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One Size Fits All

One Size Fits All

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Another Candida Royalle Fav!

Five playful acts revolve around a sexy purple dress: where it has been, where it is now and where it is going. A very clever story line and an ironic conclusion make One Size Fits All a winner. Leading ladies sport hourglass figures and generous bustlines.

Feature Runtime: 81 Minutes
Male, Female
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Genie's out of her Bottle...
Fun dialogue and HOT sex... Submitted 1/26/2010
“One Size Fits All” from director Candida Royalle and Femme Productions is a genuinely funny story about men and women (behavior and mindset) and the art, fantasy and reality of seduction. A sexy purple dress is the catalyst for dreams fulfilled and then broken but there is clever wit and incredibly hot sex in the meantime! The 5 acts are well scripted and include a terrific, talented cast. Mark Davis plays the very handsome cad who I thoroughly enjoyed watching. Missy, Alex and Nina are several other familiar faces in this movie. The storyline doesn’t slow down the steamy action. Candida’s perspective is to show ‘real’ sex and film it more discreetly, without the predictable ‘wide angle’ penetration and ‘pop shots’. Extras incl: Director comments, trailers, outtakes, scrapbook and Natural Contours info. This has very good production values, lighting, camera angles and direction. A couples’ movie, and frankly, a ‘chick flick’...Enjoy!
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The Joneses
Better than I expected Submitted 1/8/2010
I usually have very little patience with porn that has a story line, the internet has spoiled me with getting right to the point. One Size Fits All has a sort of comical story plot that is ridiculous enough for you to want to watch it, you will think twice before hitting the FFWD button. I liked the salesman the best, he was creepy and funny to watch, but was not over the top with overacting. Nina Hartley was even in the flick, and yes she was one of the women who wore the dress. This video might be a good introduction for couples wanting to watch porn together. It has an almost “movie” like sex scene quality to it so it less abrasive than traditional porno videos. Try it out, either way you won’t be disappointed. ~The Joneses
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Clearance & Candy
The Traveling Dress Submitted 1/13/2010
His Review: The storyline in this reminded us of the traveling pants with a twist. The lucky one with the dress really is the lucky one. Five friends all have a turn wearing a slutty dress and none of them end up wearing it for very long. One woman enjoys herself and makes the clerk at the store where she finds the dress, very happy. Another pretends to be her boss and ends up on the casting couch with an actor. All of the scenes contain attractive couples having loving sensual sex without all the nastier stuff common in XXX. We would call this more like XX-1/2X entertainment as it is easier to watch as a couple. We wish we had found more adult movies like this when we first added adult entertainment to our sex life. Her Review: This is our third DVD from Candida Royalle’s and so far this one is the best. The men and woman are all natural, everyday looking people, most with extremely attractive bodies and faces. I’ve seen some of the actors in the other DVD’s by Candida Royalle, and some new bodies. This one had a lot of my favorite activity, if I remember correctly. Clearance is always at his best when he has helpful reminders of what he should be doing for me, going on in the background on the TV. Candida Royalle’s One Size Fits All is a pretty good description of who would like this DVD. I don’t remember much of it, but a night of fun hot sex, and a Little Purple Dress. This DVD did just what I like. It got me turned on fast, didn’t distract us playing in the background when we were into each other, and had enough visuals to keep our juices flowing.
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El Fantastico
Dress For Success Submitted 2/4/2010
One Size Fits All from Candida Royalle is Ms. Fantastico's new favorite adult DVD so I am basically writing her thoughts on it. It was a well filmed adult movie which actually seemed more like an actual movie with vivid sex scenes as opposed to the standard porn type movie with raging hot sex but a flimsy, if even existent plot. It has a story reminiscent of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, except it is a dress and the one with always gets to have a little fun when wearing, or after taking it off as the case often is! The sex scenes are made from a woman's perspective, so while they may not be as graphic, they seemed to be more real and couple friendly. If all adult movies were made as well as One Size Fits All, from it's strong plot and solid filmmaking to its more female friendly perspective and sex, Ms Fantastico says she good really become a big fan of adult entertainment. Based on the fact that my wife enjoyed it this much and actually has requested to watch it multiple times (and it has turned her on each time!) this one is a definite five hearts and a movie that anyone looking for a movie with a softer feel or a great movie for couples to watch together should definitely get this one a shot.
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Mr. and Mrs. Allure
Put it on...Take it off! Submitted 2/16/2010
“One Size Fits All,” a Candida Royalle film, is a delightfully different adult film. While technology in film has taken off by leaps and bounds, this was is a refreshing step back. While the stories behind today’s porn with plots is complicated, this one is simple yet captivating. The story revolves around a single alluring dress and the escapades that follow it. Although the dress is not very flattering in my eyes, the women love to wear it and the men love to take it off. The scenes are not as intense as most movies you will find today, but they are still hot. If you are looking for an entertaining evening with your lover, try on “One Size Fits All.”
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Great Starter Movie Submitted 2/27/2011
This was one of the first movies we bought along with the Bridal Shower. This one is very good for a first time outing in adult movies as a couple. Candida Royalle's movies while explicit are less explicit than your typical adult movie. The women are also a little less glamorous, which has some appeal if your looking for more couples oriented viewing. This one has replay value.
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