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Great Sex Over 50 For Women

Great Sex Over 50 For Women

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You're not getting older, you're getting better! And sex can get better, too. Join host Patti Britton for some provocative lessons in keeping the bedroom exciting in Great Sex Over 50 For Women. You'll learn about positive self image techniques, massage therapy, marvelous toys, and methods to encourage lubrication. Even rediscover the joys of mutual masturbation, oral sex, and erotic adventure.Demonstrations are performed by three attractive, loving couples, the women in these pairs also providing helpful advice.
Feature: 68 minutes.Extras: 29 minutes.
Loving Sex
Alexander Institute
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Confidence is sexy at any age!
Genie's out of her Bottle... On 3/30/2009 9:29:09 AM
“Great Sex Over 50 For Women” isn’t glamorous with porn body men and women and it isn’t full of over the top humor. It’s unpretentious, informative and fun, showcasing ‘real’ men and women who feel sensual and continue to enjoy great sex. The sets and lighting used are equally realistic too. The camera angles are much less ‘in your face’. The film is divided into specific topics, shown in seven scenes: Foreplay, Lubrication, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Self-Image and Adventure. Ideas incl: hormone and health aids, erotic DVDs and audio books, sex stores and mutual masturbation. Anticipation, humor, communication, trust and adventure and acceptance of body changes are emphasized for ongoing fulfillment. The mind is seen as the biggest and most vital sex organ, to aid in excitement in all phases of sexual enjoyment. Aging well includes loving well and can continue to be just as hot! I particularly enjoyed the erotic massage section. Sexual fulfillment, either solo and/or with a partner is discussed. The DVD includes a (encyclopedia) section with 34 topics, A-Z of general sexuality information. In another section Dr. Patti Britton answers over 20 Q & A in “Sex Tips”. There are 20 (short) previews of other titles from The film can be watched with or without English subtitles - long overdue - and in English, French, German or Spanish. This is excellent for couples and for single ladies too...What I continue to believe – we older women are indeed HOT.
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Great Sex at any age
On 10/23/2015 9:45:10 AM
My wife & I are in our 60's and bought this cd to learn some new ideas about keeping our sex life interesting. It certainly worked as seeing people our age and with our bodies was very relevant to us. The various scenes foreplay, anticipation, mutual masturbation and acceptance of our age and looks has all helped immensely. Some of the scenes were particularly arousing for both of us and have led to some intense orgasms as we tried out we have seen. Best of all having watched this a couple of times my wife has lost many of her fears and inhibitions which has led her to really enjoy some new things and she wants to experiment many of the scenes shown. A great movie for couple our age and highly recommended to keep you sex life fresh and interesting.
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sex for women over 50
Anonymous On 1/11/2017 2:31:34 PM
Really was not that informative - a shame
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good sex video for women
Anonymous On 6/15/2017 3:38:17 PM
My wife and I both enjoyed watching and are ready for more!
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I enjoyed this movie
Anonymous On 2/15/2018 8:47:14 PM
I did like this movie. I did some good information but felt over 40 was much more to what I was wanting to know.
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