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The Art of Oral Sex
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The Art of Oral Sex

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Truly Amazing DVD About Oral Sex Techniques

The Art Of Oral Sex from Better Sex is a sensual way for couples to extend their sexual boundaries. If done correctly these techniques can create a physical, emotional and spiritual bond as intimate and pleasurable as “traditional” intercourse. Like with any artistic endeavor, the better the technique, the better the end result. The key to mastering this technique is communication and trust. The Art Of Oral Sex from Better Sex will teach you how to give and receive, lovers will learn oral techniques from 11 real couples guaranteed to expand your expertise and help you find an intimacy unlike anything you've ever known.

Feature Length: 45 minutes.

Sinclair Institute
Male, Female
Sinclair Institute
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Mr & Mrs Wilson
Great Oral Sex Video Submitted 5/9/2007
This is an amazing video to learn some great oral sex techniques. I thought I was great at satisfying him orally but after watching this video with my husband and playing along with some of the oral techniques while the video was playing he was amazed. His exact words were "I didn't know oral sex could be so good". A MUST HAVE FOR ORAL SEX TECHNIQUES BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW HOW AMAZING ORAL SEX CAN BE!
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A Good begginers video Submitted 12/9/2007
We found that this is a good begginers video. There isn't much in this video that we haven't tried by already having oral sex as a part of our sex lives. But for anyone who is new to oral sex or just starting out this is a great, well produced and well presented video with an educational tone and comfortable to watch with your partner or alone.
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Stuart & Shelley
Covers the basics Submitted 10/15/2007
This 45 minute video (shot in 16:9 widescreen) is divided into three parts: fellatio, cunnilingus, and finally analingus. The video was shot and edited in the high quality we have come to expect from Better Sex, but we thought the techniques displayed in the video were pretty basic. We felt that this video would be primarily recommended for beginning students in the art of oral sex who might feel hesitant about exploring these techniques. For more advanced oral techniques, try the Better Sex video “Advanced Oral Ecstasy” and the “Expert Guide to Oral Sex” DVD.
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Mr & Mrs Wilson
Compulsory Viewing Submitted 6/10/2007
This instructional adult sex education DVD provides an excellent how-to guide to fellatio (oral sex on a male), cunnilingus (oral sex on a female) and analingus. We liked how the DVD began with a brief historical account of oral sex over the centuries. This DVD does well to illustrate that both fellatio and cunnilingus can be performed in a variety of ways, depending on what a person enjoys and is comfortable with. The commentary that accompanied each visual demonstration provided a rich source of information in a concise way. The couples who featured in the adult sex education DVD did an exceptional job in demonstrating how oral sex can be performed, particularly the 69 position. Also, we liked that they showed how toys can be incorporated into oral sex play. It was great to see that oral sex does not have to occur exclusively on its own but can be incorporated into sexual intercourse and other sex play. Lori Buckley, a clinical psychologist, does well in providing an expert opinion on the topic. Lastly, we believe this is an ideal instructional guide for both newcomers to oral sex and seasoned veterans who wish to brush-up on their oral sex skills.
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Good for beginners Submitted 10/19/2007
This was a very good video for beginners to various techniques and positions possible for oral sex. It covered mainly cunnilngus and fellatio, then spent some time on sixty-nine, and even analingus for the adventurous. We didn't find there was too much new for us to pick up, but could still appreciate how it would help newcomers to oral. Very good camera positions and lighting let you see everything in great detail. Overall very tastefully done.
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Mr. & Mrs. Love in TX
There's Always Something New To Learn Submitted 5/30/2007
I bought this video with the idea of comparing my knowledge about oral sex techniques with all the ways out there. To my surprise I found three oral sex techniques I never thought about before. My wife and I really enjoyed watching it together. It is really fun to have oral sex only and with this DVD you will be learning new ways of enjoying this kind of pleasure. This is a MUST TO HAVE video.
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Entertaining and possibly educational for beginner Submitted 11/6/2007
The Art of Oral Sex was put together well. It was insightful and entertaining to watch. But, it lacked any advanced techniques. Someone who was interested or courius about oral sex as a beginner would benefit from this video.
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Art Of Oral Loving Review Submitted 10/18/2007
This was a great DVD with great scenes. We followed it step by step and it set the mood for oral sex immediately. It's a great way to learn the secrets of oral sex. It explains the best ways to perform it and which things are good to try. This DVD had more information than I ever thought about learning. I have always been curious about the best oral techniques and this teaches you everything you should know. It was a turn on to watch the different techniques being shown. I already knew most of the things that were shown, but I liked reviewing the different techniques. It's not a porn movie at all but is still extremely sexy and very educational. It showed me a lot about I can improve my techniques to give my boyfriend better orgasms.
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Great movie Submitted 11/3/2007
This is a great movie,lots of tips how to better please your lover. It's really nice to see real couples having sex,the passion in their eyes is caught on film. A great movie to watch together or apart. Very educational .
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Nice DVD. Submitted 6/17/2008
Has some good information in it and techniques to try. If you are very experienced in oral sex, it may not show you a lot you haven't figured out yet, but you may still be able to gain some good tips.
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