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Evolved Silky G

Item# 4483
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Evolved Silky G
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Evolved Silky G $39.95
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Evolved Silky G Features

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A G-spot curve tops two sensual curves in the sophisticatedly designed Evolved Silky G!

This Gspot vibrator has an exquisite feel, made of hygienic ABS, phthalate free, creating a seamless satin smooth coating. A three speed motor provides maximum pleasure with minimum noise. Easy push button controls on the bottom finish the sleek, waterproof design. The Evolved Silky G has a 7½" shaft with a 1¼" diameter. Packaged in a handsome, reusable storage tin.

• Clitoral stimulation to drive you wild
• Easy grip design
• Made from soft and durable ABS
• Multi-speed vibrator adds a tantalizing effect
• Unique shape creates a stunning sensation
• Requires 2 "AA" batteries, sold separately

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes; try the Better Sex Essentials® Gel Personal Lubricant . It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try the Better Sex Essentials® Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

This toy requires batteries - add a Pink Power "AA" 4 Pack to your cart today and enjoy every amazing feature right out of the box!

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Product Details

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Hygienic ABS


Blue, Pink


Evolved Novelties

Customer Reviews - Evolved Silky G

Perfect toy to share with a partner   

satisfiedMrs. on September 24, 2011

I had a rabbit vibrator that I loved, was rechargeable and lasted me 5 years, but the outer casing of it had a tear. The only downside I ever had with that thing was that it was a little awkward in the way when my husband and I were using it together. At a local store I was having a hard time deciding whether to get a similar rabbit or this. The rabbit took 3 batteries, I knew it would get in the way like the other one, and it cost 65 dollars. This took 2 batteries, and from the shape I didn't think it would get in the way, and it was only 35. I went with this one and I'm so happy I did. I like the way the material feels, it does not get in the way at all, and it's just great!!! I just hope it lasts a while and I don't go through too many batteries, but for the price, I think I already have my moneys worth.
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A good compliment to our collection   

couplefromTx on August 6, 2009

I must say that Evolved Novelties did a really nice job with the Silky G! - housing it in a nice tin silver case with a clear lid, very nicely done! Evolved uses non toxic materials and its silky texture lives up to its name. Overall, the product is a bit hard, but the Silky Texture helps it glide into position. Its operated with a three speed push button located at the base which is very easy to use. For my wife, the size was perfect, but it didn’t really do the job on her G spot. However, we have found its best use (for us anyway) is on her clitoris accompanied with other toys during foreplay and again when she is on top. We found a way to make it work for us and we are not complaining :) It works great- quiet, smooth sized to please, with a tip that hits the mark on her clitoris. Its a keeper!
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Works for the guys too!   

The Joneses on July 20, 2009

Since my wife is not G spot sensitive, I took it upon myself to test the Silky G. I’m glad that I did too, because this is one of the best vibrators I have tried that was meant for the G spot. Almost immediately upon insertion I had a huge expulsion of fluid flow out with very little effort. The curve on the tip really gets the spot and it’s not too pointy, so the head has more surface area to transmit the vibrations. The material makes it almost friction free when lubed and it’s pretty quiet once inserted. The Silky G is a great universal toy that both can enjoy, so it’s very cost efficient! ~The Joneses
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Buzz Member Highlight   

Buzz Team Administrator on July 16, 2009

I agree that this is a great product, but it didn't do anything for me. I found it uncomfortable to use and didn't do anything for G-spot stimualtion for me. I did like the packaging and the material that the Silky G is made from, it is very nice to the touch. It is definitely a top of the line item. It also has a quiet motor which I loved because who wants to listen to that in the heat of the moment. On a scale of 1 to 10 for noise I'd give this a 2. ***Submitted by Phantasy***BUZZTEAM
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Another great Evolved product   

Mr. and Mrs. Allure on June 27, 2009

The Silky G, like all of the Evolved products, is a high quality vibrator that is a perfect addition to our toy collection. It has a very smooth satin-like finish that allows for very comfortable penetration. Just a little lube goes a long way with this toy. The Silky G has a couple of bumps to add extra sensation as it is inserted. The tip of the Silky G has a curve that is designed to hit her G-spot. Mrs. Allure can certainly attest that the design works exactly as it is intended. You just need to be careful, because it is very hard and if you are a bit vigorous, it can become unpleasant. The Silky G has three speeds and is very quiet. It also has the added bonus of being waterproof, so the fun can follow you to the shower.
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Silky Release   

ksgirl on May 15, 2009

From the moment you open the beautiful tin packaging, to the first touch of this soft, silky toy, you'll understand you have a top-of-the-line product. The on/off button on the base is easy to use, and allows three glorious vibration speeds to tease and arouse. The shape is perfect, even for people like myself, with hard to find g-spots. It's quiet, but powerful, and the curves add an extra thrill upon insertion.
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Silky and Smooth   

SexyTime Lovers on May 15, 2009

This is a nicely made toy. We were impressed with the packaging. Instead of the usual hard clear plastic packaging, the Evolved Silky G arrived in its own decorative metal box. The toy is smooth and silky and feels great against your sensitive areas. The intensity of the vibrations varies from low, medium and high, and is adjusted by pushing a button at the base of the toy. This toy is great for stimulating the G-spot or for prostate play. This is the perfect size toy, it’s not too small or too big and it’s fairly light and easy to hold. Clean up is also quick and easy with soap and water or toy cleaner.
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Exquisite tongue action...   

Genie's out of her Bottle... on May 10, 2009

The Silky G vibrator by Evolved Novelties is fabulous. The tin storage case is a plus and has nifty lock down hinges. The ABS material is so ‘silky’ it’s difficult to feel inside which makes for an awesome orgasm. All vibration. The word that comes to mind is weightless! The curve at the tip has a decent angle. I needed to work with the angle a bit longer than other G-spot toys but the material makes up for the little extra time. It’s phthalate free (no noticeable odor) which is great, and it cleans easily with soap and warm water or antibacterial toy cleaner. The push button three-speed operation at the base is effortless. The Silky G delivers strong steady vibrations. The noise level is ‘average’ for a vibe. No rattling of the batteries. The length and girth is really nice. Long enough to work with and the curved sections are just wide enough to caress, not (uncomfortably) stretch...Exquisite sensations with this vibe.
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I Love this product line!   

on December 2, 2008

Another great product from Evolved. Before I get to the actual review I just want to say it is great that Evolved uses non-toxic materials and is phthalate free and body safe. This is becoming increasingly important with all the press poorly made goods are getting lately. The silky G has a unique shape to it that makes it incredible for G-spot stimulation, it can insert up to 7 inches and the 3 speeds of vibration at the tip make it the best g-spot stimulator I have ever tried. It is also great for clitoral stimulation prior to inserting it to use its full potential. The silky G gets part of its name from the super smooth coating that makes it easy to insert and even easier to clean. On top of all of this as an added bonus it is waterproof so it is great for baths and showers. **STAFF NOTE: Better Sex does not recommend submerging even waterproof vibrators.
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