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The Art of Sexual Positions
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The Art of Sexual Positions

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$19.95 $9.97

Explore Your Sexual Positions And Make Your Love Making More Enjoyable

The Art of Sexual Positionsfeatures eleven real couples guide you through a palette of lovemaking sexual positions and skills guaranteed to spark your imagination, and inspire your sexual creativity. Explore the limitless variations to enhance intimacy, provide optimum G-spot and clitoral stimulation, increase mutual pleasure, achieve deeper penetration and masterfully take your lover's breath away. There are no limits to your sexual creativity and artistry when you explore the vast number of sexual positions this DVD has to offer.

Respected clinical psychologist and educator, Dr. Lori Buckley, provides expert advice to help you add excitement, awaken passion and connect with your lover.

Feature Length: 44 minutes.

Sinclair Institute
Sinclair Institute
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10 of 10 people found this review helpful
The Art of Sexual Position Video
Mandy Dowless On 11/2/2007 2:05:50 PM
This was a great movie. My husband and I were stuck in the same old rituals and traditions and this video gave us a few ideas and options to try. It was also very informative because it tells who the position is right for such as someone with a back problem or a female who is pregnant. It actually shows the position and how to execute it...I am a visual person and I can be shown better than you can tell me. This helps a lot. Great movie...short, sweet, and right to the point.
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9 of 12 people found this review helpful
Fantastic video for people who want something new.
Keeping Warm in Maine On 2/2/2010 5:17:31 PM
This is a great first video for anyone's DVD library. It has a very easy to follow format. Each position is thoroughly explained before seeing live visuals and there are even tips given during the demonstrations. Each scene is enhanced by background music that will not have people laughing. There were positions that could have been a bit abbreviated or possibly combined with others; the missionary and tongs is one example, and then more positions could have been shown. This video does not have a meet the couples section as seen in other Sinclair videos and I do not think it suffers because of it. Overall this is a great video. Once you are finished watching you will be ready to find your “significant other” to try out some new positions. I know we did!
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8 of 9 people found this review helpful
RS in AZ On 11/25/2007 8:52:04 PM
A very informative and well made video. The video shows that with a little exploration you can open up and enhance your intimacy. Show great positions for both him and her and the benefits for each. A well made video and we would highly recommend it.
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7 of 7 people found this review helpful
The Art of Sexual Positions Review
On 11/2/2007 12:40:58 AM
My boyfriend and I were able to get out of our traditional rut and enjoyed all of the positions in this movie. It definitely helped to spice up our relationship. The dvd had loads of information, it answered alot of the questions that we had, and it had a lot of great ideas. It was better than most videos, since most try and describe too much instead of just showing the positions. This one does a good job of doing both so you understand the pros and cons of each position. Also, it has a wide variety to fit everyone's needs. It can be a plus for younger people or more "romantic" types. It has brought a lot of spice back into our relationship. The mulitple positions are great. We have added so much spice back into our sex life by trying new positions.
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7 of 7 people found this review helpful
Great Educational Video
Mr. and Mrs. K On 2/13/2008 10:36:44 AM
My husband and I really enjoy using this educational video to spice up our sex life. Sometimes its easy to get stuck with the same positions and practices. This video helps us try some new things!!! The advice given in this video is not hard to try, anyone will be able to use this as an enhancement to their lovemaking. We would absolutely recommend this DVD to you!!!!
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Good but nothing special
Anonymous On 5/31/2017 7:27:55 PM
Well done but, nothing we don't already do.
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Anonymous On 11/4/2017 5:08:16 PM
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