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Afrodite Superstar

Afrodite Superstar

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A beautiful, ambitious woman makes it in the macho world of hip hop. Stunning Afrodite meets rap mogul CEO, the finest looking man in the world. He jump starts Afrodite’s singing career, helping to turn her into a superstar. While handsome men and soulful women cater to Afrodite’s every sexual need, she’s after studman CEO. This fast-paced, captivating film features an attractive, diverse cast and passionate sex ideal for women and couples! Feature: 70 minutes. Extras: 53 minutes.

AVN, the adult industry’s premier trade magazine, has nominated AFRODITE SUPERSTAR for the following award categories:

  • Best Video Feature Best Screenplay
  • Video Best Director, Video Venus Hottentot
  • Best Music Score
  • Best Actress, video - Simone Valentino
  • Best Supporting Actor, video - Mr. Marcus
  • Best Supporting Actress, video – India
Femme Productions
Male, Female
Adam & Eve
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Poetry Porn Submitted 9/3/2009
Well if you like your porn cheesy, with poetry and without the money shot then this is for you. This is the first ethnically diverse feature to come out under Femme Chocolat®. It stars Simone Valentino, India, Mr. Marcus, Sativa Verte, Revay and Jay Junker. I do not know what I was expecting but it was not this. I guess Full on F*%$#@1 is what I was looking for and this does not really have it. Maybe I have been watching too much internet porn and am not in a erotic movie mood. Yes, maybe that is what it was. It was just not my cup of tea. Oh well maybe I just did not get it. The best thing about the flick is it was shot like a movie the angles and lighting are well done but I do not really need or look for that when I buy porn so it was kind of wasted on me. This is not for the hardcore junkie! Ok I do not know what I was missing oh wait yes I do the crotch shot! I was waiting and waiting and waiting and it never came. The female lead kept talking and talking and talking and I was like where is it? So if you want to watch and erotic movie then check out this dvd otherwise I say pass!
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