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Dare to Bare: Genital Shaving Video

Dare to Bare: Genital Shaving Video

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Practiced by lovers for centuries, genital shaving is one of the most popular trends behind bedroom doors today.

Let us introduce you to 5 loving couples willing to bare all to prove, “It’s better bald. Get a front row seat as two lovers demonstrate how physical contact becomes more intimate. The camera moves in as bare flesh meets bare flesh. Their entwined bodies unite as one, and their orgasm reaches a fevered peak unlike any they’ve ever experienced. Nude pubes put a fresh twist on oral sex too. Watch two lovers at play. While performing oral experience, his tongue can penetrate deeper into her vagina. Their 69 sex becomes more intensely arousing as full focus is on the delicious taste of juicy love. As the river of orgasmic pleasure flows, no meadow of hair is there to stop it. In yet another episode, an aroused and anxious lover pleasures herself to orgasm as she watches hubby handle his own haircut. Whether your partner watches as you shave yourself or you choose to shave each other, it’s a fun fantasy that’s refreshingly clean and easy to try. Dare To Bare gives you tips on essential tools and techniques. You’ll also discover the best positions for getting turned on during the process. But here’s fair warning. Whether you snip it or clip, don’t be surprised if you never go back.

Sinclair Institute
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Sinclair Institute
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Mr & Mrs Wilson
The thrill of genital shaving Submitted 8/18/2007
Another goodie from the Sinclair Intimacy Institute. This adult instructional DVD begins with a brief discussion on the origins of genital shaving. Several demonstrations are provided on how to shave the pubic region. We particularly liked how the DVD showed several different ways of incorporating genital shaving during sex play. However, one of the drawbacks with the examples is that the couples didn’t actually trim and shave that much hair off their genitals. It would have been great to see at least a few examples where the pubic hair being cut and shaved was quite long to begin with. Only then would first time shavers get an accurate picture of what is involved. The idea of pubic styling was also covered and the couples used in the demonstrations were appealing to the eye.
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Mr. and Mrs. K
Sharing Genital Shaving With Your Partner Submitted 10/15/2007
This instructional video starts with the history behind genital shaving. It then focuses on techniques of shaving and ways to use shaving during sex. We thought that some of the positions recommended were very valuable for our own intimate pleasure.
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The Playful Couple
Informative, but Nothing we Didn't Already Know Submitted 9/5/2008
Well, the subject matter of this video is pretty self-explanitory. It is a look into the sexuality of pubic shaving. Being shavers ourselves, my wife and I gave this one a go. The information is fairly generic, referring a great deal to "being careful", and "how to". For us, it got boring quickly, watching regular looking people shaving each other's privates just doesn't get our motor running. We watched about half of the footage, then moved on to watch an adult movie. Though it wasn't for us, I'd have to say it seems well suited for any couple who might be trying pubic shaving for the first time.
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shaved! Submitted 5/10/2013
Great way to introduce shaving and grooming to your man or woman. All shaved now and loving life!
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