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Bree's Beach Party

Bree's Beach Party

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Backordered - Ships 10/06
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Featuring Winner of 2008 AVN Award for Best New Web Starlet!

Surf’s up and the beach bunnies are rarin’ to party! California blonde Bree Olson and hunky boyfriend Moondoggie head for the Malibu waves. But their first night alone turns sour when Bree invites the gang over. Mad at his sweetie, Moondoggie rides a beach babe wild anal style. Trying to get even, adorable Bree takes on two hung surfers at both ends. Can the lovebirds make up? They’re sure to have more outrageous sexual adventures while deciding in Bree's Beach Party.

Feature Runtime: 104 Minutes
DVD Extras: 86 Minutes
Adam & Eve Pictures
Adam & Eve
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I would love to attend this party!
Puss N Boots On 3/6/2009 2:42:57 AM
With an easy to follow story line and lots of beautiful beach scenery, this one is sure to please! It has a surfer theme that helps add to the storyline but the surfing scenes appear to be dubbed in. The girls are hot and about the only clothing worn, when it’s worn, are bikinis! There’s anal, threesomes and lots of plain old hot sex! Nothing overly hardcore and raunchy though so, it’s great for couples to watch together! There is a girl on girl shower scene filmed sort of like a collage that I wasn’t too impressed with but, the extras made up for it so, don’t forget to check those out too! It does end in a “too bree continued” message so, we are hoping for a sequel! We both enjoyed watching it so, we’re giving it four hearts!
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0 of 0 people found this review helpful
For us, it was a little too average...
The Playful Couple On 3/9/2009 11:49:01 AM
As with most feature adult films, Bree's Beach Party tries it's best to be both entertaining and scintillating. Unfortunately, it is not much more than a porno flick. There are some adult films that can convincingly insert plot lines and dialogue, but this is really not one of those. In between scenes, the plot progression is not much more than a delay until the next time you see some action. We tried our hardest to watch them the whole way through, but just got sick of turning the volume up and down, trying to believe that the actors were trying to act. The product description pretty much captures what the point of the non-sex scenes failed to deliver. Bree Olsen is a beach babe who goes to the beach for some fun. She and her man meat get into a tiff, and they try to take revenge on each other by having encounters with other people.. The first two scenes and the last scene seemed to be the best of this small grouping of five. When there are only five sex scenes, they should really all count. There is a girl-girl scene, a 2 guys-1 girl scene, and three guy-girl scenes. There's also a decent bonus scene of Bree and Evan Stone. The camera and lighting work are mostly solid, but could have been a bit cleaner. The three good scenes had great angles on the women's bodies, and there was dirty talk a plenty. While I like my naughty movies to be a bit more intense, my wife likes them a tad fleshier (more plot driven). Since it failed to meet what we were each looking for, it is just another run of the mill erection maker. It is a hot movie, but just no hot in the places we like it.
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Head for the Beach with Bree
Ms Diva On 3/22/2009 7:15:11 PM
Bree’s Beach Party is a simple little adult sex film where everyone is partying hard. There is a plot but it weakly carried out. There isn’t much of any dialogue except for hot dirty talking. Bree heads for the beach with her boyfriend but after a disagreement gives all the guys head and hot sex. There are scenes with girl on girl, two guys and a girl and three guys and a girl. There is oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex in this little sex film with Bree and her friends. The sex scenes were a real turn on for both of us. We did have to turn the volume down because of the squeals pleasure and delight~ Bree’s a real squealer! I don’t think Bree’s Beach Party will appeal to everyone because we all have our individual taste in adult films. We enjoyed this adult film based on just the raw sexual energy and sex scenes. Plot and dialogue are not important to us in every adult film we watch, and that is where Bree’s Beach Party is weak or lacking. What is important I think in this film is that it is visually stimulating. This one has bonus extras with Bree too! I rate this film four’s up. Ms Diva
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