nea has more vibration and has a MUCH quieter low setting. Although the lowest setting doesn't provide hardly any stimulation, it is pretty much inaudible!!! You can go up about half way in the vibration before you can truly hear it. Even on the highest setting, which provide a pretty intense vibration, it won't be heard through covers or a door. The Nea also has a tapered tip, and is great for direct clitoral stimulation. With its' contoured shape you can also wrap the whole entire toy about your labia and clitoral area. The controls are simple and easy to use, with a plus and a negative button. When you reach the highest setting you can let go and press the plus for a couple seconds to get to the pulsation modes...which are AWESOME! Seeing as it the Nea is not waterproof or splash proof you need to be careful cleaning it, using a toy wipe or a damp cloth being careful to avoid the control buttons. It charges very quick and the charge lasts quite a few uses. This might be cheesy but I also really like how pretty they made this toy, it has a very polished smooth texture, and pretty little flowers all over it :) It is definitely my favorite "mouse" to double click;)
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A little small, but she feels great!   

Jessie Beth on October 26, 2010

The Nea is a cute, rechargeable clitoral stimulator. She is quite small, however this means the vibrator fits snugly between your labia to vibrate all over your clitoris. She's sterilizable as she's made totally of non porous plastic. She's awesome!
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Not very good for the price.   

ME on May 16, 2010

This thing is a lot of money and I hate it. If u are looking for powerful vibrations don't get this product. The different vibrations are cool and i like that its rechargeable but i wish it was more powerful.
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Feminine and flattering   

Them on July 21, 2009

The Lelo Nea was a gift from one of Our companions, who felt it might be welcome- and she was correct. Shifting easily from gentle to intense, this elegant smooth vibrator offers clitoral and labia stimulation, as well as sending trembles of pleasure through Him via the penis and perineum. The only flaw we found in this flower is that when Our fingers were slippery with lubrication, either natural or synthetic, it tended to slip and slide out of Our grasp. We give it four out of five hearts, for versatility, power, and durability.
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Small, discrete and powerful   

on July 17, 2009

This has to be one of the best products that Better Sex offers. It has all the features that anyone could want in a vibrator and it looks fabulous. The Lelo Nea has a very well thought out design with very sleek lines and natural feeling contours. We have had other toys that also had good packaging and a nice design but failed horribly at there primary function of being a vibrator. Luckily this is not the case for the Nea. It out preforms many other vibrators we have tried for several reasons. First, it's rechargeable so points for less of an environmental footprint and saving money. Next is the variable intensity vibrations that let you start out at a speed to get you in the mood and increase it as the passion gets going. The five different vibration patterns add to the pleasure by switching it up. The only thing that could possibly make the Nea better is to waterproof the next version! With that being said Mrs. Blaze wouldn't trade this vibrator for any other one currently available.
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Classy and Elegant   

Girl On Top on January 4, 2009

I was so delighted when I opened the elaborate and smart packaging and saw the gorgeous, sleek lines of my new polished little beauty! The feminine pink flowers against the black sheen of the Nea seduced me with it's sophistication. I simply could not wait to try it. The vibe has the widest range of power I've ever experienced (and I've tried MANY vibrators). Not only the spectrum of a soft strength to a rock-your-socks-off strength, but it also has different settings of pulsating rhythms that will drive you wild. My favorite feature is the rechargeable nature of the Nea. Just plug it in until it is fully charged and it will last up to 7 hours before having to charge again. And even on the highest setting, this little power house purrs like a kitten, very soft and quiet, unlike other vibrators that are so loud they distract from the mood at hand. This classy little pleasure item makes me feel feminine, elegant and sophisticated...especially when using it while wearing only a silk scarf and black high heels! :D AN ABSOLUTE MUST!!! Worth every cent.
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Toy of the future AMAZING!!!!!!   

MixCoca on October 19, 2008

Oh my gosh when I received this toy in the mail it was a lot smaller that I was envisioning so I was like okay, this thing better be worth it. Let me say that this thing packs a lot of punch, seven hours worth on one battery charge. I timed it yes I did I used this thing morning noon and night for two days in my panties, in the car, in the bed I had this thing on me I love it. It is very silent, you can hear a little noise but nothing to complain about and the sound is steady the whole time and does not get worse as some vibrators do. It is very discreet it comes with a black bag that I like to fit into my purse when the urge strikes I can go to town:) if you know what I mean. It’s curved in a way that makes it look and feel like a soft finger. Finding your clitoris with this toy is easy and you will defiantly know it when you do. The vibrations go from a very light vibration that is very soothing, to a vibration that will make your eyes pop out of your head, did I say this thing packs a punch. I have about 30 vibrators of all types, shapes and sizes, all of them can be retired because I no longer need them because this one last the longest, it is rechargeable so you can use it forever and its small and compact, take it anywhere. This is by far the vibrator that every woman should have whether she is a veteran toy user or a beginner. Bravo vibrator creators.
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Deceptively Innocent!   

The Pres. and Mrs. Bush on September 19, 2008

The small size, gently curved shape, glossy finish, and decorative accents give this vibrator a tasteful and deceptively innocent appearance. More importantly, though, it really performs! Almost every vibrator we have ever used has given us some sort of minor difficulty prior to use, but not the ‘Nea,’ which has rechargeable batteries, came charged and ready for use, and requires just two hours to recharge its battery for another seven hours. The President was impressed by the Nea’s Motorola processor that gives its simple, two-button interface some amazing features including variable intensity, five vibration patterns, low-power notification, and button-lock (to prevent accidentally turning it on). The Nea’s ultra-quiet operation makes it perfect for inconspicuous use. The other night I left the President alone briefly to slip the Nea into my panties and then returned to my reading on the couch with it vibrating my clitoris at the lowest setting. Luckily, it is silent at that intensity, because a few minutes later our daughter appeared and snuggled up next to me while I strove to maintain a casual appearance. The Nea's powerful engine was already working its magic, yet neither she nor the President heard anything. As soon as she left the room, I told the President I had something I wanted to show him. As he approached, I took his hand and placed it over the Nea. I then seductively stripped down to my panties with the Nea still there. The President says he ranks my striptease and the resultant experience in the top five in our 22-year marriage. The Nea’s shape and design matches my anatomy perfectly, yet the President also enjoyed my application of it to his nipples and penis. My purse will be its new home and it would be unpretentious there, even left uncovered, but its carrying pouch will help keep my keys and other sharp items from scratching its beautiful finish.
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