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26 Incredible Sexual Positions

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26 Incredible Sexual Positions

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You Don't Have To Be An Acrobat To Have Sex Like One!

Imagine trying a new and exciting position every time you have sex! You and your lover can become erotic adventurers with our 26 Incredible Sexual Positions video. This sexy, stimulating video makes it easy - and comfortable -- to try new oral and intercourse positions without stress or strain. Sex therapist Lori Buckley is on hand with helpful advice, and 3 attractive real-life couples teach you how everyday household furnishings and special sex furniture can become passionate playgrounds. You'll learn:

  • Positions to prolong orgasm
  • Making oral sex more comfortable
  • The deep-penetration Chair Dip position
  • The amazing Power Thrust position
  • New variations on the missionary, cowgirl and rear-entry positions
  • Switching positions to heighten erotic stimulation

We've jam-packed this DVD with enough fantastic positions to keep you and your partner trying them out for months! You'll have a great time watching and learning - not to mention the fun you'll have picking out and testing your new favorites. And you'll sure never look at your dining room table and chairs the same way again!

Our customers love 26 Incredible Sexual Positions, rating it 4 out of 5 hearts.

Running time: 30 minutes







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on 9/30/2009 7:15:23 PM
Had fun ... ;)
This was a video that is good for the beginning/intermediate sexual explorer. It covers some of the basics, and then shows some tricky variations. The best part is the people who are in the movie. They look good, REALISTIC good, and they had the oldest couple, who are good looking, do the craziest positions that require the most energy. Which goes to show that the positions may look hard to do, but with practice can be done by anyone. And that is what I liked the most, they are accessible to everyone.
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on 8/6/2008 10:16:00 PM
The 26 Incredible Sexual Positons is a good video for beginners looking to try any position other than the traditional position. Definitely like the use of furniture in the video. We purchased the Liberator Esse a month ago and the video showed a lot more positions than the "guide" that came with the Esse. When ordering this video, I suggest buying a Liberator "wedge" which will let you try all the positions!
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on 7/18/2008 3:14:18 PM
Very good and informational
The movie does have good variations with common furniture and sex toys. The couples are very real people which is great to me. I did feel like this would be better suited for less experenced people because almost all of it I have already done some variation on already. It is also erotic in its own ways. Definately worth seeing and buying if you are new or just starting to explore.
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on 6/9/2008 10:13:36 AM
Would change title
We’re not sure we would entitle this DVD “26 Incredible Positions”, but the variations shown in the three different scenes are quite good. Some minor modifications of positions can provide different levels of pleasure for either of you (or both). There are a variety of options with each partner in control so you can pick the ones that work best. The first scene involves food as well as a table and chair which can be fun. The second and third scenes involve some special furniture and, although the positions can be achieved with pillows, it’s a bit harder to figure out how to make them work without those items. Overall a good video especially if you are relatively new to sexual experimentation. **Submitted by theks**
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on 5/27/2008 7:43:19 PM
like the furniture
This Video is geared to a less experienced crowd. Many of the positions shown are the same with slight variations. What is great about this video is the use of furniture. A few of the items shown seem like they would enhance the sexual experience. My wife and I made our own wedge out of pillows and really enjoyed it. Also there is no need to be an acrobat in order to try these positions.
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on 5/27/2008 2:13:42 PM
Buzz Team Review - Staff Pick*
The video shows basic and not-so-basic positions in three settings. I am looking forward to trying some of the less traditional positions, especially the ones shown in the segment with the couple tying each other up. The part with the sex furniture also introduced great sex with interesting furniture, some of which I need to look into getting. Overall an informative video that gave me some new ideas.
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on 5/24/2008 3:58:27 PM
Spice it up with new positions:
The 26 Incredible Sexual Positions DVD is incredible. I very much enjoyed this new presentation of sexual positions and twists with the introduction of furniture to the sexual encounters. We all know that some positions are difficult to maintain for any length of time with great comfort; the use of sexual furniture is a great plus for those positions. This DVD is both educational and erotically stimulating with three real life couples demonstrating the techniques of these incredible positions. I recommend 26 Incredible Sexual Positions DVD to couples and singles alike. I first watched it by myself and then shared it with my partner. Introducing new positions, more pleasure and excitement into our sexual encounters is always foremost in our relationship to spice things up. We haven't waited to try some of these positions to our encounters and are extremely pleased with the outcome.
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on 5/20/2008 9:14:43 PM
This video was fantastic! The best part was that it gives you practical, real world advise as to how to stimulate your own sex life by adding new possibilities to your old tried and true love making. There are no silicone Hollywood bimbos here, just real couples having real sex in a variety of new and exciting positions. The performers give this video a true to life picture of what your sex life could be with just a few additions to your sexual repertoire. The advice given is something which you can put to use right away to improve your own love making. The positions using various pieces of furniture were so good I had to try them out immediately. My wife especially liked trying the new “Cowgirl” positions with her on top. She said that it make for a much deeper penetration. All I could say was “Ride ‘em Cowgirl!” Thor
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