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Suction Handcuffs

Suction Handcuffs

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Fantasy Bondage In Your Shower!

Submit to your fondest fantasies with these Suction Handcuffs from Sex In The Shower! Strong suction cups attach to your shower or tub walls to let you and your partner indulge yourselves in fun fantasy play.

• Soft, comfortable cuffs
• Strong suction cups cling to flat surfaces
• Velcro closures
• Fully adjustable
• Waterproof

Have a little playful kinky sex in the shower or tub with these Suction Handcuffs. These fun cuffs attach firmly to shower or tub walls, tiles, windows, glass doors, car windows, kitchen counters and almost any smooth surface that your imagination leads you to try. They're made of soft, comfortable neoprene with Velcro closures, so they're fully adjustable to fit almost any wrists. If you're feeling especially naughty, you could even buy a second set to use as ankle restraints. The cuffs attach to the wall with industrial-strength suction cups, for a firm attachment to almost any smooth surface that's at least 4" across. Special pull-up tabs allow for instant release, even by the person who's wearing them. Try the Suction Handcuffs and introduce something new and erotic to your shower sessions!

Sex In The Shower
Male, Female
Neoprene, Velcro
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Puss N Boots
Wet and wild! Submitted 7/20/2009
These cuffs are amazing because they’re the first set I’ve seen that can safely go along with you into the shower! They stick very well to tile, countertops, glass and metal but wood seems to be their only downfall. I’ve failed at getting them to stick securely to anything wooden in our house. Other than that, they stick securely to the previously mentioned materials as well as fiberglass tubs. You can pull against them as hard as you like too and they won’t come loose until you want them too. Just remember that the fun doesn’t have to stay in the shower! With a little imagination, you can come up with even more interesting ideas to spice things up! The size of these cuffs should accommodate females and males alike. They also fit well on our ankles too so a second set might lead to even more exciting ideas! I know we’ve had some amazing experiences with them and we think you will too! We highly recommend them to couples looking to add some spice to their sex lives!
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Ms Diva
Light bondage in the water! Submitted 7/27/2009
The Sex in the Shower Handcuffs bumped up our water play to a new level. We tried them in the shower, in the tub and in the kitchen. The strong suction cups stick and hold really well to the shower tiles and porcelain tub and bumped up our wet playtime. I found the soft neoprene cuffs to be very comfortable and they did not cut into my wrists at all and their Velcro closures were easy to remove as well for quick release. We decided to use our imagination and took our Suction Handcuffs into the kitchen. We stuck them to the granite countertop and tried them out. We then tried them on the tile floor and they stayed stuck and in place throughout our encounter. We enjoy a little light bondage now and again. Next we’ll be taking them poolside in the shallow end for more excitement. I do recommend these for any couple that wants to bump up their playtime to an all new level. We had a lot of fun with these so I am rating them five hearts. Ms Diva
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The master bathroom just got a lot funner! Submitted 11/3/2009
Our whirlpool tub in the master bathroom doesn't get as much use as we usually just hop in the shower. This has changed with the Sex in the shower suction handcuffs. First off they stick really well to both our fiberglass tub and the walk in shower. The cuffs themselves feel comfortable around the wrists and ankles. We first tried it in the tub and used them to secure Mrs. Blazes arms. With the help from our Couture sublime vibe I had her moaning and squirming with delight in no time. She said it frustrating yet very exhilarating at the same time. When she went is was the best orgasm she has ever had in the water. The cuffs stayed in place despite her gentle attempts to pull them free. The next day she let me use them on her in the shower but she was surprised when I used them on her ankles. I had her lean on the shower wall facing forward while I found a good position for the legs and attached the suction cups to the bottom of the shower. She said she felt more secure then she normally does in the shower and enjoyed getting penetrated from behind. Next she used them on me to keep my arms pinned above my head while she gave me a blow job. The cuffs had no problem staying secured even when I pulled on them. If you want to add some fun to your bath or shower then we want you to try these out!**Submitted by Mr. & Mrs. Blaze
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Miss Kitty
I never imagined... Submitted 7/15/2012
On a recent trip to Las Vegas, my DH packed more than I expected. Before I knew it, He had me cuffed to the full length mirror in the entry way to our room. The maid must have had a good laugh with all the "imprints" on the mirror, and the TSA must have had a good laugh as his hand carry went through the X-ray machine.
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great Submitted 1/6/2013
These will do the job very well. Have fun.
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worked for me Submitted 7/18/2013
put her in them. a memorable experiance
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