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Single Locking Foot Rest

Single Locking Foot Rest

Item #5434
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Only 5 in Stock!
4 reviews

Keep Your Footing In The Shower!

Make sex in the shower sexier - and safer - with this locking suction foot rest that puts you in the perfect position for more wet fun!

• More support at the correct angle for standing positions
• Attaches to any flat surface
• Strong suction cup locks in place
• Provides stability in the shower
• Strong high-density plastic

The Single Locking Suction Foot Rest from the Sex In The Shower™ line is designed to give you a "leg up" for better sex! It makes it easier for you to get into the right position and hold it longer, with better balance.

No matter what position you're in, you'll get the best angle of penetration with this foot rest. No more trying to hold your leg or foot up with no support, which can lead to slipping or falling. You'll get more stability for positions like standing doggy or standing missionary, and you can easily and safely try new positions as your imagination moves you.

Just position the foot rest where you want it on the shower wall, tub wall, tiles (at least 4" across), glass or any smooth surface. Easily flip the locking tab and the foot rest stays in place with strong suction. Full instructions are included.

For the best results, pair the Single Locking Suction Foot Rest with the Dual or Single Locking Suction Handles for increased leverage.

**This product is a sex position aid and not intended to hold full body weight.

Sex In The Shower
Male, Female
ABS Thermoplastic
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Puss N Boots
Ready for some hokey pokey? Submitted 7/20/2009
Yeah, you know the tune but this Single Locking Foot Rest will definitely allow you to do things in the shower that you haven’t been able to do before! Even if the hokey pokey is one of those activities. This foot rest is so easy to use and sticks securely to provide your foot an easier perch than sticking your toes precariously into the soap dish. This is truly an amazing product to enhance your shower fun by helping you achieve a better angle for penetration but I highly recommend that you also purchase a Locking Handle to go along with it so you’ll have something to hold on to. The Foot Rest is about the size of an average adult hand with fingers spread so it’s also bigger than a soap dish to allow more than just your toes to rest upon it. It can be used in so many other ways too though! It will stick to any smooth, hard surface so now bedroom walls can be more fun too! Just use your imagination and have fun! We love this product and highly recommend it!
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Great for Small Spaces! Submitted 8/18/2009
This is great for a small stand up shower. The suction can hold a good deal of weight. Lets me get my foot as high as needed, and is comfortable. It also makes a great foot rest for shaving legs. The only down side is it doesn't work to well with the small tiles.
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Better Sex Staff
Try some new shower positions Submitted 8/6/2009
The Single Locking Footrest is particularly helpful for us tall girls. I'm 5'9", my husband 6'1", and the bathtub shelf doesn't cut it. Not to mention our ledge is about an inch wide (or feels that way) when I'm trying to use it to get a leg up. It's none too fun slipping off and falling as a result either...been there, done that. Now, I can position the footrest as high or wide as I want to really open up the possibilities for more sex positions in the shower. No more being restricted to doggie with water gushing in my face. My husband and I love the range this footrest provides...shower sex is a much more frequent occurence now.
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Don't know what product the others tested Submitted 12/6/2009
This footrest could not hold any weight without popping off of the wall. The box even indicates it is for novelty use only, which should be indicated in the product description. **STAFF NOTE: Per this customer's suggestion, we have updated the product description to be completely clear that a foot rest does not hold full body weight.
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