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Great Sex For a Lifetime™: Vol 1&2

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Great Sex For a Lifetime™: Vol 1&2

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Great Sex for a Lifetime Series — AEGIS Award Winner

Here's our radical idea: You can have better sex tomorrow than you had today. Now, right this minute, is the time for you and your partner to learn new simple mind blowing orgasm tips and new sexual techniques guaranteed to excite. A better sex life is here…if you want it. Two DVD set includes over two hours of new couples explicitly demonstrating:

  • New oral sex techniques
  • Tips on sex play
  • At least five sex positions you've never seen
  • Finding and stimulating her G-Spot
  • The latest sex toys demonstrated
  • Ideas for rekindling romance
  • The art of the quickie

A better sex life starts right here….guaranteed.

Sinclair Institute
Better Sex
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on 4/7/2008 11:48:29 AM
Open Lines Of Communication
No matter how good you think your sex life is, there is always a tip, trick or technique out there that will break you out of the rut of routine, boring sex. This two disc set contains a wealth of information that will help and will kick up the heat! You will not be disappointed! Each chapter focuses on areas that are important to having and maintaining a rich and fulfilling sex life. Each chapter opens with either a roundtable discussion with everyday couples stating their experiences, opinions and views, or with commentary from the narrator and Sex Therapist. Everyday couples then take the stage and demonstrate these tips and technique in the hottest, most erotic, and explicit manner! Wow! The use of everyday couples really makes this series hot! This is probably our favorite thing about all the Better Sex videos! Very erotic!!! Disc one focuses on more general areas such as general sex play, oral sex, positions, G-spot stimulation, and how an overall healthy lifestyle is important to maintaining good fitness for sex. Disc two gets more advanced and covers areas including Erotic Massage, Mutual Masturbation, Quickies, Anal Sex, Rekindling Romance, and Dating Again. There are also six chapters devoted to covering the different types of toys available to spice up anyone’s sex life! Demonstrations are given on all toys from Vibrators and Dildos, to Anal Toys and Cock Rings. You will not want to fast forward over anything on either disc! Not one minute passes without gaining some type of great information, or stimulation! After viewing this series, our open lines of communication are open even more! The ideas presented here have stimulated our interest in trying new things that we had not expressed an interest to one another before. We are confident that this series will give you the courage to talk about things that interest you that until now, you might have been reluctant to talk to your partner about. Highly Recommend!! *** Review written by Buzz Team Members Mr. & Mrs. in NJ ***
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on 6/5/2008 7:12:39 PM
Try these DVDs no matter what age you are!
So, I was skeptical about this DVD series at first because I am in my thirties and thought it would focus on couples much older than myself and my husband. The host mentions “baby boomers” quite a bit, but I pressed on determined to learn something. I DID! Don’t let the description of the series turn you away…these DVDs are perfect for any monogamous couple looking for a little spice they never knew they had or once had but lost. When my hubby and I watched Vol 1, we thought “hey we’ve done all this before,” then we realized since we’ve had our children we don’t do much of the advanced sexual positions anymore. It’s so true what the sex therapist says on here – that sometimes due to time and stress we fall into a routine with sex. We also relearned techniques for oral sex that has fallen out of our routine in the past and I can say I’ve been pleasantly satisfied! When it was time for Vol 2, we really got excited about the anal play and sex chapters as we’ve done both before but without as much knowledge as before (esp on male anal play). My husband loves what I have learned and I have ordered more anal toys! One of my favorite aspects of these DVDs is the couples. There was something really enjoyable about watching real couples having real sex for the cameras! I felt like a huge voyeur!
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on 9/7/2008 8:37:37 PM
A Great Video Series Long Overdue!
Right from the start, I thought the host of the series did a great job of introducing each of the chapters, adoringly tempering her descriptive narration with a casual demeanor, and frequently including herself in the “boomer” generation. The discussion groups featured at the beginning and throughout each video included a broad sampling of the “boomer” generation. The First Lady especially liked that they were obviously not perfectly proportioned, “air brushed” models or actors. These were people our age, with the same evidences of age, issues, and concerns clearly visible yet not allowing those things to dampen their desire to continue a lifestyle that considers sex an important part of their lives together. The frank, open comments of these people, our peers, gave us a feeling of inclusion, encouragement, and hope. They added to the genuineness and believability that made this series uniquely desirable. The doctors and experts from our generation helped make their comments believable. The expert’s practical comments were informative and instructive without being clinical. We loved that the techniques and positions presented did not feature perfect, athletic bodies of actors in their late teens or early twenties performing multi-hour sex using circus performer positions. It was something we could watch and then confidently try for ourselves. I truly find the First Lady’s body attractive and completely sexually arousing, yet she frequently does not. Watching and listening to couples in this video series did not erase those feelings for her, but they greatly helped to put them into perspective. They made her pleasantly aware that physically she falls somewhere in the middle of this huge group of people that are still attractive to, and attracted by, their partners regardless of the effects of time. It has given her new perspective and given us renewed hope for the future. The couples were entirely believable and exuded a refreshing naturalness. Their explicitly demonstrated, instructive sex play was tastefully filmed by taking the middle ground of erotic and sensual and totally avoiding the extremes of clinical and raunchy. We loved the insightful sidebar comments made by each of the couples about the positions and techniques they demonstrated. We could tell that they were unscripted and honest about what they liked and did not like and what they thought worked or did not work. Several times, we remarked that we would have felt the same way. Those sidebars gave us a unique window into the minds of the couples that significantly added to a feeling of camaraderie. That feeling of kinship, of connecting with peers who struggle like us to keep their relationship sexual into their 50s and 60s and hopefully beyond, has renewed our vision for the future. Bravo!
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on 9/4/2008 2:15:43 PM
I hope I never stop learning!
Even though the target audience is baby boomers, this video series still contains a lot of information for a young couple. It is no mystery that sex can deteriorate and occur less frequently as a relationship gets older. These videos gave us many ideas on how to prevent that from happening. Listening to actual couples who have been together for years describe their active sex life was reassuring. Despite their busy lifestyles, they make seduction part of their daily routine, which keeps the passion alive. Their relationship strengthens as they recognize sex as a priority rather than a chore. Looking for an assist in finding the elusive G spot? This first volume of this series has it covered. What about tips on oral sex? Yup, it is in here too! This video displays the building blocks for volume two. It even has a few Kama Sutra positions included to help with either deeper penetration or to experience different sensations. This volume also demonstrates the use of sex furniture and straps that provide for better leverage. It was enjoyable to watch them display how the “other than ordinary” toys actually work, to broaden your horizons from the typical dildo sex toys. The second volume really hit on some key issues that maybe some couples would otherwise have trouble discussing with each other. Watching this video with your partner is a great way to bring up these topics. There is a chapter where a couple is playing with oral vibrators, which are small vibrators that wrap around the tongue. If you are embarrassed to ask your partner what they think about this toy, you bring up that that it looks like fun during that particular scene. Also, the specific techniques for erotic massage and oral sex are helpful to those who are interested, but not quite sure how to do it. The video explained the different kinds of sex toys, which is helpful for those who are not familiar with the varieties. I would have liked to have seen a chapter about male masturbators, since that was the only thing that was left out. They hit on everything from the rabbit vibrator, realistic and glass toys, to prostate massagers. Whether you are in your twenties or your fifties, these videos will teach you skills to keep your sex life going strong no matter what else life has in store for you. –The Joneses
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on 5/27/2008 2:28:26 PM
Crashing through the barriers
When we first received the 2 disc set my wife and I chuckled. What could we learn? Well, a lot more than we thought. We discovered that each of us had barriers. The video will get the two of you talking and crashing through those barriers in no time. Nothing is held back in these DVD’s. We attempted to watch the DVD’s several times. We could only watch for 20 to 30 minutes. Each time we attempted to watch, we were saying how about we try that out. Before we even realized it we were tearing each other’s clothes off with excitement of trying something new. My wife and I would give the DVD set a 5 plus. We loved the squirting!! The only down side was the dating again part of the DVD. It was a downer to hear couples talk about failed relationships and playing the dating game. Thankfully this was a very short chapter. Better Sex Test Pilot
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on 1/4/2010 3:50:58 PM
Ok, I am absolutely flabbergasted at how entertaining, enjoyable, educational and tasteful these Better Sex Vidoes were! Volume 1 gave oral sex techniques, showed various positions and utilized toys...which sparked our interest even more. Volume 2, of the Great Sex series, reviewed touch and massage and even quickies. The best part is that you really get to see real life couples teaching you by showing. Then, they tell you what the experience was like. The two videos opened up conversation between my husband and I. I highly recommend the series and will likely be purchasing more Better Sex videos.
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