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Lelo Nea Features

Small Vibrator, Amazing Orgasms For You Both

The extraordinary Lelo Nea is a new level of vibrator engineering, packing pure power into a 3" x 1½" x 1" footprint that provides thrills for him as well as her. Its almost-silent operation is sure to please anywhere, any time.

  • Small, but powerful and discreet
  • Beautiful, ergonomic Swedish design
  • Rechargeable up to 7 hours on one charge
  • Variable vibrating patterns and speeds
  • Easy 2-button interface
  • FREE carry/storage bag

Try the Lelo Nea once, and it will quickly become your favorite vibrator. Its beautiful, sleek black porcelain-like finish etched with pink flowers, variable speeds and pulsation patterns, and discreetly quiet operation will make it the only vibrator you'll want to use. Ergonomically designed and crafted in Sweden for pleasure and ease of use, the Lelo Nea is a gently curved 3" long, fitting perfectly into your own curves for nipples, labial or clitoral stimulation. Or stimulate his penis or perineum for pure orgasmic thrills. And the Lelo Nea is simple to operate, with only two buttons controlling multiple vibration intensities, plus 5 patterns of pulsation. A "button lock" function prevents the vibrator from operating until you're ready for it. It's the ultimate in quiet, with an almost-silent operation despite its powerful vibrational feel, even at the highest speed patterns. You don't need to bother with batteries: the Lelo Nea is rechargeable, with 7 hours on one charge, so the Nea is ready whenever you are. And this elegantly-designed vibrator comes in a handsome gift box, with the charger, carry/storage bag, manual, and a 1-year warranty.

Because the Lelo Nea is NOT waterproof, take care in cleaning it: wipe with a damp cloth or sponge, avoiding the charger opening, and dry thoroughly before storage.

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