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For Couples Only Adult Movie Set

For Couples Only Adult Movie Set

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Backordered Ships 07/06
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23 reviews

An Amazing Adult Movie 3 Set

Don’t be misled by the title of this adult movie set! Everyone will love this trio of critically acclaimed adult movies. We bet you’ll want to be with someone you love while you watch them.

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Wicked Pictures
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Mr & Mrs Wilson
Over 5 hours of sizzling sexual variation Submitted 5/7/2007
The first DVD, Jenna's Paradise is set in an exotic paradise, where people go to realise their sexual fantasies. There are six scenes in total: (1) a threesome involving one woman and two men, (2) heterosexual action, (3) threesome involving three women, (4) group sex (2 couples), (5) more heterosexual action, and (6) group sex involving two men and three women. Pros: sexual variety, good looking cast. Cons: the plot, reality TV feel to it, probably a bit too old. The second DVD, Fluff and Fold is set around the local Laundromat and contains the odd bit of fantasy. This DVD was superb, one of the best adult DVDs my wife and I have ever seen. I understand clearly why this movie was nominated for 11 AVN awards. Jessica Drake's performances were breathtaking. There are seven scenes that provide over two hours of stunning viewing: (1) heterosexual action, (2) male fantasises about two women getting it on (excellent viewing), (3) phone sex fantasy, (4) oral sex in the Laundromat toilet, (5) heterosexual action, (6) solo play followed by male-female action (features external cumshot and watersports), and (7) male female action. Pros: plot, modern, realistic, sexy, believable and safe sex by cast members. Cons: couldn't think of any. The third and final DVD, Tell Me What You Want is about a female artist (painter) who falls for a complete stranger with a dark side to him. He helps her to fulfil her innermost sexual desires. There are seven scenes: (1) female solo action, (2) romantic, sensual and slow oral action on female (female friendly), (3) dominance scene involving hot wax and oral action, (4) male-female action in a commercial kitchen (interesting positions), (5) male dominates female, includes anal action, (6) threesome involving one man and two women, and (7) group sex involving five men and one woman (double penetration) - not for the faint-hearted. Pros: some romantic and sensual scenes, music in some scenes, safe sex, mystery and adventure. Cons: plot (left wanting), exaggerated sounds at some points, a little old and a little rough at times.
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Mr. and Mrs. B
Excellent variety here Submitted 8/4/2008
Fluff and Fold was the first movie that we watched. It had some amazingly hot scenes and my husband and I would have to say this is one of the best movies we have watched. This would be a great movie to ease someone in to watching adult movies. We must admit that the plot was severly cheezy, but that is what made it feel more like a movie with great sex scenes rather than just straight porn. The next movie, Jenna's Paradise is a typical Jenna Jameson movie. Lots of harder core action with a beautiful star and many predictable scenes. The final movie was a little strange and there was one scene with several men and one woman that was kind of a turn off. This movie was definitely not for someone new to watching porn. All in all if you are looking for a variety of movies and something to please both you and your partner, this would be a very good choice as there really is something for everyone here.
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Ricky and Lucy
Three for the price of one Submitted 8/31/2007
Other than a couple of Better Sex Instructional Videos, this is the first adult movies we have viewed, so we are somewhat newcomers to the adult realm. PARADISE - Not much of a story line, but plenty of good sex scenes. Good video for first time couples. Varied sex, good looking performers, well filmed, nothing to far out as far as sex.. Only neg we can give this one is that at times was hard to hear dialogue because it was covered by music. We would give this one 4 stars. FLUFF AND FOLD - Best of the three. A sexual comedy with well filmed, vaired sex scenes. Just about covers all bases, anal, oral, lesbian, and one outstanding deep throat scene. Some scenes were alittle drawn out, but you can always fast forward if you get bored. Only neg for us was scene involving water sports,,not our cup of tea. Have to give it a 4+ stars. TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT - Least favorite for us. Story line alittle on the dark side, maybe title should have been I'LL TELL YOU WHAT I WANT. Group sex scene with five males and one female too much for us. Double penetration scene fascinating, but a few too many guys involved. And is it really necessary to have 5 guys cum on a womens face? Giving this one only one star. (That's just our opinion, we could be wrong. Also included was a disc with trailers from 17 other videos. So over all be have to give this set as a whole 4 stars. Good set for couples.
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For Couples Only Adult Movie Set Submitted 9/4/2007
We have completely watched 2 of the four movies, and what really stands out to me is the camera work during the sex scene is so clear and to the point. Nothing missed and clear shots of all the action. I especially like the anal action. However, I would suggest before you try it like their doing it to get the BetterSex Video on anal sex. You must start slow and use plenty of lube guys, or you won't be invited in the back door again.
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Nice 3 Pack Submitted 9/3/2007
Well these are hree different movies. The first was paradise. Found oursleves turning volume up and down throughout the movie. First couldn't hear them talk then too loud. Anyway the sex scenes are nicely done and quite hot. All the girls are very attractive. The plot was along the line of maybe a reality show. Not realy my thing but the wife liked it. Overall good flick. Fluff and fold was VERY good. Kind of a comedy with lots of hot women and great sex scenes. It seams to have a little something for all. Overall this was the best of the 3 movies. It has it all...Plot...great sex of various types...and humor which i found nice. Tell me what you want was a bit much for my wife. With scenes with one woman and 4-5 guys it overwelmed her. Dont think shes ready for that yet. Story was ok but not our cup of tea. This one is not up to the standards of the other 2 but it might grow on me after a while. Overall the set is great and I give the collection 4 stars. Cant beat it for the price. A must see.
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BS and Wife
Yummy Jessica Drake Submitted 12/17/2008
Without Jessica Drake and the performance she gives in Fluff and Fold this set would recieve a 3 star rating for normal porn. JD is without a doubt the best AVN star today (sorry Jenna). She is sexy, beautiful,and can act. This movie had a humorous plot and the sex got my Wife and myself very HOT!! The scene with Jessica and Dolorian was mesmerizing!!!! If you don't buy the set BUY Fluff and Fold
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Tell Me What You Want Submitted 4/18/2007
Imagine the ultimate tragedy, you are a woman and you are at your lowest of lows. Now faced with the most daunting task of your life, you by chance meet a most mysterious stranger. You have so very long wished for an opportunity to fulfill your desires and be a minx, taking chances all women dream of. Now the opportunity arises, a chance of a lifetime but are you capable? Danger, mystery, intrigue and so much more await you in this movie. Guaranteed to give you sexual urges that you didn't think you had in you. Definitely a couples movie but make sure the kids are in bed.
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S&A in Cali
Good introduction to adult movies Submitted 6/15/2007
My wife and I watched these together. At first we were kind of skeptical having never watched an adult movie before. But allways interested in trying something new we figured why not. Tell Me What you Want; was ok, we found ourselves fast forwarding through lots of it and were a bit uncomfortable with the group sex. Fluff and Fold; now this video was different, not only was it entertaining to watch... it was arousing for both of us... especially trying to recreate some of the scenes. Great first time video! Jenna's Paradise; while the sex scenes were good and nothing that we found uncomfortable, we were left divided on the style. My wife liked the reality show twist, while myself not being a fan of that genre was unexcited. Overall the series is a good introduction as it didnt contain anything we felt too hardcore. Two Thumbs up though to Fluff and Fold... we will be watching and playing along with that adult movie again!
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Ms. Ford
A good choice Submitted 6/19/2007
This was a treat. 3 in 1, who could ask for more? I enjoyed the imagination in Paradise the best, but "Tell Me What You Want" is pretty intense if you watch the adult movie for the story line as well as the sex. If you are into having fun while having sex then fluff and fold is a good bet for you. All in all I loved the adult movies, and it is always a yummy treat to see Evan Stone.
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Double J's
INCREDIBLY HOT Submitted 9/10/2007
When my husband and I watched these together it was different than a lot of the other adult movies we have watched. These actually kept my attention and taught me a few new tricks that I can try on my husband. I know what he liked by watching his facial reactions and there was not much he did not like. Can't wait to watch them again and try to act out our own scenes.
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