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For Couples Only Adult Movie Set

Backordered - Ships 06/09

For Couples Only Adult Movie Set

Item #3076
Backordered - Ships 06/09
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An Amazing Adult Movie 3 Set

Don’t be misled by the title of this adult movie set! Everyone will love this trio of critically acclaimed adult movies. We bet you’ll want to be with someone you love while you watch them.

Wicked Pictures
Wicked Pictures
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on 12/17/2008 5:22:09 PM
Yummy Jessica Drake
Without Jessica Drake and the performance she gives in Fluff and Fold this set would recieve a 3 star rating for normal porn. JD is without a doubt the best AVN star today (sorry Jenna). She is sexy, beautiful,and can act. This movie had a humorous plot and the sex got my Wife and myself very HOT!! The scene with Jessica and Dolorian was mesmerizing!!!! If you don't buy the set BUY Fluff and Fold
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on 8/4/2008 5:27:24 PM
Excellent variety here
Fluff and Fold was the first movie that we watched. It had some amazingly hot scenes and my husband and I would have to say this is one of the best movies we have watched. This would be a great movie to ease someone in to watching adult movies. We must admit that the plot was severly cheezy, but that is what made it feel more like a movie with great sex scenes rather than just straight porn. The next movie, Jenna's Paradise is a typical Jenna Jameson movie. Lots of harder core action with a beautiful star and many predictable scenes. The final movie was a little strange and there was one scene with several men and one woman that was kind of a turn off. This movie was definitely not for someone new to watching porn. All in all if you are looking for a variety of movies and something to please both you and your partner, this would be a very good choice as there really is something for everyone here.
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on 1/24/2008 1:50:22 PM
Lots of Stuff
My wife and I made it through Fluff and Fold (with a lot of fast forwarding). We've found that while the movie itself was quite arousing, adult movies just aren't our cup of tea at this point in our lives. That said, there was certainly nothing offensive in this movie and some parts of it were fun to watch. As for the other DVDs in the set, we didn't make it through them yet (we've had them for a couple months) but 3 movies and a bonus 4th disc including additional scenes and previews makes it well worth the money. And, there's plenty of variety in this multi-pack. If the right mood strikes us, we could certainly come back to these so we would recommend them!
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on 12/24/2007 1:59:43 AM
Great Trio
I must say that I have raved about the "Fluff & Fold" movie to several friends now, as it is definitely my favorite. It really did seem like a movie to watch, rather than just a DVD to fast forward through to the "good parts". I enjoyed the plot, the acting was pretty good, and the actors were very pleasing. The "Tell Me What You Want" DVD is also a great one, in my opinion. I realize that many people have said it's a little "dark". It does enter a bit into the whole Dom/Sub experience, but for me, it was a wonderful learning tool, and a huge turn-on. Never having been in a relationship that might have leaned a bit to the kinky side, it was eye-opening and thrilling to be a fly-on-the-wall and watch one unfold, even if it was a fictional movie. And as for "Paradise"...well, Jenna's a pro. Can't go wrong there. The set is definitely worth the money, and having three DVDs means you can watch & watch & not get bored.
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on 10/1/2007 10:54:11 PM
Needs more excitment!
The movie Fluff and Fold I think was the best movie out of the three. The other two were alright but story lines were too weird and didn't make much sense. But they were good for couples to watch together because there are story lines for the women and the action for the men.
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on 10/1/2007 3:36:51 PM
A Movie for any occassion
This collection of movies is very good, there is a good variety in the collection. Jenna's Paradise is a take off of Fantisy Island with a varity of people coming to the Island. There they experience their sexual fantisy so there is something for everyone. Fluff and Fold is more of a lighter fun movie set in a laundry mat with a variety of sexual encounters. There isn't much to the plot but the sex scenes are stimulating though a bit drawn out. Tell me What You Want is a try at a serious movie but the plot leaves you wondering what is going on in the movie. Again there are a variety of good sex scenes even without trying to figure out what the movie is about. In all the movies the sex scenes seem to drag out but the action is good.
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on 9/24/2007 11:37:06 PM
What Fun.....
This is a great movie for people like me who are relatively new to the whole sex idea and who are new to videos. of course we only got half way through them before we got to involved in each other rather then the TV
1 person found this review helpful
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on 9/19/2007 1:14:40 PM
Something for Everyone
This 3 DVD package has something for everyone. Jenna’s Paradise is a great collection of dynamic scenery, great sex and wild adventure. Fluff & Fold is a well made movie with a great story line, a beautiful cast and some really HOT action. Tell me what you Want is like 9 ½ weeks the dark version. This is a very deep movie – maybe not for everyone, but it is very erotic. With the 3 different movies in 1 package you are sure to find something that you like.
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on 9/10/2007 10:33:13 PM
When my husband and I watched these together it was different than a lot of the other adult movies we have watched. These actually kept my attention and taught me a few new tricks that I can try on my husband. I know what he liked by watching his facial reactions and there was not much he did not like. Can't wait to watch them again and try to act out our own scenes.
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on 9/5/2007 8:34:42 PM
Fluff and Fold Saves the Day
My partner and I really enjoyed this set. As our first try at movies, we enjoyed having the variety and you can't beat the price for 3 movies. Fold and Fluff was by far the best and totally made the set. We both enjoyed the action and the story. Jenna's Paradise was ok. It was a tad dated and the quality wasn't great. We found Tell Me What You Want to be a little irritating as the exaggerated sounds were a turn off for us. Overall - this set gives you great variety to help you decide what type of action you like.
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