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Carolina Jones and the Broken Covenant

Carolina Jones and the Broken Covenant

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2009 AVN Award Nominee Including Best Video - 12 nominations in all!
Badass Ava Finds Hot Sex and High Adventure!
In Carolina Jones and the Broken Covenant Ava Rose brings down the bad guys as Carolina Jones, the lusty daughter of Dr. Jones. She and her sidekick Bree go looking for fortune, glory and plenty of penis! They've got to fight and f**k their way past sex-starved monks, lecherous guards and sexy room service. Bree seduces two oversexed guards with world-class sucking and screwing! Bree's forced to watch as Evil Nikky jacks her henchman with high-heeled boots before wicked anal sex! Ava opens her treasure box for a dirty-talking, anal 3-way with Bree and Karim. And in the end, our brave girls bring the bad guys to their knees! Other AVN Award nominations including Best Director, Best High-Definition Production, Best Special Effects, Best Supporting Actress...
Feature Runtime: 120 Minutes
DVD Extras: 3 Hours
Adam & Eve Pictures
Male, Female
Adam & Eve
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Terrific addition to a familiar story! Submitted 7/12/2008
Carolina Jones and her sidekick were both stunning in this story as the daughter of the famous Dr. Jones searches for the Lost Ark again. The sexual encounters along the way, and the storyline make this a definite must watch for any "Jones" fan. The movie was great, although the beginning scene was a bit of a turn-off, and Dixie's accent was obviously fake, but the rest makes up for it. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.
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Mrs. & Mr. Naughty Time
HUMMMM!?!?!? Submitted 7/15/2008
The movie starts out....very wierd-like. For an adult movie you get taken in the ride with this overly gory beginning. Although very fake, you were just longing for it to be more realistic since they decided to put it in there. And you start out with Carolina killing everybody, for what reason, you really don't know, to meeting this ever sooo cute blonde, Dixie who has the fakest accent in the world. I mean it was just not our cup of tea. The sex scenes were hot I can say, but the actual movie, not worth watching. We were excited and kept giving it time after time to pick up, but it never happened. We were expecting for it to be exciting and funny like "Pirates" us, they are nothing alike!!! Have fun and enjoy!!!
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The Royal Couple
Good sex....bad camera work Submitted 7/16/2008
This movie showed promise with the hot stars but could have done without the gore, primarily in the opening sex scene. We settled down to get a turn on from this movie and were immediately turned off when the blood started. Although this was a turn off, the actresses were hot. There could have been more creativity in the film and more close-ups during sex scenes.
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Not Quite What We Were Expecting Submitted 8/1/2008
We were expecting that with the name of the movie Carolina Jones and the Broken Covenant that this movie was going to have a really good storyline. It was a real letdown as far as a storyline. The gory scenes could have been left out and the fake southern accent by Dixie. The camera work could have been much better. On the positive side, the sex scenes were very good. We probably would not recommend it as a couples movie.
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Hot sex! Submitted 8/1/2008
What I found very exciting about this film was the vigorous and enthusiastic sex! The men and women vocalized much louder than the usual film. This is a great film for women, because the men were thrusting more vigorously (instead of lying still on their backs) and were very vocal. The camera angles were great and the sexual positions were hot! The last scene of three-way sex was very hot. The male actor was wonderfully vocal and he had a great looking tool. :) **Submitted by Vibrator Happy**
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Not your typical JONES movie Submitted 8/4/2008
The movie starts off in a very dark and strange way and progresses very slowly through very disjointed scenes. The script lacks some continuity and could have become very interesting. There is some great action from Carolina’s sidekick, Dixie (Bree Olson) who does most of the giving and taking throughout the movie. I think that she will quickly rise to the top of the industry with her willingness to demonstrate her talents. If you like movies that are long in the dick and has erotic scenes that go on forever and ever then you will like this movie. We watched the entire movie with only a couple of short interruptions – we usually have to take a major break to release some built up pressure.
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Bad Acting/Great Sex Submitted 8/6/2008
I have to agree with all the other reviewers on the beginning. It could have been different. However, the sex and beautiful women made up for that. This actually had a decent story line, which held you into the movie. This was a good movie to add to my library. Also, the bonus disk added much more value.
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Good action but ok story line Submitted 8/9/2008
The movie is a bit disturbing in the beginning, but the action makes up for that. Both Ava Rose, (Carolina Jones) and especially Bree Olson (Dixie) are incredibly hot and are great in each scene. Great camera work which really makes this movie good. If the story line had been a little better, it would have made this a better movie. The bonus disc is a plus and we will probably watch this movie again.
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HOT VIDEO! Submitted 10/21/2008
I agree with other reviewers that this movie is definitely different. AWESOME ACTION! Ava Rose is my favorite pornstar and a total hottie. Look, this is a porn movie not an acadamy award winning drama. For me, its two thumbs up. The bonus disk is also pretty good.
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Sexy Love Birds
Entertaining Story/Hot Scenes Submitted 3/16/2009
We agree with some of the other reviews that the movie's first scene ends in somewhat of a bloody manner that takes away from the sexy factor of this movie. For any 'Jones' fan, this movie is a pretty good Adult adaptation. The actors/actresses are Hot and the sex scenes explosive. There was just enough story to keep interest and we had enough laughs to keep it enjoyable. Overall we enjoyed watching this film together, but recommend either looking away or skipping through the conclusion of the first scene if you're at all worried some horror/blood might ruin the mood. We recommend this movie for other couples looking for an entertaining viewing experience.
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