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101 Positions For Lovers

101 Positions For Lovers

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Learn Exciting Sex Positions In An Island Paradise!

It's so easy to keep your sex life thrilling - no matter how long you've been together - just by learning new positions or varying the old favorites. And now you can try positions you never thought possible when you watch this highly erotic and educational video: 101 Positions For Lovers.

Take a fabulous trip to the lush green valleys and wave-kissed beaches of romantic Jamaica at the Hedonism II Resort, where 3 beautiful, real-life couples - not XXX professionals - indulge themselves in lavish sexual encounters. They invite you to watch in intimate detail as they explore positions from the basics of missionary to erotic sexual gymnastics that will leave you and your lover gasping! Be ready to stop and rewind, because you both won't want to wait to experiment on your own, as each scene encourages and stimulates your senses.

Lovers of all skill levels from inexperienced to adventurous will find something new and intriguing: variations on cowgirl, sitting, standing, rear-entry, anal play, G-spot and clitoral stimulation, positions for maximum orgasmic pleasure and much, MUCH more!

Just let the video unroll, or choose your scenes by skill level, position, specific interests or your favorite couple. Sex educator and expert Jamye Waxman is on hand all through the video, offering hints on getting into the positions, what the position is best for and helpful information on sex in general. You'll come away from this video with a wealth of information to expand your sexual expertise! And be sure to watch the Behind The Scenes footage, shot by the enthusiastic couples themselves!

Special features include:

  • Interviews with the couples
  • Couples' audition tapes
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Interview with Jamye Waxman

 Running Time: 152 minutes


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Puss N Boots
More ways to play! Submitted 3/29/2010
Wow, this is an amazing DVD! You can actually watch over 100 different sexual positions performed one after another! They're even broken down into different categories of basic, creative and real sexual gymnastics. Whether you're looking for a position to help her reach orgasm or even a position to help him last longer, it's on this DVD. It doesn't matter what body type you are either because the tips and techniques from the host will help guide you to a new position that will work great for you! We were thoroughly entertained throughout the entire 72 minutes! We even learned a few new tricks to help spice things up for us! Even the couples themselves talk about learning more than they had anticipated during the filming. The on location filming in Jamaica is beautiful and the angles are great! There's just something totally hot about knowing these are actual couples having a fantastic time too! If you check out the extras, you'll be able to view all the couple's home made auditions, interviews plus some behind the scenes action. It's just an awesome DVD with so many different positions that you can actually see how to perform and even hit the rewind button if you're interested in giving one a try! A must have for any couple looking to try something new!
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great!!!! Submitted 7/27/2010
This movie def. got me and my husband heated up right before sex and we took scenes from the movie and acted them out amazing!
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Mr. and Mrs. Allure
Kama Sutra in Paradise Submitted 3/21/2010
101 Positions For Lovers from Adam and Eve is the perfect addition to the sexual position library. This film takes three "normal" couples and has each couple perform various positions in front of the camera with the beautiful Jamaican scenery surrounding them. There are several great things about this video outside of what has already been mentioned. The narrator gives the name for each position, explains how to get into position and describes the benefits and hazards of each move. Just for a change of pace, they throw in a few interviews with the couples and the narrator. If there is a downside, it is that the narrator is not as funny as she thinks she is. On the upside, however, you can watch the full video or you can sort the video by couple, by position type (woman on top, doggie, etc.), by skill level or even based on you and your partner's specific needs. The last one is really neat because it is broken into categories like helping him last longer or giving more support for her. As far as I am concerned, the positions can be classified into 3 categories; "Been there, done that," "Ooh, we have to try that one," and "Don't even think about it." There is no doubt that there are positions in this video for all skill levels and my repertoire just skyrocketed.
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2 Sexy Love Birds
erotic and educational... Submitted 3/29/2010
We absolutely adore this DVD...The material is presented in a very light, fun, educational and most importantly sexy way. The couples are all amateurs and the video is shot at Hedonism II. Although some of the positions are very minor modifications of other positions we found this video gave us some great ideas that we have tried and loved!!! We never would have attempted some of the positions/variations without this video and boy were we missing out. Truth be told a few ideas we were given resulted in some of the hottest most sensational positions we've ever shared. This video is wonderful for couples and at times we shared a couple of chuckles while watching it. This is a MUST for everyone!!!
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Genie's out of her Bottle...
Thoroughly wonderful... Submitted 3/16/2010
'101 Positions for Lovers' DVD is over 2 ½ hours of intercourse positions - what action! Better than a book, this movie demonstrates how three young, attractive and very flexible couples get in to, perform 101 positions for sex. Expert Jayme Waxman narrates throughout the film with her offbeat sense of humor and helpful cautionary advice. Each variation is approx. a minute long. The movie is shot in Jamaica, indoors and outdoors on the beach and woodsy secluded areas. Couches, chairs, mattresses and pillows are the props. Living with numerous spine/hip flexibility issues, I am thrilled to write that I saw at least 10-15 positions that I can experiment with! The DVD can viewed from beginning to end, by couple, skill level, position type or specific need. Body height/weight, penis size, G-spot, A-spot (I learned about the A-spot!), clitoral stimulation, anal play, communication sensual contact - are among the subjects discussed. DVD extras incl: Hedonism II location shots, couples' audition tapes and fun interviews. Extremely erotic, visually lovely and informative. I had to watch this DVD a third time, before making it to the end (!)… A great gift for beginners and experienced lovers.
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El Fantastico
We can all learn something Submitted 3/16/2010
101 Positions for Lovers is an instructional video from Adam and Eve productions that aims to teach every skill level new positions. The video is produced well, as it comes of as educational without being too clinical or too "porn-y" in Ms. Fantastico's words. It features three real life couples in Jamaica providing brief snippets of various postions while a narrator describes each position. Notice I used the word brief, as we join each couple in mid position and only get to watch long enough to determine what they are doing before it's on to the next position. This is actually a good move, as it keeps the DVD moving (there are 101 positions after all!) and it keeps it as more instructional than adult movie-ish. The menu is actually broken down by position, couple, or skill level, which is nice. I don't really know that any couple stands out, as they all kind of run together and you don't really get enough of any scene to really get a favorite in my opinion, but the position and skill level features are a big plus. This way a inexperienced couple can learn the basics without being intimidated by more advanced positions but more sexually active couples with more experience can skip the basics that they have more than likely already mastered. The position menu breaks in down into more categories (standing, man on top, woman on top, sitting, doggie style) so if you are wanting to focus on one style without watching another you can do it. 101 Positions for Lovers is a good instructional style DVD and has something for everyone, so it's a recommended buy from us. Four Hearts
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