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32 Ways To Please Your Lover
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32 Ways To Please Your Lover

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Surprise Your Lover And Improve Your Sex Life!

There's nothing sexier than watching your lover in the throes of pure orgasmic pleasure, and knowing that it was your sexual skills that produced it! If you love to experiment - or if you always wanted to try something different - you'll love this video from the Sinclair Institute. In just one hour, you'll learn new skills to keep your lover satisfied. And your partner will be happy to return the favor! Get inspired as you watch real loving couples demonstrate explicit techniques and tips to keep your sex play exciting.

You'll learn:
• Mastering the art of oral love
• Five 69 Positions: Mutual 69, Reverse 69, Bedstand 69, Flying 69, and Bridge 69

• Using toys - and even food! - for erotic thrills
• Fantasy Role Play for the fun of it!
• Positions that produce intense G spot orgams
• New locations, new sensations

The emphasis in this inspiring, educational video is all about pleasing your partner, and pleasing yourself in the process! Finding out what works for the two of you is the most fun you can have, and leads to an exciting, more satisfying and adventurous relationship.

Sinclair Institute
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Sinclair Institute
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Come on baby light my fire! Submitted 6/24/2008
I highly recommend this video! My husband and I are recently married but have been together 11 years. We love each other very much however we became dull in the bedroom. This video really helped us to relight our fire! Now all I can think of is our next sex adventure. I have never been one to watch adult videos but I am glad I tried this one because it was tastefully made. The video is 60 minutes of informative educational fun; it had five realistic, relatively attractive committed couples. The tape covered everything from new ways at looking at oral sex, to toys, unusual positions, role playing, and the use of costumes. I liked that way the video modeled how to be comfortable communicating with your partner while interacting in sex play. It gave us many new ideas and brought us zero to sixty, and beyond. Worth ever penny =)
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Very Informative Submitted 10/12/2008
This was a very well done teaching video. The techniques were great and they showed sex positions that average lovers do, but more advanced and fun! Its not like in the porn videos where the positions are sometimes hard and tricky. They show positions with the swing, 69, his/her pleasure, doggie, squirting, and more. I liked how the commentary announcer tells the viewers to go ahead and bring out that wild tiger from within you; from roll playing to sexy costumes. If you have a fantasy, then make it a reality! Its amazing and fun to watch! That boring same sex routine is now a sexy erotic game for 2! Now enjoy!
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Mr. & Mrs. Love in TX
Something New to Learn Submitted 3/29/2009
Sometimes you think you know everything, but that is absolutely wrong. This DVD showed us some new techniques for Oral Sex and Variation in Positions. Sinclair videos are an excellent choice for couples to broad up their perspectives about sex. Couples performing in the video are real couples and normal people like most of us. Other videos from other companies hire porn actors to perform which make it distant from the reality of most American couples (I’m talking about extremely perfect or upgraded bodies). This DVD will give you lots of new ideas. Even if you are pro or expert in sex this DVD will teach you something new to try
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32 Ways to Satisfy Your Sex Drive Submitted 7/9/2008
When I was first asked to review this item I was a little curious as to what this movie entailed. Sure, there was the outline of the movie. But I wanted to know exactly what people thought, and what they meant by "Watch and Learn". So I searched all over the internet and found nothing, so here is that review. 32 Ways to Please Your Lover is a series of episodes in which they will show you new ways to enhance sex, all the way from using sex toys, to role playing. While I may not be big into role playing, this video definitely made me want to try. The good thing about this video is that it reinforces the idea that you should try new things with your lover to help promote your sex drive. This should motivate your husband/wife to take more time and effort into pleasing your every need. I would highly recommend this video to anybody, regardless of your sex drive, or your sexual experience. The only problem is, you may waste that sex drive by... relieving yourself during this video. I know I had that problem.
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A definite must have for couples. Submitted 7/1/2008
My wife and I have been married for almost ten years, and this video helped us keep things interesting in the bedroom. We enjoyed, and later discussed, the use of toys during sex for added stimulation, as well as communication. Definitely a must have for any committed couple willing to keep things interesting.
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New Intensity Submitted 7/10/2008
Terrific instructional video! The video provides any couple with innovative and creative ways to rejuvenate and enjoy a healthy sex life. Various topics are covered in the video from interesting positions and toys to role play (oh yeah)! Highly recommended!
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I sure am a pleased lover Submitted 7/28/2008
The review for "32 ways to please your lover. The video was very entertaining. It never got boring. It had different age groups so its fun for everyone. There's lots of fantasies being acted out. There's sexy outfits that the couples use to kick up the "sexy time". The positions that they act out are simple enough but keep the fire buring, not plain 'ol missionary. There's scenes where they've added toys, there's a squirt screen. This movie is so hot, we ended up getting on while watching it. Out of 10 stars I give it a 9
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Eye opening Submitted 2/19/2013
An incredible addition to my library of understanding.
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Not as good as I had hoped for! Submitted 7/30/2015
This movie was just okay. Kind of bad acting even though it was regular couples. There were a few interesting positions that my husband and I want to try.
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32 Ways To Please Your Lover Submitted 3/7/2015
very good
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