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We-Vibe II™
pjur® Original Bodyglide
The Game of Compromising Positions
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We-Vibe II™ $79.95
pjur® Original Bodyglide
The Game of Compromising Positions $29.95

We-Vibe II™ Features

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We-Vibe: Most Innovative Couples Sex Toy!

You've never seen - or felt - anything like the We-Vibe II vibrator. The first thing you'll notice is the sleek, sexy design made of pure silicone. The We-Vibe II is contoured in a horseshoe shape, to stimulate your G-spot and your clitoris at the same time, offering you a new dimension in intimate pleasure. Approximately 3" insertable, it stays in place while letting you enjoy hands-free operation.

The We-Vibe's revolutionary shape means that it can be worn during intercourse, stimulating both you and your partner with never-before-possible sensations.

Even better, Standard Innovations has recently tested this product with pjur® silicone lubricants and reported that there were no changes to the material. Get the long lasting, velvety touch of a silicone lubricant while enjoying the versatile pleasure of We-Vibe!

• Dual G-spot and clitoral stimulation
• Hands free operation
• Can be used during intercourse
• Rechargeable
• Water resistant
• Dual Motors with variable functions
• 100% Silicone

It features two motors operating at 5000 RPM with 9 variable functions, for powerful vibrations to produce incredible orgasms. And there are no batteries to change - the We-Vibe II is rechargeable, running over 2 hours on a single charge with the included wall charger.

To make this unique sexual experience even more intense, we've included Better Sex Essentials Liquid Lubricant, a water-based lube that gives you a long-lasting, silky glide. It's manufactured in the U.S. by an FDA-approved cGMP licensed facility specializing in formulas for good sexual health.

Be sure to charge the We-Vibe for 24 hours before first use. The unit comes with a 5 minute charge for store demo purposes and draining the battery could permanently damage it.

 “The We-Vibe is a huge leap forward in the adult toy market - a paradigm shift really - in that the adult toy market now has a vibrator that can actually be shared by a couple while making love,” ~ Bruce Murison, We-Vibe Creator.

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Purple, Ruby, Teal


Multi-speed & Multi-function


Rechargeable, Water Resistant, Travel Size



Customer Reviews - We-Vibe II™

It's ok   

Anonymous on March 18, 2009

This does more for my husband then it does for me! I kinda like it in certain positions but I would rather have sex without it!
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We liked it!   

The Joneses on March 11, 2009

We were not only able to try the We-Vibe. We liked that it was a sex toy that can be used sans hands during intercourse. I couldn’t feel the toy itself once it was positioned properly. I felt only the vibrations, which was really cool because there is nothing quite like a real vibrating pussy! The only thing we would have preferred is if the unit could have been more adjustable to custom fit each person’s anatomy. Whenever she moved the toy to target her clit I could feel the stem, and whenever I moved it so that I could not feel the stem she could not feel the vibrations on her clit. All in all, I still enjoyed it. If you like to use vibrators during sex but hate to hold them in place, we would recommend this one. Unfortunately we can only give it a 4 because the wife could not orgasm from it. She is very petite and it did not fit her well. ~The Joneses
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I Vibe, You Vibe, We-Vibe Together   

Mr. &amp; Mrs. Goodlovin on March 8, 2009

The We-Vibe is a couple’s vibrator, unlike any other vibrator we’ve ever tried. This vibrator simultaneously hits both g-spot and clitoris with your choice of two speeds and WITHOUT the use of your hands! We-Vibe is great for using solo but also has the unique ability to be used during intercourse, making it one of the most enjoyable vibrators on the market as it provides stimulation to both partners. I was skeptical about using the We-Vibe during intercourse, as I am a smaller woman and generally can’t use larger vibrators, not even thinking about combining that width with the width of my husband’s member. I was pleasantly surprised when we tried We-Vibe and we were able to use it together, even if it was a little snug, it was still very enjoyable. We-Vibe may require some experimental time in order to figure out placement for optimal pleasure but it is easy to operate and it does adjust easily as well.
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Wow! Ilove it, Ilove it!   

The Pres. and Mrs. Bush on March 4, 2009

This thing is small and it's hard to imagine anything that size having enough power to stimulate with pressure applied to it. WOW was I ever wrong—It is powerful and its small size was perfect for use during intercourse. It sent vibrations to my G-Spot, to my clitoris, to the President's penis, to his pelvic bone, and his scrotum all while he simply thrust in and out of my vagina unhampered and undisturbed by this incredibly ingenious device. I normally prefer girth in my choice of vibrators, but this little guy is the exception and it made me entirely forget how small it is. The instructions said they designed the We-Vibe for simultaneous clitoral and G-Spot stimulation whether used solo or during "lovemaking" and surprisingly we both found it completely enjoyable and yet completely unobtrusive with the President inside me. The We-Vibe is U-shaped and is made of silicone so it had no noticeable odor. The external clitoral stimulator side of the "U" is slightly thicker and looked like the head of a python. It houses the cleverly hidden, and protected, High/Off/Low slide switch and the pythons eyes are where you press the slide switch one direction or the other. This vibrator is rechargeable and the charging receptacle is the python's mouth and is accessed by a tightly closed hole extending deep in the silicone to protect it from moisture ingression. The thinner pad of the "U" is designed to be inserted for G-Spot stimulation. With vibrator motors in both pads of the "U" it provides simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and G-Spot and yet is thin and narrow enough, particularly between the two pads, to easily and unobtrusively accommodate a penis, dildo, or another vibrator simultaneously. The first position we tried was missionary. The President thought that position felt best for him and with a little adjustment just once, I was quite satisfied as well. With me sitting astride the President, I kept my hand on the external pad sliding it back and forth to yet another orgasm. Regardless of position or technique, the vibration continued unabated, doing a great job stimulating my clitoris and my G-Spot and provided a very mild pulsation to everything between the two pads.
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All the fun minus some of the labor   

on February 9, 2009

Sex, although fun, can be a bit laborious. It takes alot of work to get the wife to reach climax. The wevibe buzzes the clitoris and the g-spot simultaneously helping my wife reach a climax better, faster, and more intense than ever before plus there are possibilities for multiple orgasms in a single round. The eye glasses case is discreet to take when accomodations provide people in adjacent rooms and once inserted is extremely quiet. Plus the wevibe can be used in more than just the missionary position allowing for female orgasms in any of the other positions you can think of. The internal vibration works in favor of the male as well. The rechargeable feature allows for more longevity at a lower cost and I recommend that no bedroom should be without it! This is the second one I am buying because it also looks like a dog toy so I recommend keeping it well stored out of reach of pets. Enjoy!
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A fantastic solo vibe...   

Genie's out of her Bottle... on January 21, 2009

I used the We-vibe vibrator solo. It is quite a powerful invention! The silicone material feels soft and firm, with raised ridges for additional sensations. When I opened the discreet looking, sturdy traveling case it looked rather like wider, thicker tweezers - very easy to hold and maneuver. I read the instruction sheet and charged the vibe for 24 hours. The controls are revolutionary, with a slight push of my thumb at the dimpled end, to the left or right - I had low, high and OFF options. I didn’t need much lube with this one. The noise level is ‘average’ and not having to deal with batteries is fantastic! It’s super lightweight, small, comfortable to insert, wear, has no noticeable odor and is very simple to clean. I was mindful of the shape and was careful not to open it too wide. I recharged after using it twice. The dimpled end for clitoral stimulation wasn’t as intense for me, but from inserting the wider (bottom) part of the way in, thrusting/rocking it back and forth and gently ‘pushing up’, I had an incredibly strong, multiple G-spot orgasms! Wow...
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Yes, Yes, Qui, We~Vibe   

Ms Diva on January 18, 2009

The We~Vibe is fantastic and I see why it made 2008 Viewer’s Choice Toy of the Year. OMG, I~Vibed and We~Vibed together with this fantastic new toy. It is great for solo play (I~Vibe) and for couples (We~Vibe). It is one of the very first toys that can be worn during intercourse for the pleasure of both partners. It is hands free and dual stimulating, hitting the g-spot and the clitoris at the same time (look honey no hands) while generating vibrations to his penis during intercourse. Pleasure for both in this power packed We~Vibe. The vibes are in two speed, a low which is intense and a high that’s even more intense. This vibe is a real keeper and has a special place by my bedside. It is discrete, quiet. sleek, sexy and very small and light weight, only two ounces of highly intense vibrations. It is rechargeable, initial charge took 24 hours and it can run for 2 hours. I like it that all the controls and female recharging receptacle port are all concealed and waterproof. It comes with the charger jack (male) so there is not need to buy it separately. This is a classy feminine sex toy that gave us hours of We~Vibe pure pleasure. I like the eye glass type case that comes with this toy. Everything fits into the case, vibe and charger making it travel friendly and easy to keep it all together. I recommend this vibe. It is worth every penny. It is made by Vibratex one of my favorite quality toy makers. I give it Twenty Five Hearts for the We~Vibe. Ms Diva
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The Ultimate Couples Vibe   

on November 24, 2008

The We-Vibe is a really amazing piece of machinery. It is designed for couples and it works as promised. The first thing we noticed about the We-Vibe is that it is U shaped and is silicone coated. The vibe itself looks like it has no on/off switch however upon reading the manual (Make sure you read it!!) we discovered the dimples in the larger side of the U indicate where the power switch and the charging receptacle are located underneath the silicone. The We-Vibe is thinner on the one side of the U and a little larger on the other end. It is designed to sit half inside and half outside the vagina. The thinner prong nestles up against the G-spot, leaving plenty of room for penile penetration, while the fatter prong which houses the controls curls up against the clitoris. Before inserting it make sure you use plenty of lube to make things slide against the thinner prong. The first position we tried was missionary and we found that the Mr.'s weight was pushing down against the vibe and causing it to lose its position against the clitoris so lots of re-adjusting was required. Next we tried me laying on the edge of the bed and him standing this position worked well and I didn't have to touch the vibe once. Girl on top with this toy doesn't work at all because the vibe keeps shifting whenever I got in a good rhythm. Lastly we tried doggie style this is where the we-vibe earns it premium price. It hit both spots and I had several orgasm's with it in place and wanted more even when Mr. Blaze was done. Though the price of the We-Vibe seems like a lot it is well worth it for any couple. It comes in a beautiful case that on a night stand looks just like a case for glasses. When you do buy it make sure you follow the instructions and charge it for a full 24 hours before using it.
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Best Hands Free Toy Ever   

on August 12, 2008

To quote my girlfriend, "this thing is dangerous!!!!" She was unable to move her legs for about an hour afterwards!!! She just loves the We-Vibe. Every home should have one. Gman152/Lexxie421
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