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Natural Contours Ideal G-Plus Attachment

Natural Contours Ideal G-Plus Attachment

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Backordered Ships 07/13
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Make Your Massager A G-Spot Stimulator

Natural Contours® G-Plus™ attachment for the IDEAL™ and other ball head massagers including the Hitachi Wand. Unique patented design and unlike anything on the market! The G-Plus attachment enhances sensations and adds variety to the many uses of the Natural ContoursTM IDEAL personal massager or other ball head massagers. Created to directly stimulate both the G spot and clitoris with focused vibrations. Made of a soft, flexible, high quality, durable material, the G Plus is latex-free, odor-free and phthalate-free. Simply slide the cup right over the ball head for a perfect snug fit. Easy to wash with any toy cleaner or a mild soap and warm water.

Natural Contours
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A+ Just what I needed Submitted 6/1/2008
Unbelievable – another great orgasm!!-I just love the Hitachi Wand attachments-It makes it a whole new toy every time-It takes me a long time to climb to an awesome orgasm and sometime I just can’t seem to make it there-even after hours of play. With the Natural Contour-I Just kept Cuming non-stop- it hit that G spot-One of the best climaxes I’ve had in a long time-I like it with My Hubby in me at the same time and he really enjoyed it the new sensation – The perfect little helper-by myself or with the one I love. A must have Tool for your Man if you're difficult to please. Thanks so Much Better Sex!
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Ms Diva
Perfect companion for your wand! Submitted 9/5/2008
I just had to purchase this terrific Natural Contours Ideal G Spot-Plus attachment for my Hitachi Wand. I wanted penetration for g spot stimulation as well as clit stimulation from a wand. I like the fact that this soft and comfortable attachment fits both the Natural Contours Ideal rechargeable wand and the ever popular Hitachi. This attachment will send you over the top with unbelievable orgasms, yet it is soft and very comfortable when inserted and vibrating, unlike other attachments that fit the wands. I recommend this G-Plus attachment for either solo play or partner pleasure. Four hearts from Ms Diva on this perfect companion.
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Puss N Boots
Gonzo! Submitted 10/17/2008
Doesn't the Natural Contours Ideal G-Plus Attachment remind you just a little bit of Gonzo's nose? You know, from the muppets? Well anyway, so far I think this is my favorite attachment for my Hitachi magic wand. It can be used with several other ball head type massagers but, I currently only own the Hitachi. It slides easily over the vinyl head of the hitachi without any difficulty. The shaft on this attachment is about the width of two fingers so, you won't find a ton of girth here. The shaft is solid, not hollow like I had expected but, it is a bit too flexible in my opinion because once you've inserted it and attempt to apply pressure to your g-spot, it gives too much for intense stimulation. It is very comfortable though and the attached clitoral exciter rest perfectly against my clit for an amazing orgasm every time! I highly recommend adding this one to your attachment collection because it will make your massager that much more versatile and fun!
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Jamie J.
Makes It Easy to Be Nice Submitted 9/23/2009
I've always wanted to try the g-plus attachment for a handheld massager. The idea of all that power directed at my g-spot and clitoris is enough to turn me on, so I was really excited to receive this product. Unfortunately, after using it, I was disappointed. I had a lot of trouble with insertion, finding that the attachment was too flexible to just slide in. It took some work and the aid of my husband. Additionally, once I did get it inside my body, I couldn't get it lined up with my hot buttons. Every time I would attempt to get it in place, or press it against my g-spot, the flexibility would cause it to push away instead of holding it there. I simply could not get this product to work for me the way I wanted. I did like how easy it was to attach the g-spot fixture to the massager, though, and I had fun turning it around to tickle my anus. But overall, this toy wasn't Ideal for me..
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Looks can be deceiving! Submitted 5/14/2009
Out of the box this attachment looks kind of comical but who cares how it looks you need to know how it performs. It is very soft to touch and the material is nice and flexible. After a quickie before Mr. Blaze headed to the fire station I wanted more so I opened my toy box and pulled out the massager and put this head on it. The attachment was a little difficult to put on but once it was on it stayed in place no problem. I was already wet so inserting it was no problem. The way the handle is set up on the ideal massager makes for a very comfortable grip. The soft material slid in with no discomfort and it didn't take long for me to find my g-spot. The clitoral stimulator touched my spot and staying right where I wanted it to. I could not believe how amazing it felt. I must have went three or four more times before I was done with it. This attachment gave me amazing orgasms every time.
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Sexy Love Birds
Goofy to Groovy Submitted 6/12/2009
I have to agree that this isn’t exactly the most attractive toy or attachment I’ve ever seen, but the platypus exists for a reason, I’m sure, so we gave it a whirl anyhow & she was pleasantly surprised at not only the intensity but the number of orgasms she had thanks to this groovy little toy. We are using the G-Plus with the Ideal Massager, if you don’t own it yet GET ONE, and at first glance I wasn’t sure how well the G-Plus would attach, but it definitely stays on there just fine. My wife wanted to write this review personally, but her fingers and toes are still tingling from her most recent orgasm fest thanks to this toy. Looks can definitely be deceiving, but pleasant surprises are always welcome.
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Flexible Flutters Submitted 6/26/2009
This toy is made of a flexible kind of rubber which kinda bounces around inside of you which was a totally new sensation for me. It took quite a while to get the right positioning on this item because of the nub placed for the clitoris. It is slightly awkward but once you get it right it is wonderful. I would have preferred the tip on that nub to be flat maybe with a few ridges. That would have fit me better faster. I am sorry to say this is made of rubber. I am not big on toys made of rubber. It is not the safest material around so do not share or at least wrap it up. Which after receiving I can see and feel would be hard to do. Once in place the G Plus attachment is not coming off until you want it to. If you need something firm for g-spot stimulation then this is not it. I think I might be that kinda girl. It gave me a nice gentle quality orgasms but not the deep all over ones I have come to expect from both g-spot and clitoral stimulation. I would consider them to be soft flutters. All in all it is a great addition to become your ball-head massager of choice.
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Genie's out of her Bottle...
Needs to be more rigid... Submitted 7/8/2009
The G-Plus™ Attachment form Natural Contours fits securely over the spring ball head of the IDEAL™ Natural Contours Massager. I would suggest to carefully ease it on, to protect the massager head. I found removing the attachment was the easiest by sliding a finger underneath the durable cup and lifting it slowly off. Yes, it is SNUG, but flexible. There is no noticeable odor and it’s easy to clean with soap and warm water, or antibacterial toy cleaner. I wondered if there would be adequate stimulation throughout the design and for me, there was. The G-spot portion was not rigid enough for me to easily use vaginally so with some experimenting I found a new area of pleasure, along the perineum, which felt incredible! It is well designed although I believe it would be even better with a rigid, (but still soft) G-spot designed section.
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Not firm enough for some, fine for others Submitted 7/14/2009
The G-plus attachment can be used on several wand style massagers including the Ideal and Hitachi and is applied with ease (just twist and push until it slides on). However, it is too large to work securely with the Miracle Massager. Made of a soft, porous rubber, this product provides direct stimulation internally and externally via two finger-like protrusions. Unfortunately, I found this attachment too soft for the pressure I like, either on my G-spot or clitoris. This attachment is best for those who like a lighter touch. Also, rubber may not be the best material for transmitting vibrations; squeezing around this attachment mutes the overall affect greatly and the shorter clitoral nub hinders vibrations more than the internal one. The attachment is easily removed and cleaning is a breeze with soap and water.
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Mr. and Mrs. Allure
Just Right. Submitted 7/15/2009
The G-Plus attachment for the Natural Contours Ideal Massager is a must have. The attachment, which is made of a very flexible material, is designed with two spots in mind; the clitoris and the g-spot. It is noteworthy that it is not designed specifically for every woman’s clitoris and g-spot, but that is why it is made of such a flexible material. When I first tried it on Mrs. Allure, I could get one but not both spots. I quickly realized, however, that because of the flexibility of both the G-Plus and the Ideal spring ball head, I could move it until I could hear the right moans. One bit of advice, make sure that the Ideal is charged…you definitely don’t want your lover to be near ecstasy and then the cordless massager fizzle out (just saying). All things considered, the flexibility of the G-Plus along with the power of the fully charged Ideal can make for one boisterous orgasm.
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