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Smartballs Teneo Uno

Item# 5629
Backordered - Ships 10/18/2014
Price: $24.90
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Smartballs Teneo Uno
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Smartballs Teneo Uno $24.90
Dr. Berman's Juno Pelvic Exerciser $45.99
System Jo Personal Feminine Spray $9.95

Smartballs Teneo Uno Features

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Smartballs Teneo Uno captivate lovers of the simpler pleasures in life!

These vaginal balls are especially suitable for beginners and for women with a dropped or tilted uterus or those who simply want to get their pelvic muscles back in shape. Trained muscles lead to more feeling during sex. The ergonomically formed finger hollow "easy-in" makes insertion simple. The removal loop makes retrieval just a easy. Quiet ball in ball construction features innovative technology that promises very steady and fast rotation of the internal balls.

This sex toy is compatible with water-based lubes; try the Better Sex Essentials® Gel Personal Lubricant . It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the sex toy with mild soap and water or try the Better Sex Essentials® Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this sex toy separately from other sex toys.

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Customer Reviews - Smartballs Teneo Uno

Warning – May cause huge amounts of great sex!   

Keeping Warm in Maine on June 10, 2010

I cannot say how amazed I am by this product. This exerciser is responsible for some of the best and tightest sex we have ever had. After using the ball for about an hour she was incredibly tight and wanted more and more. The design is simple and effective. The silicone makes it very comfortable and easy to insert. As you are inserting it be sure to relax and use a little lubricant. I am a little concerned that the retrieval cord is made of silicone but it has not broken yet. The ball in ball design sent nice shudders down her spine as she used it. This toy cleans up very easily with a little soap and water. We will be using this toy often and for a long time.
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In this case one is better than two   

Nicole and Ralph on March 14, 2010

Insert the ball and hold it in by squeezing your muscles. I like how this was only one ball, great to start out with. However, it didn't help me much. I didn't even have to squeeze to keep it inside.
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The smartest balls I've ever known   

Miss Kay on March 11, 2010

I was extremely surprised by the Teneo Uno. I've been dying to try some vaginal balls for a long time after hearing how much of a difference it can make in your sex life, and this definitely lives up to all of the recommendations it receives. It's a single silicone ball that is about an inch and a half wide and has a small little ball on the inside that moves around during movement. Working together, those two things are supposed to make your vaginal muscles even tighter. I was actually surprised to say that, after using it for about four or five days, I actually think I'm noticing a difference in my muscles. It does appear to be working. It's completely silent, so you can wear this out in public without any sort of worry. (If you do, bring along some water-based lubricant in case you need to take it out and re-lube it.) It's a little hard to insert if you aren't aroused, so I recommend some water-based lubricant (not silicone since silicone and silicone don't mix) to get it in comfortably. It comes out comfortable as well as long as you relax. I found it to be comfortable to have inside - especially when moving around. I have a friend who owns one of these, and she swears it's also a huge turn-on as well. I didn't think it was a turn-on, but it drives her insane (in a good way) when she wears them. The ball even includes a small "curve" to allow your finger to have a space to push it in comfortably. Overall, it works amazingly, is comfortable to use, and I've noticed an improvement in my vaginal muscles. I absolutely love it and recommend it to anyone.
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A training tool of utmost quality   

Them on November 30, 2009

Our first impression of Teneo Uno was the snappy and sleek packaging. Impressed and pleased by its smooth, velvety black finish and its professional appearance, She immediately tried it out. This toy is not for those who want stimulation or orgasm, or even a 'teasing' time out. It is not a sex toy so much as a workout tool, training the pelvic floor muscles. She has used it faithfully every day, and while the difference is slight, it has made a difference! After childbirth, the PC muscles need firming and this tool has done so. It takes a while, and some practice to figure out how it works, but once it's in place, the body takes over. The inner ball is quiet and makes no noise once the tool is inserted, and the pull loop is convenient and does not interfere with day to day life. It will take more than a month of trial to see if there is more long-term effect, but it is something We are willing to stick with! We would rate this tool a 4/5 hearts- comfortable, easy to use, and well designed. We would prefer it worked faster, but muscle training takes time. A quality product from quality materials!
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This is the vaginal ball I’ve been looking for!   

Buzz Team Admin on November 16, 2009

I’ve tried using vaginal balls in the past without much success. They just never felt comfortable for me and were rather difficult to insert. The Teneo Uno is different though. It’s a single ball with a finger hollow molded into the silicone at the base to help with insertion. While I wasn’t thrilled with vaginal balls before, I’m happy to say that I love my Teneo Uno! It’s just the right size for me and I’ve had no problems at all. Perhaps my problems stemmed from having a tilted uterus and the double balls were just too much for me. Whatever the reason, I’m so glad to have gotten the chance to give the Teneo Uno a try! It’s just what I’ve been looking for! It’s easy to insert with a drop or two of lube and it’s comfortable enough for me to wear as long as I want to. I never experienced any pain or discomfort and the subtle vibration produced from the inner ball only added to my enjoyment. It’s a very light, almost fluttering sensation that not only provoked me to exercise my kegels but also worked well to aide with foreplay. Something about wearing it around really increased my desire level. Needless to say, my partner was pleased with the Teneo Uno too! It’s easy to remove too thanks to the silicone retrieval cord of ample length. Clean up is also easy because you can just wash it off in the sink. I would highly suggest the Teneo Uno to anyone who’s experienced discomfort with vaginal balls in the past. This may just be what you’ve been looking for. It’s worked so well for me that I’m giving it five hearts! **Submitted by “Puss N Boots”**BUZZTEAM
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Is it training my muscles? Only time will tell!   

The Pres. and Mrs. Bush on October 20, 2009

Is it training my muscles? Only time will tell! The President would probably tell you that my pelvic muscles are my strongest, because I adore sexual activity, but I despise the rigor of strenuous exercise. There’s always room for improvement, though, when it comes to sex, so Smartballs’ blending of sexual pleasure into a fitness routine sounded great. The “Uno” is supposed to train the sex muscles for more enjoyment simply by moving with them inserted into the vagina. Just the slightest amount of lube was all that was required for insertion and retrieval was just as easy. The “Uno” has a rattle-like construction with smaller balls inside a larger one, except that their movement creates no sound. Once inserted, the ingenious inner balls imparted delightful, movement-induced, vibrations while the size, weight, and texture of the outside ball delivered a wonderful feeling of fullness and pressure against my vaginal walls. So far I’ve only trained once with “Uno” inserted while vacuuming around the house, but it has the potential to turn any ordinary chore into an erotic experience. Is it training my muscles? Only time will tell, but I enjoyed the “training” and the President benefited from my arousal.
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Shape up   

Mr. and Mrs. Allure on October 18, 2009

It certainly seems that Fun Factory puts ample time and effort into the designs of their products. The Smartballs-Teneo Uno is no exception. After receiving the Teneo Uno, it took a little convincing, but Mrs. Allure easily inserted the single Smartball. She stated that she was a little intimidated at first due to its size and the fact that she had never used anything for kegel exercises before. She then stated that it was very easy to insert with just a little lube and that it was very comfortable once she got used to it. The Uno, which is made of silicone, has various subtle lines which increase surface area which aids in retaining the Smartball. Mrs. Allure stated that she couldn’t really feel the rotation of the balls, either because the silicone softens the feel or because she “wasn’t doing it right.” We agreed, however, that the Uno is working even without her feeling the rotation because she was able to clamp down and hold a lot longer than ever before. This is definitely great starter for anyone who wants to strengthen their kegels.
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