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Everybody Loves Bree

Everybody Loves Bree

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Adorable girl next door Bree Olson in 4 hours of non-stop action, Everybody Loves Bree!

Blonde coed Bree and her hot roomie take turns riding cowgirl a well-hung college nerd. Bree makes her hugely endowed professor happy by accommodating him in her tiny derriere. As Bree and her studly beau engage in every intercourse position, the talented blonde squirts her orgasms again and again. There's much more outrageousness in this sizzler—you'll just have to find out for yourself!

Feature Runtime: 238 Minutes
DVD Extras: 29 Minutes
Adam & Eve Pictures
Male, Female
Adam & Eve
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and I can see why!!!!! Submitted 2/27/2009
This movie is a digital quality high-intensity film. Everyone loves Bree is a collection of short features of Bree w/ various partners: both men and women and sometimes both: she loves to perform just about anything w/ anybody. Good variety of sex scenes. This movie will not leave you bored or fast-forwarding to get the show moving. Bree also is very vocal: which tends to add some excitement to each feature. This movie runs longer than most: It has 12 chapters of very hot, very exciting sex. This movie will not disappoint even the most seasoned viewer.
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Ms Diva
and Bree loves everyone! Submitted 4/5/2009
It is a marathon! We thought that this feature was just way too long for one evening, being just under four hours plus another half hour of bonus features. It actually took us three nights to watch Everybody Loves Bree because everyone does love Bree. This feature is a collection of shorts with Bree in various encounters. There is girl on girl, two girls and a guy. Two guys and a girl (Bree), four girl slumber party and heterosexual sex and lesbian sex and anal sex, interracial sex, use of strap-ons and dildos, all a turn on. It has something for everyone. We had to turn the volume down again on this Bree feature because Bree is very vocal, as I have said before she is a squealer and she squealed with delight again in Everybody Loves Bree. The camera angles and the close up are very good so you don’t miss much. There is no story or plot to Everybody Loves Bree and that was fine with us. It is just hot sex. I am rating this one four hearts. We both loved it. Ms Diva
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Non-stop "action" Submitted 5/29/2009
Most adult films don't have great scriptwriting or intense plot lines, so this DVD is a welcome relief to those seeking just sex. No back story, no foreshadowing, just each chapter starting with different couples and groups making mad love to each other. They use plenty of camera angles in each chapter, ranging from wide angle to some extreme close ups. I also noticed that many of the women in this DVD are more "natural" looking (meaning less noticeable boob jobs than someone like Jenna Jameson) so that's a plus if you like natural looking women better as my husband and I do. The DVD is packed with loads of moans and groans so there is plenty to keep you interested even if your eyes have wandered from the know what I mean. The DVD is so long that it may take SEVERAL evenings to get through it all, but it makes the price even that much more reasonable.
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Puss N Boots
Something for everyone! Submitted 4/3/2009
This DVD has got some hot scenes as well as hot stars but it was just a bit different from what we were expecting. Sure, it got us both in the mood but there is no story line to draw you into the scenes so it’s basically a compilation from different movies. Of course that’s not always a bad thing, especially if you don’t care for story lines with your porn. It also means that there is a lot of scenes! Twelve to be exact! There is a lot of different content on it too including anal, pillow fights, threesomes, school girl and even toys. Yes, they use sex toys in a few of the scenes too! There’s even a girl on girl scene involving a strap on if you’re into that. The main star is very vocal throughout her performances as well so you know that she’s into it too. The wide variety of scenes paired up with the quality lighting and camera angles means there is something for just about everyone! Definitely a nice addition to your collection!
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Great movie for Bree lovers! Submitted 3/10/2009
This was my first time watching a movie with Bree in it and i must say, she does not disappoint. This DVD is a collection of different scenes with Bree and a variety of partners. There are 12 chapters, each depicting Bree with different men, women and both. This DVD has Bree in lesbian only scenes, straight porn scenes, inter-racial scenes, and threesome scenes. There is a lot of anal play for those of you that are into that, which i certainly didnt mind watching. There are great close-ups of all the action and Bree is very loud, she is loving what and who she is doing. The quality of the DVD is great and there is no wasted time on a story line. Each chapter starts off right when the action gets going, no waiting around or fast forwarding. There are some bonuses that arent all that great. There is a slideshow of random pictures of Bree, which is great to start and let it run. There are also a bunch of dial-a-porn numbers for whatever type of phone sex you may want to have. I think there could have been better bonuses, but most people probably dont buy these videos for the bonus material. If you are looking for one DVD that gets you a lot of different types of action, this is a great one to have!! And if you havent seen Bree before, you might want to give her a try, you wont be disappointed.
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Buzz Team Administrator
Buzz Member Highlight Submitted 3/13/2009
We found this DVD to be great for getting into the mood. There's no plot to speak of, so this DVD packs about 4 hours of continuous action. The scenes are fairly long and offer a lot of variation to keep you entertained, ranging from girl-on-girl to different threesome combinations. This DVD is more along the lines of a collection of works that Bree has appeared in, so the scenes feature a wide range of locales from a sandy beach to a dark basement. Anal is present in almost every scene, so if that’s not your thing, you might want to look for another title. Most of the sex looks fairly natural, though Bree tends to go over the top with her would almost think each scene was a continuous orgasm for her. Most of the actors are fairly attractive. Overall, Everybody Loves Bree offers a great variety of sex to keep you interested with lots of action with no downtime spent on plot.**Submitted by SexyTime Lovers**BUZZ TEAM
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yummmmy Submitted 11/7/2009
Made me VERY horny.
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