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Expanding Sexual Boundaries 3 DVD Set

Expanding Sexual Boundaries 3 DVD Set

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Get Creative, Explore Your Fantasies And Surrender To Passion!

Take yourself beyond the edge of pleasure! You and your lover can expand your sexual repertoire, enhancing your enjoyment and strengthening your relationship when you watch this steamy 3 DVD set. Lose your inhibitions as you watch real-life couples demonstrate the techniques that will take your sex life further than you ever thought possible! Expanding Sexual Boundaries combines 3 of our hottest, most explicit titles, all designed to help you go beyond your current ideas of sexual pleasure and into a new world of exciting possibilities.

The Erotic Edge: Secrets Of Ultimate Satisfaction

Go beyond the ordinary and into a new world of sexual excitement! Learn how to use fantasy toys, vibrators and props for more intense orgasms, using restraints to build excitement, seductive role reversal, having a menage a'trois for just two, techniques for anal sex and prostate stimulation, and watch a leather-clad mistress dominate her lover!

Wicked Surrender: Oral And Anal Pleasures

Surrender to your fantasies and expand the boundaries of your sexual experience! Six lively lovers demonstrate positions and techniques for dynamite oral and anal sex. You'll learn how to thrill the G-spot during oral sex, simultaneous oral and vaginal stimulation, the 69 and Reverse 69 positions, how to use anal toys including the famous Aneros Male Massager, and how to drive your lover insane with pleasure by using a strap on harness.

Advanced Sex Play: Positions And Toys

Learn to use your own creativity for more imaginative sex! Learn gravity-defying and unusual positions for oral sex and intercourse, inspire yourselves with sex toys and props, learn masturbation techniques, how to use vibrators for G-spot thrills, and see demonstrations of amazing sex toys like glass dongs, harnesses, Love Rings, Liberator shapes, a fantastic "talking" vibrator, and learn how to create an exact vibrating replica of your lover's penis!

Sinclair Institute
Male, Female
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Instructional, Anal Sex, Oral Sex
Sinclair Institute
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Mr. Boombastic
Disappointed Submitted 11/13/2009
Let me first say the wife and I are huge fans of the videos the Sinclair Institute produces. We own over 10 Better Sex videos, and the reason we keep buying is because they are that great. Now as for Expanding Sexual Boundaries, the Missus and I were pretty disappointed. With only 35 minutes of runtime, and only four “creative” roles, this video left us high and dry. Lastly, to replicate these roles, you’re either living a lavish lifestyle with all the amenities, or people just don’t mind you having sex in a public place. More “creative” roles and less sex action would have been justice.
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Edgy and Erotic Submitted 12/21/2009
I really loved this DVD. It was short but super sweet. It was informative and instructional with a more than a slightly kinky edge. It was edgy and extremely erotic. This DVD is divided into 3 different educational segments of 30 mins, Erotic Edge, Advance Sex Play and Wicked Surrender. There is also a demonstration video about Sportsheets, a high quality line of sexual products. I really enjoyed seeing the different Liberator Shapes, Sportsheets products and various toys used. Sometimes flicks use cheap items and I really don't like seeing that in instructional videos. During the segment on oral sex the guy used a chest strap with a dildo while he performed cunnilingus on his partner. As I had never seen a chest strap before this was my favorite part and is something I will definitely need to purchase for the future.
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The Pres. and Mrs. Bush
Precious perspective, opinions, and understanding Submitted 12/27/2009
This DVD offers a wealth of sex education information and demonstrations that will definitely expand your sexual boundaries. With a topic as private and variably enjoyed as sex, some of the material may encourage expansion beyond your particular comfort zone, but the range of content is broad enough to satisfy the needs of almost everyone willing to be a little open-minded and experimental. The host's voice and comments were pleasant, calming, and informative, but the crown jewel of this video for us was the demonstrating couples (and one solo performer). They were very "real" and "natural" in their appearance with a wide variety in body shapes and sizes that should be comforting, especially to women with body image issues, yet also be erotically stimulating to a wide variety of sexual tastes. The interaction between the couple's was replete with tender, pleasure-focused instruction, coaching, questioning, and experimenting. We especially love the split-screen, insights and synopsis by the participants because it helped us to understand what they liked or disliked about the position, situation, or device. Those comments humanized the demonstration and provided precious perspective, opinions, and understanding that ripened our interest and willingness to discuss and experiment in ways we would not have thought of before.
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Sexy Love Birds
Unbeatable Value... Submitted 1/29/2010
Sinclair always puts together the most well presented adult sexual education videos and Expanding Sexual Boundaries is no exception. A great value for the amount of information, we enjoyed all 3 of the sections and the sportsheets product demo as well. The narration is, as usual, presented by a soft-voice with enough inflection to engage you into what she is saying as opposed to something monotone that begs to be drowned out as you view. Each couple presents a different demonstration and/or technique in each of the three sections of the video. There is a good mixture of topics from oral and anal sex, to romantic discipline and toy use for couples and individuals. For us the highlight of the video was seeing the liberator, sex swings and different toys in use. There’s a lot of bang for the buck on this Sinclair video.
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Ms Diva
Time to get edgy and wicked! Submitted 12/9/2009
Expanding Sexual Boundaries is another wonderful sex educational video from Sinclair Institute / Better Sex for couples and singles. We found it to be informative with excellent presentation using real couples to demonstrate the various aspects of erotic edge to light bondage. We loved seeing the different Liberator Shapes, Sportsheets products and Swing and various toys in use. We are now looking forward to adding some of these products to our playground and toy chests. Sexual enhancement aids certainly do keep thing spiced up and defer the mundane. We recommend this video for any adult video library as it can only add to a couples intimate sexual relationship overall. Some couples or individuals may not be comfortable with some sexual acts within this video. Communicating with your sexual partner is so important and it is expressed in the video to achieve ultimate satisfaction. Edgy erotic sex can be so rewarding and we can’t wait to bump up our light bondage. I have to rate this one five hearts with two thumbs up. Ms Diva
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Buzz Team Admin
Buy 1 Get 3 Submitted 12/9/2009
This DVD has 3 different educational movies of 30 min each. Erotic Edge, Advance Sex Play and Wicked Surrender are the titles. There is also a demonstration video on Sport sheets, something you can use on your bed to help with the S&M. It took us like a week to go through the complete DVD. During that time we experienced explosive sex by trying out most of the tips shown on the videos. We were so turned on by trying the Winged Eros Position. This DVD will inform and demonstrate you Oral Sex ( Cunnilingus and Fellatio), Anal Sex, Different Positions and Buckled in and Bound sex. This is definitely a bargain you get 3 DVD's for the price of 1. We highly recommend it to all those adventurous couples who are willing t try something new.**Submitted by “Mr. & Mrs. Love in TX”**BUZZTEAM
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The Joneses
A time and money saver! Submitted 12/28/2009
We really enjoyed Expanding Sexual Boundaries because it combines the best of Erotic Edge, Advanced Sex Play, and Wicked Surrender, which are all movies we have been interested in for some time. Sinclair Institute did a great job with this video, they talked about and showed all of the things that many couples would like to incorporate into their sexual repertoire but don’t know how to go about it or bring it up to their partner. I especially enjoyed the scenes with the sex swing and the anal scenes on the man and woman. The price is untouchable for the amount of information that you receive and the value of the having three movies combined into one great video. We highly recommend this movie, you can never learn too much. ~The Joneses
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Mr. K
Worth seeing Submitted 5/6/2013
My wife and I like this one. We have even tried a few of the ideas and found one or two that work for us. The 'real' people are great. A definate one to watch again and again. Thanks
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Good Info Submitted 9/23/2013
We got some good ideas for adding new moves and positions to our rapporteur.
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great video Submitted 4/17/2014
Wonderful ideas to try
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