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Satisfying Her

Satisfying Her

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Length: 60 minutes.

Buy the Lifelong Pleasure Series Vol. 1, 2, and 3 and SAVE!

Watch and Learn! This is a video every couple will want to share. Expert opinions from world-renowned sex therapists Goedele Liekens and Dr. Michael Perry guide you through proven techniques to overcome inhibitions and make sex fun! Watch as a real couple explicitly demonstrates these techniques for achieving sexual satisfaction and shares secrets that can help you invigorate your sexual relationship. What you see will educate. It will motivate. And it will excite.

Topics addressed: Erotic Fantasies, Orgasm and Self-Pleasuring, Myths of Sexuality, Increasing Sexual Self-Esteem, How to Increase Sexual Arousal, Improving Intimate Communications.

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Genie's out of her Bottle...
Sensual and informative... Submitted 12/9/2009
‘Satisfying Her’ is volume 1 from the “Sex: A Lifelong Pleasure” © 1991 from Europe’s sex education series. There are no extras, no sex ads to fast-forward through. The program starts immediately featuring several sex experts explaining various therapeutic exercises and lessons. Each section and 4 lessons can be viewed individually. Topics incl: Becoming orgasmic, orgasmic problems, the female sexual response cycle, fantasies, masturbation, societal myths and mores, communication and improving body image. Detailed voice-overs are heard periodically in each lesson. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this frank program, despite its somewhat dated material and rather condescending comments. A few remarks had me muffling a laugh or two! The scenes are very sensual and informative. They’re explicit but tasteful, given the topic. The couple used for demonstration is very attractive, natural looking and affectionate. The sets are minimal and camera angles are quite discreet. For anyone who might be embarrassed to talk with a professional, but need more than a ‘self help’ book - this DVD is one to consider. Discovering pleasure, along with learning to have an orgasm is emphasized. I gained some valuable insight into female orgasmic problems. This is well thought out, filmed and produced DVD. It’s explicit and very sensual...
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Clearance & Candy
Enjoy and Relax Submitted 12/28/2009
Sinclair’s Satisfying Her is a guide to allowing oneself to enjoy becoming orgasmic, more sexual and more at ease with your body and your sexual experience. I love the Sinclair DVD Series; they have really opened up the communication in my relationship and our sexual experiences. I think watching them together with my husband has moved our sex life to an amazing new level. Woman can be hard to satisfy for many reasons and over time a couple can become less intimate instead of more intimate. Satisfying Her goes over the many obstacles that woman face in becoming comfortable with themselves and with a partner. Sometimes you don’t even realize you have an obstacle until you see how your prior experiences can affect your current sexual experiences. I can clearly remember when I was much more inhibited, it was DVDs like Sinclair’s Satisfying Her, that opened me up to a new, an much better sexual enjoyment. We call it studying the Art of Making Love, and think every married couple should at least give a couple of the Sinclair Better Sex Series a try, along with trying other new experiences. I thought I had a great sex life! I've watched a number of Sinclair DVDs and now I'm more relaxed with myself sexually, both of us are much more sexually satisfied and able to satisfy each other so much better. We can communicate our needs to each other in a way we weren’t able to before. I’m glad I opened up to something new. This DVD is very mild sexually, and most women would be very comfortable watching it. This is not porn, you’ll see naked men and women and the images should arouse you, but this is not a porno flick! After viewing many of these types of DVDs I now enjoy some porn and find it to be a wonderful enhancement to our experience. This DVD didn’t really turn me on, but its main purpose is not to turn someone on, but help someone who is much less relaxed become more relaxed an able to enjoy your experience more. We did enjoy a wonderful sexual experience after watching Satisfying Her, and took great pleasure in knowing that we are way beyond this sexual 101 DVD. It’s a good place to start if you’re having problems being satisfied.
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The Pres. and Mrs. Bush
Retraining at its best Submitted 12/27/2009
The educational benefits of this DVD are still quite relevant today despite its likely early ‘70s production. The commentary, lessons, and demonstrations revolve around a central theme that the brain is the primary sex organ and that our sexual response is filtered and modified according to what we have learned and experienced throughout our life. Considering the proliferation of sexual misinformation and lingering religious condemnation, it is a wonder anyone’s brain can respond properly to sexual stimulation. This DVD provides factual information on the female sexual response cycle and the orgasm reflex then demonstrates exercises to retrain the input-response of the brain to permit and enhance female sexual pleasure. It also does a wonderful job of dispelling myths about female sexuality that are still surprisingly prevalent. The demonstrations are necessarily sexually explicit and rousing, while remaining appropriate and inoffensive. We believe watching this DVD would be beneficial for every pubescent or post-pubescent woman and couple. While events like sexual abuse, rape, or even being caught masturbating by your parents can obviously have lifelong negative effects, even seemingly innocuous and beneficial religio-societal impressions can negatively influence our sexual response. Since watching this video, we’ve identified and are working to retrain the effects of some common negative sexual messages in each of our histories.
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Ms Diva
Take a lesson and let go Submitted 12/28/2009
Sex: A Lifelong Pleasure Satisfying Her is Volume 1 in the series of sex education videos from Sinclair Institute, while somewhat dated in appearance the video is informative and educational and not dated regarding sexual content and presentation. Volume 1 covers the topics of Sexual Fantasies, Orgasms & Self Pleasuring, Myths of Sexuality, Increasing Sexual Self-Esteem, How to Increase Sexual Arousal and Improving Intimate Communication. Sex therapists take you through proven techniques and lessons to overcome inhibitions to learn sexual arousal and how to orgasm. While this video is explicit in content it is not overtly hard core but discreet and done in good taste. The therapist take you through the discussion and lessons while couple demonstrate the techniques. I thought, that this is a very good to excellent educational video and the couples from a rather large age variance could benefit from this video, this is not just for the ladies men could take a lesson or two from this video. I rate it four hearts. Ms Diva
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The Joneses
Sex ed. anyone? Submitted 12/28/2009
I found Satisfying Her to be sort of awkward to watch. It reminded me of a sex ed. video I would watch in school. It was slow and very basic; it’s more or less something I would think that a woman would watch on her own to learn about herself, like a teenage girl or a very sheltered woman. There definitely should be background music playing while they demonstrate things and there is no voice over, the quietness makes it awkward to watch, it reminds me of when I would watch a movie with my parents and a there would be a sex scene in the movie that I didn’t know about, and I felt so awkward that I didn’t want to move or even breath! The format is not for me but it could be advantageous to some, I don’t want to not recommend it but there are much better videos available that are more up-to-date. for the money, it might be worth a shot for a very timid woman to have as a starter video. ~The Joneses
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very good Submitted 12/4/2007
Very good movie very detailed and descriptive and they explain everything that will teach you how to fully please your women. I totally recommened this product
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