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Better Sex® Guide To Sex & Pregnancy
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Better Sex® Guide To Sex & Pregnancy

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Hot, sexy, and pregnant?You bet!

In the Better Sex® Guide to Sex & Pregnancy, you'll learn how to be creative and intensify intimacy when a partner is expecting.Esteemed physicians provide useful guidelines regarding the changes occurring in a woman’s body, while a lively discussion group shares their own fascinating experiences.Equally helpful, an attractive, expecting couple explicitly performs comfortable, exciting positions for intercourse and oral sex.Also covered are precautions, marital aids, exercise, sensual massage, and marvelous techniques for getting sexually reacquainted post pregnancy.It’s about time!Feature: 55 minutes.

What You'll Learn:
  • How to embrace and explore her sex drives—the ups and the downs
  • See real couples perform Sex Positions that enable more pleasurable and comfortable sexual encounters during pregnancy
  • Erotic Massage techniques that are both stimulating and beneficial
  • How best to use Sex Toys during pregnancy
  • Explore Oral Sex with informative tips and techniques
  • Learn the physical changes to anticipate and what to expect during and after
  • Getting back to sex after the baby - our experts tell you when and how to have sex for the first time after the baby
Better Sex Crew Review

"The Better Sex Guide to Sex & Pregnancy is a fantastic DVD that is full of valuable information for anyone who is pregnant or planning to become pregnant. My wife is a medical professional and while watching, frequently commented about how accurate and detailed the information was within the video. It was nice having real doctors interviewed. We just had our first child, and holy cow ~ this video seemed to be made FOR US! If only we had watched this 9 months ago. One of the nicest details about this new video is the use of REAL people talking about REAL situations. Actors might not have worked as well with this subject matter. It was nice to hear others experiencing the same feelings that we had. The demonstrations were not only informative, but very sexy. We actually found it a turn-on to watch a real couple having real sex (rather than staged actors). We’re both pretty average-sized adults, however my wife suggested this could also be a good video for obese individuals who are looking for a way to spice up their sex lives with some creative sex positions. This Guide to Sex & Pregnancy included information about full-body massages, different sex positions, how hormones affect sex drive during different trimesters, weight gain, breast enlargement & sensitivities, oral sex for him & her, sexual myths (ie: Will I poke the baby in the head), sex toys and other great sex tips and relationship building techniques for during pregnancy as well as after. Highly Recommend. We give it 5 Hearts!"

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Buzz Team Admin
*Buzz Member Highlight: "Very Informative" Submitted 8/20/2009
This DVD is loaded with great information. First and foremost are the sexual positions that work best while pregnant. This movie explains what positions work well and several variations on each. But beyond just positions, it covers topics such as changing moods and what women find arousing from the hormonal changes. Massage, toy use, oral; all of these pieces are discussed in detail. And not just by doctors or therapists, but by actual pregnant or recently pregnant couples. These discussion groups talk about their individual experiences so you, the watcher, can know what to expect, sexually, when you’re expecting. What we found intriguing was that the movie went beyond just the pregnancy, but into how sex is affected after the birth. We don’t have any children at the moment, but we hope to in the near future. This DVD gave us some wonderful ideas and information. We highly recommend this film for any expecting couple.***Submitted by Mr. & Mrs. Goodlovin***BUZZTEAM
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Puss N Boots
A pregnancy must have! Submitted 6/15/2009
This is a fantastic, information packed guide to help any couple who is going through a pregnancy! There’s so much information on what a pregnancy puts you through, as a couple, as well as loads of information on what her body might be experiencing. Things that I never would have known if it weren’t for this guide! Guys, you’ll learn a lot about your partner too and ways to help her enjoy and appreciate her new body! My favorite part was actually seeing some of the positions recommended during pregnancy rather than just being told or reading about how to attempt them. Visuals are always so much more helpful and this guide is full of them! This is definitely a must have whether it’s your first pregnancy, second pregnancy, third pregnancy but it doesn’t matter. Even if it were your tenth pregnancy, you’d more than likely learn something that you weren’t already familiar with! It’s so packed with information that it would also make a fantastic gift for the expectant couple! It’s never boring, dry or uninteresting either. It will keep your attention so you’ll be more alert and receptive to learning all kinds of information. If you’re pregnant, you need this guide! Get it and find out how to love your pregnant sex life!
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Surprisingly thorough Submitted 6/15/2009
I have had 3 kids in the last 5 ½ years. When I heard that the Sinclair Institute was coming out with this video, I made mental list of all the things I wished I had known about sex during my pregnancies. I was shocked that Connected and Loving It covered every one of them! It talked about the hormone changes that can increase (or decrease) your sex drive, the fears that both partners may have, oral dos and don’ts, G-spot during pregnancy, massage techniques, and using sex toys. It even went on to discuss the infamous “fourth trimester” when you have a newborn. I was happy with our sex life during each pregnancy, but I repeatedly found myself asking “why didn’t I think of that?” when the video showed different positions and techniques. With my last child weighing well over 10 pounds, I thought I was pretty limited to doggy style. Boy was I wrong! I would highly recommend this video to any pregnant woman. Although full sexual intercourse is shown, it was tactfully done and it answers a lot of the questions that you may not ask your OB, but you really want answers to.
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Genie's out of her Bottle...
I'm very impressed.... Submitted 6/15/2009
The Better Sex Guide to Sex and Pregnancy DVD is a comprehensive overview of sex and the pregnant woman (and the husband). Featured throughout is: a couples’ discussion group, on screen sex tips, expert(s) advice, diagrams and narration by host Allana Pratt. A pregnant couple demonstrates each section, topics incl: her sex drive during each trimester, creative positions (emphasis on IE: modified missionary, yab yum, side by side, rear entry), exercise and hydration, fluctuating hormones and energy levels, back/body changes, breast sensitivity, oral sex, hand massage, toys and throughout - the importance of communication for the partner’s knowledge and to maintain emotional and sexual intimacy. The DVD finishes with a second couple in “after baby sex” issues. Filmed in explicit and tasteful detail with a gorgeous white themed setting. I haven’t been pregnant and I found this production to be very instructional, especially with the modified positions and the use of the Liberator Cradle pillow, since I have back and flexibility issues. This is a sexy, highly intimate, beautifully filmed Sinclair Institute production.
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Ms Diva
A must have pregnancy guide! Submitted 6/19/2009
Better Sex Guide to Sex & Pregnancy is another must have video for any couple that is expecting or about to start a family. Without a doubt this is the complete guide to sex during and after pregnancy it covers many of the issues that one encounters during and after pregnancy. It has doctors explaining the changes that occur in a woman’s body and debunking common myths about sex during pregnancy and sex after delivery, a great discussion group and a couple demonstrating comfortable, safe and loving sex positions to use and a couple post delivery. This video covered every issue that I encountered during my pregnancy and addressed several others in addition. It covers massage, positions, hormones, breast sensitivities, oral sex, toys and sex tips for pregnancy. I wish this video had been available when I was expecting as it would have added to our pregnancy sex and explained some issues that we encountered. I recommend this guide and rate it five hearts. Ms Diva
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Great Information Submitted 7/9/2009
This DVD, Better Sex Guide to Sex & Pregnancy, is geared more towards late 2nd trimester into 3rd trimester. It is very sexy but taught me a lot. It explains how pregnancy will help or enhance your sex life, with all the hormones the body is more sensitive to touch and sensation. In the DVD it had three couples explaining how being pregnant has helped them. It goes into different positions to try that is more comfortable as the belly grows, all explicitly demonstrated by one couple. It also goes into light massage, for when she may just be to tired, and how stimulation can be increased with external vibrators. It also talks about what happens after the baby is born. I also watched the movie titled Your Sensual Pregnancy which was non-explicit when compared to this more sexy version.
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The Playful Couple
They covered almost everything. Submitted 7/23/2009
The Better Sex Guide to Sex & Pregnancy is a very useful tool. As parents of one, with one on the way, we know how frustrating and exciting a pregnancy can be. This guide is set as a couples’ round-robin sort of discussion. Pairs of men and women, and one woman alone, talk together about what being pregnant has done to their sex life. This is accompanied by narration and expert interviews on the application of techniques, positions, and the physical and mental changes that pregnancy can bring to a couple’s sex life. The information seemed very solid, recommending Liberator shapes, new variants to popular sex positions, improvising with toys, and so on. These are all good tools to use to keep it sexy. Had this made up the bulk of the footage, it would probably have been a smoother presentation. Alongside this content, the sex acts covered are performed by a man and presumably his pregnant female partner. The footage is quasi-hardcore, with angles that are softer than the average mainstream adult film. The soft lighting and clean editing made for a more romantic feel. We did not actually time the number of minutes spent watching this couple have sex, but the balance felt a little off. If I had to guess, I’d say it was about sixty-five to thirty-five percent, sex to information. We thought it was just a little too much nookie. While this might be what some people would prefer, we’d have much rather the movie touched on more topics. Morning sickness and physical discomfort that cause a dramatic drop in sex drive are very common with pregnancy. This guide barely touched on these topics. We were hoping to learn some tips and tricks for revitalizing her libido. So, if you’re looking for anything but this area, you’ll likely find it in this movie. They did cover, in great detail, how hormonal changes will increase the sex drive, which for us doesn’t happen until the third trimester or so. All in all, we felt that it added some more potential to keeping us sane for the next several months. We whole-heartedly recommend this guide to anyone who is or will soon be expecting a new addition. And for those who are expecting, CONGRATULATIONS!
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Good Submitted 11/27/2015
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