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Your Sensual Pregnancy: Sexy, Connected & Loving It!
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Your Sensual Pregnancy: Sexy, Connected & Loving It!

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Winner of the Cine Golden Eagle Award!

Stay connected during a truly intimate and exciting time in your relationship. Sinclair Institute® presents Your Sensual Pregnancy: Sexy, Connected and Loving It, a comprehensive overview for what to expect during and after pregnancy. Incorporating discussion groups, professional advice from doctors and sexuality experts as well as tips on sex positions and techniques to try from real pregnant couples. Non-explicit.


What You'll Learn:
  • How to embrace and explore her sex drives—the ups and the downs
  • Sex Positions that enable more pleasurable sexual encounters during pregnancy
  • Sensual Massage techniques that are both stimulating and beneficial
  • How best to use Sex Toys during pregnancy
  • Explore Oral Sex with informative tips and techniques
  • Learn the physical changes to anticipate and what to expect during and after
  • Getting back to sex after the baby - our experts tell you when and how to have sex for the first time after the baby
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Buzz Team Admin
Great Pregnancy Resource ***Buzz Team Highlight Submitted 6/17/2009
The thing that separates this from its Better Sex Guide to Sex and Pregnancy counterpart is that this one contains no intercourse. The same information is presented including position ideas, how hormones effect your sex drive, the fears of each partner, how to perform oral sex during pregnancy, G-spot stimulation, massage, and even how to incorporate sex toys; but it does not show couple actually having sex. If you are put off my seeing actual penetration, this video is perfect for you. Packed full of information, this video is an invaluable resource for any pregnant couple. I am jealous that resource like this was not available when I was pregnant! It debunks myths, sets facts straight, and gives great information on how to have a rewarding and fulfilling sex life during and after pregnancy. **Submitted by HS Sweetheart**Buzz Team Member
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Learned a Lot Submitted 7/9/2009
This DVD, Your Sensual Pregnancy, is geared more towards late 2nd trimester into 3rd trimester. It explains how pregnancy will help or enhance your sex life, with all the hormones the body is more sensitive to touch and sensation. In the DVD it had three couples explaining how being pregnant has helped there romantic lives. It goes into different positions to try so the weight is not on the females stomach, all romantically and tastefully shown by one couple. It also goes into oral sex and light massage, for when she may just be to tired, and how external vibrators will help stimulation. I liked the information on how the body will change and what to expect. I got both this DVD and the Guide to Sex and Pregnancy, I would suggest that you only watch one of the 2 because they have a lot of similar information in them however this one does not show any intercourse.
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Buzz Team Admin
***Buzz Member Highlight Submitted 7/13/2009
I completely enjoyed Your Sensual Pregnancy. I thought it was very tastefully done, & it actually made me feel good about having a pregnant body. I recently had a baby, & if I had the opporotunity to have this dvd while I was changing & trying to adjust it would've definitely given me the ability to feel much better & enjoy sex during pregnancy. I love that the dvd is aimed towards being a couple, experiencing sexuality during pregnancy as a couple, rather as individual people. It covers everything in just one dvd, even things like myths & hormones that I didn't expect it to. Some of the positions I had never even considered & they were very creative. Your Sensual Pregnancy was VERY detailed on each topic. I think that every couple should get this dvd when they find out they are pregnant, it will definitely help you throughout the entire pregnancy. I also think this dvd is awesome for women who aren't as open & don't want to see all the sex scenes because there are no explict scenes. Definitely would reccomend!
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The Playful Couple
Truly Great Information, with Great Presentation! Submitted 10/24/2009
We watched both of the bettersex pregnancy series. This one, far and away was better for us. Unlike its counterpart, Guide to Sex and Pregnancy, Your Sensual Pregnancy contains no penetration. Consider it the PG13 version. We found the more graphic of the two to have a little too much sex, and not enough connection. The information is the same between the two, but the presentation is completely different. The informational and testimonial scenes are exactly the same footage. When it comes to the presentation of the physical positioning, we feel this format has a far more intimate and romantic feel. The couples seem much more in love and connected. The information is priceless, and the connection I felt with my wife while watching this one sold it for us. It is a fantastic purchase for any couple who's expecting a new addition.**Submitted by The Playful Couple
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Good Submitted 11/27/2015
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