Liberator Shapes Ramp

Liberator Shapes Ramp

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Product Description

"Ramp Up" For Better Sex!

Featured in the George Clooney movie "Burn After Reading"

Remember those fantasy sex positions you've always dreamed of? Make them a reality the easy way with The Liberator Ramp, the most amazing sex furniture you've ever tried! Even your current favorite positions can take on new, orgasmic proportions – for both of you! It's like having a custom-made "sex bed."

Set better sex free with The Liberator Ramp! It's a dense foam pillow sex prop that raises your partner's body for better, more comfortable angles – no more flat sex positions! The Liberator gives you more height for better, easier entry, making any man's penis feel larger and penetrate more deeply. The specially-designed angle helps hit the G-spot or the prostate every time for increased sensations and incredible orgasms. And the Liberator Ramp is sensational for oral sex, too, making you more relaxed and able to go for a longer period of time. Your partner will be thrilled!

The Liberator Ramp is also great for female masturbation, giving you the best angle for more effective use of all your toys for dynamite solo orgasms! And it's good for mutual masturbation toy play.

The dense foam of the Liberator Ramp sex prop is engineered for firm, comfortable support, so you can be sure of longer-lasting, more relaxed sex. It comes with removable, stain-resistant nylon and plush velour dual covers. When the fun's over, just remove the cover – it's washable for easy cleanup.

Try the Liberator Ramp tonight, and you'll agree that you never had more comfortable, more adventurous sex, with deeper, more accurate penetration on all your partner's "hot spots"! You've never tried anything like it – you'll turn to the Liberator Ramp again and again as your favorite sex prop!

The Liberator Shapes Ramp measures 24" wide x 34" long x 12" incline. It grips to other Liberator Shapes for even more imaginative uses.

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One Up Innovations
Male, Female
24 inches
Dense core foam, Moisture-proof microfiber cover
34 inches
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5 stars of 5 rating
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Forever in Love
5 stars of 5 rating
Improve your posture 9/5/2008
No more piling up pillows, grabbing step stools or missing your O because you’re arms got tired! The Liberator Ramp provides you with sex furniture that is sturdy, washable & feels so nice against your smoothest skin. It is especially great for rear-entry positions as it gives her the height you both want while also providing support and freeing up her hands for other fun things. And the illustrated book that comes with it shows off many different ways to use it alone or with some of the other shapes offered by Liberator. Another nice thing about it is that you can pass it off as exercise equipment for doing crunches if your kids every find it! While maybe not a must-have, it will get used if you’ve got it. I know we do!
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5 stars of 5 rating
5 stars of 5 rating
Many happy returns....... 12/1/2008
I really liked the quality of this product. Very well made, comfortable and hygienic. Washable outer skin and a sealed inner skin to protect the foam rubber core. I found the height to be perfect. It really gives you great support for all those backdoor games. I can achieve postions that would be impossible without the Ramp. I would definately try all the other shapes. And they can be combined to give greater versatility. Can be used on the bed or the floor. Everyone would find this Ramp to be a great addition to their love making.
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5 stars of 5 rating
5 stars of 5 rating
Ramp has O so many uses! 3/11/2010
There are just so many different lovemaking positions that involve putting most of my weight on my hands or arms, so when the nerves in my right elbow started tingling and making my hands numb, I knew I needed something to help save my arm! The Liberator ramp keeps me from having a numb hand by allowing my weight to rest comfortable on the ramp without needing to support myself on my arms. My favorite uses are kneeling at the tall end and positioning my upper body downhill for hand and/or arm-free doggie style, having my hips high and laying sloped down for better oral sex positioning and deeper penetration for intercourse. Also, no more leaning back on my hands onto the bed when the hubby wants to stand! With the Liberator, I can now forget about having pain in my elbow and I can focus more about having great sex without feeling pain the next day. The ramp is small enough to fit onto my closet and keeps clean and protected by its own zippered cover, but may pose a storage problem for anyone with little space. I would also recommend using the Liberator to sleep when you have a bad cold or flu to sleep with your head elevated. The uses are endless and up to your imagination!
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5 stars of 5 rating
The Joneses
5 stars of 5 rating
Collect them all! 12/29/2008
The possibilities are endless with the liberator ramp! The only problem is that now I am curious about the other styles and want to try them all. Upon this huge box’s arrival, I thought to myself, “where are we going to hide this?” I was able to tuck it behind our headboard, which makes it hidden and also a nice little shelf between the headboard and wall when not in use. Since it has almost no give, this product gives our wood headboard a firm back support. This means that I may have finally solved the squeak problem that ruins a good time when the ramp is um, not, in use! Storage problems and squeaky beds aside, the liberator is universal in almost any application. So you think that pillows can serve the same purpose? I thought that as well, but in the end it’s like trying to use pencils as chopsticks, it’s just not the same. The size, shape, and angle are perfect. For perhaps the first time ever, my wife experienced no pain while in the doggy style position! Now that is priceless. I would also like to mention the total and complete access for superb cunnilingus. That’s right ladies, your butt no longer has to hang off the bed and your orgasm will not be interrupted by the fear of sliding off the edge while your man’s knees are killing him while he’s knelt on the side of the bed on the hard wood floor! I could go on and on but all I really need to say is try and keep up with the Joneses. ~The Joneses.
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5 stars of 5 rating
Buzz Team Admin
5 stars of 5 rating
Great Product 2/24/2009
This is a good quality product that really adds to sex play. The ramp is comfortable, covered with easy to clean non-absorbing material. This ramp gives you the help and support that you may need, takes the pressure off your knees and back. We use it quite often. It has just the right slope to give your lover easy access to any spot on your body. You can experiment with different postions to get the greatest comfort level for your love making sessions. It lifts you to just the right angles so your partner is more comfortable also. Will definately try other Liberator products.**Submitted by maire56**BUZZ TEAM
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5 stars of 5 rating
Clearance & Candy
5 stars of 5 rating
Get the Combo! 5/28/2009
Best Sex investment this year, wish I'd ordered the combo. We've already tried just about every possible position using the ramp more than once with fantastic results. What we like the most is the deep penetration-something about it just places you in the perfect position. I'm able to perform longer on my knees without all the pressure on my knees-helped us both out in that department. Wonderful improvement to our sex life. I Really like the zip up protective cover, and the zip off cover for easy washing. The fabric is nice and soft, a pleasure to lay on, and the foam inside is very firm and sturdy. The Liberator ramp has become an instant staple item in our toy box.
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5 stars of 5 rating
Better Sex Staff
5 stars of 5 rating
Just what we needed! 9/10/2009
The Liberator Ramp was just what we needed to perform those hard to hold sex positions. With the Ramp there to support us, we were able to stay in the positions we enjoyed like arch, butterfly and doggie style. It also makes a great "shelf" to save his back when doing cunnilingus. I highly recommend getting the Liberator Combo which includes the Liberator Wedge and Ramp. We've found that without the Wedge there to support my head, I find myself sliding down the Ramp from heavy thrusting making it difficult to stay in the desired position. Because of this, we always use the two in conjunction. The soft outer material feels great and is removable making it easy to clean. Because of its size, the Liberator Ramp can be difficult to store away when not in use but it does come with a handled storage bag to keep it protected. The only draw-back is that it can take the spontaneity out of it if you have it put away and have to get it out of storage. We give the Liberator Ramp five hearts.
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