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Love In An Elevator
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Love In An Elevator

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$34.95 $17.47
Going down? You bet! Striking Teresa is engaged to man about town Jacob. But when the conservative cutie gets trapped in an elevator with rocker Brian, she becomes attracted to the rebel. They swap erotic histories of first blowjobs and college lesbian hijinx. Meanwhile, Jacob is taking turns doing a blonde and a brunette doggy style at the engagement party! Will Teresa end up with Mr. Right? Our reviewer adored this sweet & sexy comedy—you will too.
Feature Runtime: 114 Minutes
DVD Extras: 59 Minutes

Male, Female
Genre :
Comedy, Couples
Wicked Pictures
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Clearance & Candy
Going Down! Submitted 2/14/2011
Love in an Elevator is packed with enhanced cleavage; it’s perfect for you guys who like big perky breasts. The men and woman are younger-late 20 something’s-Their bodies are covered with piercings, tattoos and ear stretching rings. An acquired taste for some! Love in an Elevator has a storyline which is nice, because it kind of eases you into the first sex scene. Between each very hot sex scene, the movie has lots of dialogue. It’s packed with threesomes, Blow Jobs and right in the Elevator the Birthday Girl gets trapped with someone she’s never meet before and they end up going Down! I’d recommend this one for the younger, more wilder crowd-for us 40 something’s it slowed down a little too much with the longer dialogue between scenes. We like more constant stimulation throughout the DVD.
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The Playful Couple
It's Another Wicked Adult Love Story Submitted 5/25/2011
Let all admit that Wicked Productions are some of the best put together films in the adult market. We never question the quality of any Wicked movie. Lighting, sound quality, camera work, performers, etc... are absolutely first rate. The sex scenes are traditional cookie cutter scenarios. Man and woman in a bed, man and 2 women in the VIP room at a bar, etc... The thing that baffled us was the lack of a pun with the title. Given the name, either we figured either Aerosmith recorded the soundtrack or there was some fun had in an elevator. This is not the case. There is no sex in an elevator, they fall in love. With all of the cheesy dialogue and never a real punch line, this movie felt like we were watching a late night cable soft core movie with legitimate full on penetration shots. It was good, but it's nowhere near our top ten. Though it is a well made movie, it just lacks in originality for our taste. We do recommend this to anybody who likes watching hot people having good wholesome sex, but if you crave spice, perhaps not this is not the one.
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Sexy Love Birds
A new fav of ours Submitted 7/20/2011
Huge fan of Kirsten so I wanted to check this one out. My impression is simple...Kirsten smokes but this one is all about the action between Monique and Alektra. My new fav girl scene! The girls are super hot in this movie. I'm not a huge plot person anymore but this one really gets me going. My wife thoroughly enjoyed it with me!
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